Places in Saint Kitts And Nevis that are classified estate(s)

> b

Bachelor Hall Estate (estate(s)), Bath Plain (estate(s)), Bath Plain Estate (estate(s)), Bayford (estate(s)), Bayford’s (estate(s)), Bayford’s Estate (estate(s)), Beachlands Estate (estate(s)), Belmont (estate(s)), Belmont Estate (estate(s)), Ben Lomond (estate(s)), Bombell (estate(s)), Bourryeau Estate (estate(s)), Brambles (estate(s)), Brazer (estate(s)), Braziers (estate(s)), Braziers Estate (estate(s)), Briscoe (estate(s)), Brown (estate(s)), Brown (estate(s)), Brown Estate (estate(s)), Brownes (estate(s)), Browne’s (estate(s)), Burt’s (estate(s)), Bush Hill (estate(s)), Butlers (estate(s)), Butlers Estate (estate(s))

> c

Cades Bay (estate(s)), Cades Estate (estate(s)), Caines Estate (estate(s)), Calhoun (estate(s)), Camp (estate(s)), Camp (estate(s)), Canada Estate (estate(s)), Cane Garden (estate(s)), Cane Garden Estate (estate(s)), Cane Ground (estate(s)), Castle (estate(s)), Chalers (estate(s)), Chalk Farm (estate(s)), Clark (estate(s)), Clark (estate(s)), Clarkes (estate(s)), Clarke’s (estate(s)), Clarke’s Estate (estate(s)), Clark’s Estate (estate(s)), Claroot (estate(s)), Clay Ghaut Estate (estate(s)), Clay Gut (estate(s)), Clifton’s (estate(s)), Cocks Heath (estate(s)), Cocoanut Walk (estate(s)), Coconut Walk Estate (estate(s)), Colhouns (estate(s)), Colquhoun (estate(s)), Colquhouns Estate (estate(s)), Con Phipps (estate(s)), Con Phipp’s Estate (estate(s)), Conaree (estate(s)), Cox Heath (estate(s)), Coxheath Estate (estate(s))

> d

Dasents Estate (estate(s)), Dewars (estate(s)), Dewer (estate(s)), Dogwood Estate (estate(s)), Douglas Estate (estate(s)), Dunbar Estate (estate(s)), Dunbars (estate(s)), Duporte (estate(s))

> e

Eden Brown (estate(s)), Eden Brown Estate (estate(s)), Eden Browne (estate(s))

> f

Fahie (estate(s)), Fahies (estate(s)), Fahies Land Settlement (estate(s)), Fahie’s Estate (estate(s)), Farm Estate (estate(s)), Fleming Estate (estate(s)), Fothergill’s Estate (estate(s)), Fountain (estate(s)), Fountain Estate (estate(s)), Frankland’s Estate (estate(s)), Friars Bay Estate (estate(s)), Frigate Bay (estate(s))

> g

Gardner (estate(s)), Gardner’s (estate(s)), Garner Estate (estate(s)), Godwin (estate(s)), Godwin Estate (estate(s)), Godwins (estate(s)), Golden Rock (estate(s)), Golden Rock Estate (estate(s)), Greagan’s (estate(s)), Greenhill (estate(s)), Greenhill Estate (estate(s))

> h

Hamilton (estate(s)), Hamiltons (estate(s)), Hamilton’s Estate (estate(s)), Hanleys (estate(s)), Hanleys Estate (estate(s)), Hard Times Estate (estate(s)), Harris Land Settlement (estate(s)), Harry Phipp’s (estate(s)), Heldon’s (estate(s)), Hendley (estate(s)), Hermitage Estate (estate(s)), Hickmans (estate(s)), Hicks (estate(s)), Hick’s Estate (estate(s)), Hog Valley Estate (estate(s)), Hope (estate(s)), Houston’s Estate (estate(s)), Hutchinson (estate(s)), Hutchinsons (estate(s)), Hutchinson’s Estate (estate(s))

> i

Indian Castle (estate(s)), Indian Castle Estate (estate(s))

> j

Jeffery’s Estate (estate(s)), Jeffreys (estate(s)), Jessop (estate(s)), Jessops (estate(s)), Jessup Estate (estate(s)), Jessup’s Estate (estate(s)), Joe Jones (estate(s)), Joe Jones’ Estate (estate(s)), Johnson (estate(s)), Johnsons (estate(s)), Jones (estate(s)), Jones (estate(s))

> k

Kade’s Bay (estate(s)), Kade’s Bay Estate (estate(s))

