Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that are classified stream

> c

Chapalap River (stream)

> i

Infal Falwe (stream), Infal Finkol (stream), Infal Innem (stream), Infal Isra (stream), Infal Kaa (stream), Infal Las (stream), Infal Lenwot (stream), Infal Lukunlulem (stream), Infal Malem (stream), Infal Melo (stream), Infal Menka (stream), Infal Mutunte (stream), Infal Mwot (stream), Infal Okat (stream), Infal Palusrik (stream), Infal Panyea (stream), Infal Pilyuul (stream), Infal Saksro (stream), Infal Sialat (stream), Infal Tafuyat (stream), Infal Yekula (stream), Infal Yela (stream), Infal Yemulil (stream), Infal Yeseng (stream), Innehm (stream), Innem River (stream), Innemu River (stream), Innen River (stream)

> k

Kapennepeilap (stream), Kapinpilap River (stream), Kiti River (stream), Kiti River (stream)

> l

Lewi River (stream)

> n

Ninnem (stream)

> o

Oalos (stream), Oalos River (stream), Okaato River (stream), Okat (stream)

> p

Palang River (stream), Palikalao (stream), Paran River (stream), Pilap-en-Lataw River (stream), Pilapen Latwa (stream), Pilapen Latwa (stream), Pilen Dauen Neu (stream), Pilen Kahmar (stream), Pilen Lehdau (stream), Pilen Leldau (stream), Pilen Lewi (stream), Pilen Senipehn (stream), Pilenuana River (stream), Pilikalao River (stream), Pillakapw (stream), Pillap en Kiti (stream), Pillapen Kiti (stream), Pillapen Nan Meir Lap (stream), Pillapen Pehleng (stream), Pillapen Semwei (stream), Pillapen Senipehn (stream), Pillen Dauen Neu (stream), Pillen Kiepw (stream), Pillen Lehdau (stream), Pillen Neh (stream), Pok River (stream), Pokku (stream)

> r

Retao River (stream), Rui River (stream)

> t

Tofol (stream)

> u

Utwa (stream)

> w

Wahrikidam (stream), Wiyu (stream)