Places in Marshall Islands that are classified locality

> a

Aen (locality), Airek (locality), Airekku-tō (locality), Ajeltake (locality), Ajiltake (locality), Ajurotaka (locality), Ajurotake (locality), Aneaitok (locality), Anearmej (locality), Anejet (locality), Anekirea (locality), Aneloklab (locality), Anetatabwuk (locality), Arrak (locality), Arurakku (locality)

> b

Bikoniing (locality), Bioleen (locality), Bwokwen (locality)

> c

Chapuchirochi (locality), Chittakain (locality), Chittoin (locality)

> d

Djeboan (locality)

> e

Enebingu (locality), Enēbingu-tō (locality), Eneebingu To (locality), Enerein (locality), Enesetto (locality), Enesetto-To (locality), Eneubing (locality), Enibung (locality), Eniebing (locality), Enipin (locality), Eniwataku (locality), Eniwataku-To (locality), Enubing (locality), Enuebing (locality), Enyebing (locality)

> j

Jabo (locality), Jaboan (locality), Jabwon (locality), Jab’u (locality), Jadoul (locality), Jadru-l (locality), Japeiroi (locality), Japejiroi (locality), Japuwan-tō (locality), Japwan (locality), Jayabo (locality), Jitakeon (locality), Jitoeon (locality), Jiyabo (locality), Jiyabo-To (locality), Juknen (locality)

> k

Kinajon (locality), Kinajon Island (locality), Kinajon-To (locality), Kinajong (locality), Kinejon (locality), Kolalen (locality), Kölöl’-en’ (locality)

> l

Lajinjaj (locality), Lelaen (locality), Lobat (locality), Lomado (locality), Lotoen (locality), Lotoin (locality), Lukwoj (locality)

> m

Maajen (locality), Madoren (locality), Matolen (locality), Matoroen (locality), Matoroen-To (locality)

> n

Nagatain (locality), Nagatain-To (locality), Ngongtaen (locality)

> r

Rotoin (locality), Rubochi (locality), Rubochi Island (locality), Rukochi (locality), Rukochi-To (locality)

> t

Tittōin (locality), Tobikle (locality)

> u

Umwen (locality)

> w

Warwir (locality), Warwor (locality)