Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that are classified populated place

> a

Adevue (populated place), Adibue (populated place), Adibuee (populated place), Adibuwee (populated place), Adibuwe’ (populated place), Adubuwe’ (populated place), Af (populated place), Airech (populated place), Airetj (populated place), Aleru (populated place), Alongot (populated place), Amin (populated place), Amin (populated place), Amun (populated place), Amun (populated place), Anoth (populated place), Anoz (populated place), Arinel (populated place), Aringel (populated place), Aringell (populated place), Aringeru (populated place), Aringiru (populated place), Ateliu (populated place), Ateliw (populated place), Atell (populated place), Atelu (populated place), Ateru (populated place), Atiliu (populated place), Atiliw (populated place), Atliw (populated place), Aumar (populated place), Aumaru (populated place), Aumoar (populated place), Aun (populated place), Auun (populated place), Awak Pah (populated place), Ayirech (populated place), Ayrach (populated place), Ayrech (populated place)

> b

Balabat (populated place), Baleabaat’ (populated place), Balebatt (populated place), Balebat’ (populated place), Balelach (populated place), Barabado (populated place), Barabato (populated place), Bechiel (populated place), Bechiyel (populated place), Bechyal (populated place), Beenik (populated place), Beitiu (populated place), Beken (populated place), Benig (populated place), Benik (populated place), Berado (populated place), Berard (populated place), Binaew (populated place), Binaew (populated place), Binau (populated place), Binau (populated place), Binaw (populated place), Binaw (populated place), Blelatsch (populated place), Boenne (populated place), Bogul (populated place), Bruggemann (populated place), Bugol (populated place), Bulwol (populated place)

> c

Canaun (populated place), Cap Oligabi (populated place), Ccun (populated place), Chiyuru (populated place), Chol (populated place), Chool (populated place), Choqol (populated place), Chorong (populated place), Choru (populated place), Chukienu (populated place), Chukuram (populated place), Chun (populated place), Corog (populated place)

> d

Daabach (populated place), Dabach (populated place), Dachangar (populated place), Dachngar (populated place), Danipei (populated place), Dariikaan (populated place), Darikan (populated place), Datjmur (populated place), Davotj (populated place), Deboch (populated place), Dechumur (populated place), Derikan (populated place), Detianar (populated place), Diadi (populated place), Djun (populated place), Doqomchuuy (populated place), Dorf Lela (populated place), Dorf Lele (populated place), Dorf Lolo (populated place), Dschountin Handel Station (populated place), Dschountin Handel Station (populated place), Dublon (populated place), Dublon Town (populated place), Dugor (populated place), Dulkaan (populated place), Dulkan (populated place)

> e

Eirech (populated place), Elielliwi (populated place), Elielwi (populated place), Ennin (populated place), Epin (populated place), Era (populated place), Eriel (populated place), Etiemar (populated place), Etiermar (populated place), Ewashi (populated place), Ewes (populated place)

> f

Faal (populated place), Fal (populated place), Faloma (populated place), Fanama (populated place), Fanbatear (populated place), Fangel (populated place), Fanip (populated place), Fankachau (populated place), Fanömö (populated place), Fara (populated place), Faraq (populated place), Faregaaw (populated place), Faro (populated place), Fason (populated place), Fason (populated place), Faupö (populated place), Faut (populated place), Feeduqör (populated place), Fein (populated place), Feyin (populated place), Finkol Te (populated place), Firigaaw (populated place), Firigau (populated place), Firigqaaw (populated place), Fogen (populated place), Fongen (populated place), Foup (populated place), Fra (populated place), Frigaau (populated place), Frig’aw (populated place)

