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Most viewed posts in SEYCHELLES

Dupuy River (stream)
Mahé (captial of a country (pcld, pclf, pcli, pcls))
Le Constant Bank (bank(s))
Victoria Harbour (harbor(s))
Port Victoria (harbor(s))
Colony of the Seychelles (independent political entity)
Ternay Bluff (cliff(s))
Trois Iles (islands)
Mahé Island (island)
Port Victoria (captial of a country (pcld, pclf, pcli, pcls))
Outer Islands (administrative division)
Les Trois Dames (rock)
Mount Sebert (peak)
Thérèse Island (island)
Boileau Bay (bay)
Trompeuse Rocks (rocks)
Atoll de Providence (atoll(s))
Vigilant Shoal (shoal(s))
Baie Chevalier (bay)
Providence Group (atoll(s))
Île Thérèse (island)
Victoria (captial of a country (pcld, pclf, pcli, pcls))
Oliver Hill (hill)
Fouquet Island (island)
Providence Reef (reef(s))
Port Ternay (bay)
Mount Harrison (peak)
Ternay Pass (channel)
Remire Reef (reef(s))
Vigilant (shoal(s))
Mount Simpson (peak)
Houdoul Rock (rock)
Trois Dames (rock)
Glacis (area)
Republic of Seychelles (independent political entity)
Belle Ombre (populated place)
Bird Island (island)
La Passe (channel)
Grande Anse (bay)
La Digue (first-order administrative division)
Sherard Osborn Patch (reef(s))
Les Roches Canales (reef(s))
Umzinto Bank (bank(s))
Barbarons Estate (estate(s))
Turtle Pond (pond)
East Channel (channel)
Anse Petite Cour (cove(s))
the Amirante archipelago (islands)
Petite Paris (point)
Val-Mer (estate(s))

Less viewed posts in SEYCHELLES

Madge Rocks (rocks)
Anse Cachée (cove(s))
North Cousin Islet (island)
Cousine (island)
Cousine Island (island)
Caiman River (stream)
Cousin Islets (islands)
North Island (island)
North Islet (island)
Bougainville River (stream)
Anse Boudin (cove(s))
Anse Louis (cove(s))
Requin Bank (bank(s))
Saint-Antoine (estate(s))
Anse aux Poules Bleues (cove(s))
West Island (island)
Conquest (shoal(s))
Saint Pierre Islet (island)
Bat Island (island)
L’llot Island (island)
Rochon River (stream)
L’Islette (stream)
Takamaka (first-order administrative division)
Anse Talbot (cove(s))
Tatamahaka Bay (cove(s))
Sherard Osborn (reef(s))
Seychelles Islands (islands)
Anse Louis ()
Baie Curieuse (bay)
Ile Poule (island)
Caiman Rocks (rocks)
Grand Anse (cove(s))
Grand Anse Praslin (first-order administrative division)
Grand’ Anse (first-order administrative division)
Île Anonyme (island)
Anse Royale (first-order administrative division)
Seagull Shoal (shoal(s))
Curieuse Island (island)
Roche Tortue (rock)
La Tortue Rock (rock)
Anonyme Islet (island)
Cascade River (stream)
Anse Petite (bay)
Barbarons (cove(s))
Cascade (populated place)
Anse Boileau (first-order administrative division)
Castle Hill (hill)
Curieuse (island)
Malabar island (island)
Chimney Rocks (rocks)