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Harding’s (spring(s))
Ascension Island (island)
Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha St. Helena (dependent political entity)
Longwood Plain (plain(s))
Tarn Moss (moor(s))
St. Helena (dependent political entity)
Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha Saint Helena (dependent political entity)
Mildred Mire (moor(s))
The Bakers Oven (cave(s))
Lots Wife Cove (cove(s))
Long Point (point)
Hardy Rock (rocks)
Hillpiece Hardies (rocks)
The Caves (cave(s))
Trypot Penguin Rookery (rookery)
Deep Glen (stream)
Horse Pasture (plain(s))
Ascension ()
Hoopers Ridge (ridge(s))
Mount Actaeon (mountain)
Stitch’s Ridge (ridge(s))
Mount Halley (mountain)
Cow Bay (bay)
Long Lodge Island (reef(s))
Sharks Valley (gorge(s))
Green Mountain (mountain)
Diana’s Peak (peak)
Hardys Spring (spring(s))
Saint Helena (dependent political entity)
Bencoolen (mountain)
Long Range Point (point)
Little Beach (beach)
Long Ledge (reef(s))
Lots Wife (rock)
Harden’s Spring (spring(s))
Long Range (mountain)
Mosquito Cottage (building(s))
The Haystack (peak)
Cone Islet (island)
Flagstaff Bay (bay)
Lot (rock)
Woodlands (farm)
Deadwood (populated place)
Black Cliff Point (point)
Bennetts Point (point)
Sandy Bay (bay)
Hawkins Bay (bay)
North Point (point)
Bates Cottage (building(s))
North East Point (point)

Less viewed posts in SAINT HELENA

Friars Ridge (building(s))
Hottentot Gulch (ravine(s))
White Hill Point (point)
Deadwood Plain (plain(s))
Thompsons Wood (estate(s))
Clarkes Beach (beach)
Battle Bay (bight(s))
Coconut Bay (bay)
Sea Elephant Bay (bay)
Castle Rock Point (point)
Mount Argus (mountain)
Francis Plain (locality)
The Depot (mountain)
Saddle Point (point)
Crystal Bay (bay)
Crystall Bay (bay)
Scotts Hill (hill)
Bay House (farm)
Ruperts Battery (ancient site)
Deep Valley Bay (bay)
Daley Beach (beach)
The Devils Garden (area)
Powells Valley Hill (hill)
Whale Point (point)
West Point (point)
West Point (point)
Waterfall (waterfall(s))
Boatswainbird Rocks (rocks)
Powell Gut (gorge(s))
Wild Cattle Pound (populated place)
Middle Island (island)
Virgin Hall (farm)
Mount Vesey (mountain)
Stonybeach Bay (bay)
Wig Hill (hill)
Flagstaff Hill (mountain)
Repulse Point (point)
Thompsons Bay (bay)
Rockhopper Point (point)
Fort Hayes (fort)
Apple Cottage (farm)
Powell Bay (bay)
Rainy Point (point)
Billy Birch (rock)
Pyramid Rock (rock)
Ragged Hill (hill)
Gough’s Island (island)
Donkey Plain (plain(s))
Upper Black Rock (island)
Ladder Hill Point (point)