> g

Gaanaun (populated place), Gachalaaw (populated place), Gachalan (populated place), Gachalaw (populated place), Gachapar (populated place), Gachepar (populated place), Gachpar (populated place), Gadjebar (populated place), Gael’ (populated place), Gaeregei (populated place), Gagil (populated place), Gaqnaqun (populated place), Garegei (populated place), Gargey (populated place), Garguei (populated place), Garguet (populated place), Garigej (populated place), Garuguuei (populated place), Gatchaparu (populated place), Gatchiyapuru (populated place), Gatjalau (populated place), Gatjapar (populated place), Gatschapa (populated place), Gatschapar (populated place), Gilfith (populated place), Gillifitz (populated place), Gitaem (populated place), Gochepa (populated place), Gorror (populated place), Gudju (populated place), Guroor (populated place), Guruung (populated place)

> h

Hala (populated place)

> i

Inshiappu (populated place), Insiaf (populated place), Inuf (populated place), Inufu (populated place), Inya Walunga (populated place), Ipuak (populated place)

> j

Jelatak (populated place), Jin (populated place), Jola (populated place), Jountin (populated place)

> k

Kadaay (populated place), Kaday (populated place), Kanaun (populated place), Kanif (populated place), Kanoon (populated place), Keeng (populated place), Keng (populated place), Kepinpwel (populated place), Kuchu (populated place), Kukku (populated place), Kukue (populated place), Kukuwu (populated place)

> l

Laay (populated place), Lahy (populated place), Lai (populated place), Lamar (populated place), Lamear (populated place), Lamer (populated place), Leabon (populated place), Leang (populated place), Leap (populated place), Lebinao (populated place), Lebinau (populated place), Lebinaw (populated place), Lebnan (populated place), Lebnaw (populated place), Lebnaw (populated place), Lebonolong (populated place), Leebinaew (populated place), Lei (populated place), Leijut (populated place), Leilei (populated place), Lejut (populated place), Lele (populated place), Lele Village (populated place), Lelo (populated place), Levinau (populated place), Ley (populated place), Logaf (populated place), Lolo (populated place), Luech (populated place), Lueis (populated place), Lugan (populated place), Lugan (populated place), Lugav (populated place), Lukula (populated place), Luweech (populated place)

> m

Ma (populated place), Maa (populated place), Maabuuq (populated place), Maakiy (populated place), Maaloon (populated place), Maaq (populated place), Maawech (populated place), Mabuu (populated place), Mabu’ (populated place), Machon (populated place), Madadjagil (populated place), Madargil (populated place), Madarigil (populated place), Madragil (populated place), Madschidscho (populated place), Maerur (populated place), Maeruru (populated place), Magachagiiru (populated place), Magachaguill (populated place), Magachgil (populated place), Majijo (populated place), Majishou (populated place), Makal (populated place), Makam (populated place), Maki (populated place), Makiy (populated place), Mala (populated place), Malaf (populated place), Malaio (populated place), Malam (populated place), Malanaj (populated place), Malawaay (populated place), Malawaay (populated place), Malekun (populated place), Malem (populated place), Maletiu (populated place), Maloai (populated place), Malon (populated place), Malowai (populated place), Malway (populated place), Mal’aay (populated place), Mal’ay (populated place), Manaio (populated place), Manitiu (populated place), Manukun (populated place), Manukun (populated place), Maqweach (populated place), Maremu (populated place), Maroai (populated place), Maseesin (populated place), Masesin (populated place), Matam (populated place), Matanluk (populated place), Matem (populated place), Mayu (populated place), Mealem (populated place), Meay (populated place), Mechitiu (populated place), Mechitiw (populated place), Mechol (populated place), Meechögöl (populated place), Meechoqol (populated place), Meilap (populated place), Meilop (populated place), Meqruur (populated place), Merur (populated place), Mesa (populated place), Meseiku (populated place), Meseiren (populated place), Meseran (populated place), Mesieiren (populated place), Mesihou (populated place), Mesihsou (populated place), Messa (populated place), Metediu (populated place), Metitiu (populated place), Mezitiu (populated place), Micheew (populated place), Micheu (populated place), Michew (populated place), Milai (populated place), Mkal (populated place), Moalol (populated place), Mocheu (populated place), Mochon (populated place), Moen (populated place), Moloai (populated place), Molouai (populated place), Molousi (populated place), Molove (populated place), Molower (populated place), Molway (populated place), Monowa (populated place), Monowe (populated place), Moroai (populated place), Moron (populated place), Motanrikku (populated place), Muanon (populated place), Muanun (populated place), Mujun (populated place), Muliefl (populated place), Mulroo (populated place), Mulröq (populated place), Mulro’ (populated place), Munien (populated place), Murru (populated place), Muruu (populated place), Muyub (populated place), Muyuub (populated place), Mwaan (populated place), Mwalok (populated place), Mwan (populated place), Mwanitiw (populated place), Mwoalok (populated place), Mwoht (populated place), Mwot (populated place)