> l

Lavington (estate(s)), Lavington Village (estate(s)), Lavingtons (estate(s)), Lavington’s Estate (estate(s)), Lawrence Estate (estate(s)), Liburd’s Estate (estate(s)), Limekiln (estate(s)), Little Estridge (estate(s)), Little Sir Gillies (estate(s)), Lodge Estate (estate(s)), Long Point (estate(s)), Long Point Estate (estate(s)), Low Ground (estate(s)), Low Grounds (estate(s)), Lower Estridge (estate(s)), Lower Webbes (estate(s))

> m

Maddens Estate (estate(s)), Mansion (estate(s)), Market Shop (estate(s)), Middle Work (estate(s)), Middle Work Estate (estate(s)), Miliken (estate(s)), Milliken (estate(s)), Milliken Estate (estate(s)), Milliken’s Estate (estate(s)), Mills (estate(s)), Mill’s Estate (estate(s)), Montpelier Estate (estate(s)), Montravers (estate(s)), Morgan (estate(s)), Morgan Estate (estate(s)), Morgans (estate(s)), Morning Star (estate(s)), Morning Star Estate (estate(s)), Mount Lily Estate (estate(s)), Mount Pleasant (estate(s)), Mount Pleasant (estate(s)), Mount Pleasant Estate (estate(s)), Mount Travers (estate(s)), Mountravers (estate(s))

> n

New Guinea (estate(s)), New River Estate (estate(s)), Newtons (estate(s))

> o

Old Manor (estate(s)), Old Manor Estate (estate(s)), Old Windward (estate(s)), Old Windward Estate (estate(s)), Olivees (estate(s)), Olivees Estate (estate(s)), Orton’s (estate(s)), Otley (estate(s)), Ottleys (estate(s)), Ottley’s Estate (estate(s))

> p

Paradise (estate(s)), Paradise Estate (estate(s)), Parish Land (estate(s)), Parris (estate(s)), Parriss (estate(s)), Pembroke (estate(s)), Pembroke Estate (estate(s)), Phillips (estate(s)), Phipps (estate(s)), Pinneys (estate(s)), Pinney’s (estate(s)), Pinney’s Estate (estate(s)), Pogson (estate(s)), Pogson’s (estate(s)), Poldock (estate(s)), Pond Estate (estate(s)), Potwork (estate(s)), Potwork Estate (estate(s)), Powel (estate(s)), Powells Estate (estate(s)), Powell’s (estate(s)), Powel’s (estate(s)), Profit (estate(s)), Profit Estate (estate(s)), Profits (estate(s)), Prophet (estate(s)), Prospect (estate(s)), Prospect Estate (estate(s)), Pump Estate (estate(s))

> r

Ramsberry (estate(s)), Ramsbury (estate(s)), Richmond Lodge (estate(s)), Richmond Lodge Estate (estate(s)), Romney’s (estate(s)), Round Hill Estate (estate(s)), Russells Rest (estate(s)), Russell’s Rest Estate (estate(s))

> s

Sadler (estate(s)), Sadlers (estate(s)), Sadler’s Land Settlement (estate(s)), Salt Pond (estate(s)), Salt Pond Estate (estate(s)), Seahaven Estate (estate(s)), Shadwell (estate(s)), Shadwell Estate (estate(s)), Shaw (estate(s)), Shaws (estate(s)), Simmonds (estate(s)), Simmonds Estate (estate(s)), Sir Gillies (estate(s)), Sir Gillies Estate (estate(s)), Spring Hill (estate(s)), Spring Hill Estate (estate(s)), Stone Castle (estate(s)), Stoney Grove (estate(s)), Stony Grove (estate(s)), Stony Grove Estate (estate(s))

> t

Taylor’s (estate(s)), Terrace Vale (estate(s)), The Walk (estate(s)), Theroulds (estate(s)), Therould’s Estate (estate(s)), Tower Hill Estate (estate(s))

> u

Upper Boreo (estate(s)), Upper Bourryau (estate(s)), Upper Bourryeau (estate(s)), Upper Canada (estate(s)), Upper Canada Estate (estate(s)), Upper Mansion (estate(s))

> v

Vambelle (estate(s)), Vambelles (estate(s)), Verchild (estate(s)), Verchild’s (estate(s)), Verchild’s Estate (estate(s)), Vervain Estate (estate(s)), Vervine (estate(s))

> w

Walk (estate(s)), Walks (estate(s)), Ward (estate(s)), Ward Estate (estate(s)), Wards (estate(s)), Webbes (estate(s)), Webb’s Estate (estate(s)), West Farm (estate(s)), West Farm Estate (estate(s)), Whitegate (estate(s)), Whitehall (estate(s)), Whitehall Estate (estate(s)), Whites (estate(s)), Wingfield Manor Estate (estate(s))

> z

Zetland (estate(s)), Zetland Estate (estate(s)), Zetlands Estate (estate(s))