Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that are classified reef(s)

> a

Atonap (reef(s))

> b

Busch Island (reef(s)), Busch-Insel (reef(s)), Bush Island (reef(s))

> c

Cape Unubis (reef(s))

> d

Dekekapw (reef(s))

> e

Eeyin (reef(s)), Ekaafuto (reef(s)), Ekarotrosu (reef(s)), Ekarotrusu (reef(s)), Eoin (reef(s)), Epin Fonu (reef(s)), Epiner (reef(s)), Epinner (reef(s)), Eripou (reef(s))

> f

Faaye (reef(s)), Falasit Reef (reef(s)), Faleasioz Reef (reef(s)), Faleasits (reef(s)), Fanaasic (reef(s)), Fanananei (reef(s)), Fänänänei (reef(s)), Fanufan (reef(s)), Fanufan Reef (reef(s)), Fanufan Riff (reef(s)), Fanufon (reef(s)), Fao (reef(s)), Fealeasicz Reef (reef(s)), Foko In Wiyu (reef(s)), Foko Kiul (reef(s)), Foko Mosral (reef(s)), Foko Puk (reef(s)), Foko Selap (reef(s)), Foko Yeseng (reef(s)), Foumaraw (reef(s)), Foumwa (reef(s))

> i

Ikaafuto (reef(s)), Iros (reef(s))

> l

Lamos Reef (reef(s)), Lamos Riff (reef(s)), Lelom Reef (reef(s)), Lelom Riff (reef(s)), Leneperer Reef (reef(s)), Lepis Reef (reef(s)), Likin Peilam (reef(s)), Lomos Reef (reef(s))

> m

Maimai (reef(s)), Mamochonap (reef(s)), Marangi (reef(s)), Matamaoaki (reef(s)), Middle Ground (reef(s)), Middle Ground (reef(s)), Middle Reef (reef(s)), Middle Reef (reef(s)), Mitikun (reef(s)), Mitikun Feinif (reef(s)), Mittel Riff (reef(s)), Mittel-Grund (reef(s)), Mittel-riff (reef(s)), Mittlegrund (reef(s)), Mudorigaarai (reef(s)), Mwiriput (reef(s))

> n

Nakap-en-Parram (reef(s)), Namos (reef(s)), Nankapenparam Reef (reef(s)), Nankoaros (reef(s)), Nenom (reef(s)), Nonkapenparam (reef(s)), Nou (reef(s))

> o

O Reef (reef(s))

> Ō

Ō-se (reef(s))

> o

Och (reef(s)), Ochanei (reef(s)), Ochen Meinopar (reef(s)), Ochen Pisemew (reef(s)), Ochoangat (reef(s)), Ochofat (reef(s)), Ochoitiw (reef(s)), Ochon Pisemew (reef(s)), Ochonap (reef(s)), Ochonap (reef(s)), Ochonuk (reef(s)), Ochopanges (reef(s)), Ochopenges (reef(s)), Oin (reef(s)), Osoluk Reef (reef(s)), Oxoluk Reef (reef(s)), Ozoluk Reef (reef(s))

> p

Paguerion Reef (reef(s)), Paguerion Reefs (reef(s)), Pagura Reef (reef(s)), Peson Reef (reef(s)), Pinepin (reef(s)), Pisin Ferit (reef(s)), Pisinion (reef(s)), Plum Reef (reef(s)), Pohn Ahtik (reef(s)), Point Nankapenparam (reef(s)), Ponarakku Cape (reef(s)), Ponatik Point (reef(s)), Pueilap Reef (reef(s)), Pueilap-Riff (reef(s))

> r

Rigareeru (reef(s))

> s

Saponoch (reef(s)), Sapu (reef(s)), Sobu Reef (reef(s)), Sobu-Riff (reef(s)), Soun Lierpwater (reef(s))

> t

Tamarir (reef(s)), Tamarir Riff (reef(s)), Tamaryr Reef (reef(s)), Tamaryr Reef (reef(s)), Tanion (reef(s)), Taranap (reef(s)), Toas (reef(s)), Toko (reef(s)), Tokoberu (reef(s)), Tokodakaaka (reef(s)), Tokoraara (reef(s)), Tomorur (reef(s))

> u

Uinku (reef(s)), Ume-shō (reef(s)), Unimock (reef(s)), Unun en Chosinifo (reef(s)), Unun en Chosinlfa (reef(s)), Unun en Epin (reef(s)), Unun en Ian (reef(s)), Unun en Neauwo (reef(s)), Ununen Chosiniao (reef(s))

> w

Weltot (reef(s)), Witon (reef(s)), Witon (reef(s)), Wocaaney (reef(s)), Woconap (reef(s)), Woconuuk (reef(s)), Wonaaen Iyan (reef(s)), Wudbung (reef(s))

> y

Yappu - Kō (reef(s)), Yelpong (reef(s)), Yepan (reef(s))

> z

Zohhoiiyoru (reef(s)), Zohhoiiyoru Bank (reef(s))