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Minorca (island)
Castle Cove Hotel (hotel)
Pitch Lake (asphalt lake)
Pitch Lake of La Brea (asphalt lake)
Southern Range (hills)
Minorca Island (island)
Fort George (fort)
Caratara River (stream)
Trinidad (independent political entity)
Golfo de Paria (gulf)
General Hospital (hospital)
Gulf of Paria (gulf)
Fort King George Light Tower (lighthouse)
Couva Production Platform (oil well)
Cape Cola (cape)
Trinidad River (stream)
Caroni Swamp (swamp)
Forres Park (populated place)
Couva (oil well)
Cunupia (second-order administrative division)
Calcutta Settlement (populated place)
James Park (park)
Cape Garfio (cape)
Caroni Savanna (swamp)
El Cerro del Aripo (mountain)
Port Authority (administrative facility)
Golfo Triste (gulf)
Dragons Mouths (marine channel)
Caroni Swamp Reserve (reserve)
Scarborough General Hospital (hospital)
Mon Plaisir (populated place)
Carrera Islet (island)
Sierra Leone (populated place)
Monkey Town (populated place)
Antillas Mayores (islands)
Scotia Bank ()
Cumana River (stream)
Domus Bay (bay)
Rocky Point (point)
Brasso Piedra River (stream)
Scarborough Deep Water Habour (harbor(s))
Caroni Savannah (swamp)
Central Range (hills)
Trinidad and Tobago (independent political entity)
Boca de Dragón (marine channel)
Moruga River (stream)
Store Bay (bay)
Bass River (stream)
Back Hill (hill)
Doctors River (stream)

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Esperance (populated place)
Matura (populated place)
Madaira River (stream)
Monkey Town (populated place)
Black Swamp River (stream)
Primera Pria River (stream)
Rampanagas Ravine (stream)
Redhead Village (populated place)
Rio Seco River (stream)
Rio Seco (stream)
Garth River (stream)
George Village (populated place)
Ortoire (second-order administrative division)
Doubloon River (stream)
Eau Claire River (stream)
Salibia River (stream)
Sixth Company (populated place)
Rochard Douglas Forest Reserve (forest reserve)
Reform (populated place)
Palmiste River (stream)
Parasol (rock)
Pero Seco River (stream)
Petite Negre Rock (rock)
Petite l’Anse (bay)
Moruga Road Reserve (forest reserve)
Victoria Mayaro Forest Reserve (forest reserve)
Manticool River (stream)
Lothians (populated place)
Iquane River (stream)
Lengua Village (populated place)
L’Anse Mitan (bay)
Kapur Ridge (ridge(s))
Killdeer River (stream)
Las Tablas River (stream)
Lagon Mahaut River (stream)
La Guiria Ravine (stream)
La Guiria River (stream)
Valencia Ward (second-order administrative division)
River Oropuche (stream)
Lawai River (stream)
Vance River (stream)
Aripero Estate (estate(s))
Coromandel Hill (hill)
Coromandel Settlement (populated place)
Coroyal River (stream)
Coorampo River (stream)
Delhi Settlement (populated place)
Anse Tembladora (bay)
Blue Basin River (stream)
Bolo Rocks (rocks)