Places in West Bank that are classified cemetery

> a

Al Bireh New Cemetery (cemetery), Al Bireh Old Cemetery (cemetery), Al Khader Cemetery (cemetery), Al Maqbarah al Gharbīyah (cemetery), Al Maqbarah al Gharbīyah al Islāmīyah (cemetery), Al Maqbarah al Injīlkīyah (cemetery), Al Maqbarah al Islāmīyah (cemetery), Al Maqbarah al Islāmīyah (cemetery), Al Maqbarah al Islāmīyah (cemetery), Al Maqbarah al Islāmīyah al Jadīdah (cemetery), Al Maqbarah al Islāmīyah al Qadīmah (cemetery), Al Maqbarah al Khaḑir (cemetery), Al Maqbarah al Lūthirīyah (cemetery), Al Maqbarah al Lūthirīyah (cemetery), Al Maqbarah al Masīḩīyah (cemetery), Al Maqbarah al Urthūdhuksīyah (cemetery), Al Maqbarah ash Gharbīyah (cemetery), Al Maqbarah ash Sharqīyah (cemetery), Al Maqbarah ash Sharqīyah al Islāmīyah (cemetery), Anglican Cemetery (cemetery), Armenian Cemetery (cemetery)

> b

Beitunya Cemetery (cemetery)

> c

Cemetery of Iraqi Martyrs (cemetery), Children’s Cemetery (cemetery), Christian Cemetery (cemetery)

> e

Eastern Cemetery (cemetery)

> g

Greek Orthodox Cemetery (cemetery), Greek Orthodox Cemetery (cemetery)

> i

Islamic Cemetery (cemetery), Islamic Cemetery (cemetery)

> j

Jewish Cemetery (cemetery)

> l

Latin Cemetery (cemetery), Lutheran Cemetery (cemetery), Lutheran Cemetery (cemetery)

> m

Maqbarat al Arman (cemetery), Maqbarat al Aţfāl (cemetery), Maqbarat al Bīrah al Jadīdah (cemetery), Maqbarat al Bīrah al Qadīmah (cemetery), Maqbarat al Kāthūlīk (cemetery), Maqbarat al Lātīn (cemetery), Maqbarat al Urthūdhuks (cemetery), Maqbarat al Yahūd (cemetery), Maqbarat ar Rūm (cemetery), Maqbarat as Siriyān (cemetery), Maqbarat ash Shuhadā’ (cemetery), Maqbarat ash Shuhadā’ al ‘Irāqīyīn (cemetery), Maqbarat Baytūnyā (cemetery), Maqbarat Mār Jarīs (cemetery), Maqbarat Qalqīlyah (cemetery), Maqbarat Rām Allah al Masīḩīyah (cemetery), Maqbarat Wādī ad Dayr al Islāmīyah (cemetery), Mar Jiries Cemetery (cemetery), Muslim Cemetery (cemetery), Muslim Eastern Cemetery (cemetery), Muslim Western Cemetery (cemetery)

> n

New Muslim Cemetery (cemetery)

> o

Old Muslim Cemetery (cemetery), Orthodox Cemetery (cemetery)

> q

Qalqilya Cemetery (cemetery), Qubūr al Jarāhid (cemetery), Qubūr el Jarāhīd (cemetery)

> r

Ramallah Cemetery (cemetery), Roman Catholic Cemetery (cemetery)

> s

Syrian Cemetery (cemetery)

> w

Wadi al Deir Cemetery (cemetery), Western Cemetery (cemetery), Western Cemetery (cemetery)

> ا

المقبرة الإسلامية (cemetery), المقبرة الإسلامية (cemetery), المقبرة الإسلامية (cemetery), المقبرة الإسلامية الجديدة (cemetery), المقبرة الإسلامية القديمة (cemetery), المقبرة الإلجيكية (cemetery), المقبرة الارثوذكسية (cemetery), المقبرة الاوثرية (cemetery), المقبرة الخضر (cemetery), المقبرة الشرقية (cemetery), المقبرة الشرقية الإسلامية (cemetery), المقبرة الغربية (cemetery), المقبرة الغربية (cemetery), المقبرة الغربية الإسلامية (cemetery), المقبرة اللوثرية (cemetery), المقبرة المسيحية (cemetery)

> م

مقبرة الأرثوذكس (cemetery), مقبرة الأرمن (cemetery), مقبرة الأطفال (cemetery), مقبرة البيرة الجديدة (cemetery), مقبرة البيرة القديمة (cemetery), مقبرة السريان (cemetery), مقبرة الشهداء العراقيين (cemetery), مقبرة الكاثوليك (cemetery), مقبرة اللاتين (cemetery), مقبرة اليهود (cemetery), مقبرة بيتونيا (cemetery), مقبرة رام الله المسيجية (cemetery), مقبرة قلقيلية (cemetery), مقبرة مار جريس (cemetery), مقبرة وادي الدير الإسلامية (cemetery), مقربة الروم (cemetery)