Statistics for LESOTHO

Most viewed posts in LESOTHO

Ngwangwe (mountain)
Maletsunyane Falls (waterfall(s))
Maseru (captial of a country (pcld, pclf, pcli, pcls))
Pitseng Cave (cave(s))
Pitsaneng Cave (cave(s))
Makholo (saddle)
Peka Bridge (bridge)
Pohl’s Drift (ford)
Maseru District (first-order administrative division)
Mahoeng (area)
Maseru (railroad station)
Tsakhole (lake)
Hodgson’s Peaks (peaks)
Maseru (first-order administrative division)
Tsa Kholo Lake (lake)
Seakas Drift (ford)
Ongeluks Nek (saddle)
Mongobon (mission)
Munroe’s Drift (ford)
Lesotho (independent political entity)
Mountain View (hill)
Masemouse (mission)
Mafeteng (first-order administrative division)
Masemouse (mission)
Seaka Drift (ford)
Masiribanis Drift (ford)
Phofung (peak)
Ficksburg Bridge (bridge)
Dinakeng River (stream)
Masemouse (mission)
Mohale’s Hoek (first-order administrative division)
Gamghas Nek (pass)
Koro (mission)
Leliba (mission)
Griffiths (populated place)
Fika-la-Motho (mountain)
Qalaheng Stream (stream)
Soaing (mission)
Maseepho (mission)
Thaba Teele (mountain)
Manama (populated place)
Hololo (stream)
Khiba (mission)
Masemouse (stream)
Mafeteng District (first-order administrative division)
Semonkong Falls (waterfall(s))
Phoqoane (mountain)
Motsitseng (mission)
Maqhogo (mission)
Gethsemane (mission)

Less viewed posts in LESOTHO

Thamathu (mountain)
Qaqa Stream (stream)
Phoofolo’s (populated place)
Tsana Talana (stream)
Thaba Tsoeu (mountain)
Tebe-Tebeng River (stream)
Quthing (stream)
Quthing River (stream)
Maholi (mission)
Mahodi (mission)
Mahloenyeng (populated place)
Mahareng (mountain)
Machekoaneng (populated place)
Machache (mountain)
Mabotsi (populated place)
Likhoele (mountain)
Loutsa (populated place)
Kwening (mountain)
Qopoani Stream (stream)
Qachasnek Camp (captial of a first-order administrative division)
Qacha’s Neck (captial of a first-order administrative division)
Qabane (stream)
Qabane River (stream)
Qabani River (stream)
Pitsang Stream (stream)
Phutiatsana River (stream)
Peka (populated place)
Morifi (populated place)
Mekading (populated place)
Peete Molapo (populated place)
Makhaleng River (stream)
Mokibinyani (populated place)
Liphateng (populated place)
Bafadi River (stream)
Berea (first-order administrative division)
Yeyateyaneng (first-order administrative division)
Qacha’s Nek District (first-order administrative division)
Tau (populated place)
Mokotla Wa Tsuene (mountain)
Mankata (mission)
Mokhobong Stream (stream)
Mokhele (mountain)
Motete (mission)
Mokheba (mission)
Joel (populated place)
Berea Stream (stream)
Tinani River (stream)
Thupalikaka (mission)
Mokemas Store (populated place)
Mamaebana (mission)