> n

Nachap (populated place), Nankomw (populated place), Nanukum (populated place), Natsu (populated place), Neawachang (populated place), Neberai (populated place), Nechap (populated place), Nechocho (populated place), Neecap (populated place), Neel (populated place), Nei (populated place), Neipeima (populated place), Neirenom (populated place), Neiwe (populated place), Nel (populated place), Nemwan (populated place), Nepon (populated place), Neponolong (populated place), Nepononong (populated place), Nepos (populated place), Nesarau (populated place), Neton (populated place), Ngariy (populated place), Ngof (populated place), Ngolog (populated place), Ngolog (populated place), Ngoof (populated place), Nidschow (populated place), Nif (populated place), Nifu (populated place), Nijow (populated place), Nimaar (populated place), Nimar (populated place), Nin Soksok (populated place), Nin Soksok (populated place), Ninlus (populated place), Nipeimei (populated place), Nluul (populated place), Nolak (populated place), Notu (populated place), Nukaf (populated place), Nukan (populated place), Nukan (populated place), Nukan (populated place), Nukan (populated place), Nukanap (populated place), Nukune (populated place), Nukuno (populated place), Nukura (populated place), Nukura (populated place), Numdul (populated place), Numenun (populated place), Numnum (populated place), Numnung (populated place), Numunung (populated place), N’eef (populated place)

> o

Oarmoar (populated place), Oaumoar (populated place), Oaunoar (populated place), Oboen (populated place), Okau (populated place), Olip (populated place), Omin (populated place), Omin (populated place), Onip (populated place), Onip (populated place), Onongoch (populated place), Onongot (populated place), Opun (populated place), Orila (populated place), Orile (populated place), Orira (populated place), Oror en Fein (populated place), Orowoo (populated place), Oumoar (populated place)

> p

Paata (populated place), Pada (populated place), Palaaw (populated place), Palang (populated place), Panitiw (populated place), Panitu (populated place), Panutiw (populated place), Pata (populated place), Pehleng (populated place), Peitiu (populated place), Peitu (populated place), Peken (populated place), Pelia (populated place), Peliesele (populated place), Peliesole (populated place), Pelior (populated place), Peliysale (populated place), Pelusrik (populated place), Penia (populated place), Peniamwan (populated place), Peniata (populated place), Peniemuan (populated place), Penienuk (populated place), Peniesene (populated place), Penior (populated place), Perior (populated place), Petiw (populated place), Peyitiw (populated place), Peytiu (populated place), Pieis (populated place), Pihs (populated place), Pohniak (populated place), Pone (populated place), Poukachau (populated place), Poükechau (populated place), Pwel Weita (populated place), Pwene (populated place)

> q

Qaaf (populated place), Qadibweq (populated place), Qamin (populated place), Qamin (populated place), Qamun (populated place), Qanooth (populated place), Qaringeel (populated place), Qatliw (populated place), Qayirëch (populated place), Qokaaw (populated place)

> r

Raeng (populated place), Rameru (populated place), Rara (populated place), Ras (populated place), Rebinao (populated place), Reere (populated place), Reeron (populated place), Relong (populated place), Reo (populated place), Rere (populated place), Reron (populated place), Reu (populated place), Rewo (populated place), Ri (populated place), Riikeen (populated place), Rij (populated place), Rikan (populated place), Riken (populated place), Rikuan (populated place), Rikwan (populated place), Rimiit (populated place), Rimit (populated place), Riquen (populated place), Riy (populated place)
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