Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that are classified populated locality

> a

Akahk (populated locality), Akaku (populated locality), Alaudscho (populated locality), Alaujo (populated locality), Alauso (populated locality), Alohkapw (populated locality), Alokap (populated locality), Anipadsch (populated locality), Anipaj (populated locality), Anipas (populated locality), Anipasu (populated locality), Anipein Pah (populated locality), Anipein Powe (populated locality), Anipen (populated locality), Anipoas (populated locality), Areu (populated locality), Arokappu (populated locality), Aru (populated locality), Aruu (populated locality)

> b

Baanimaut (populated locality), Baanimut (populated locality), Baanimuut (populated locality), Baanmaut (populated locality), Baqanimaqut (populated locality), Biloechaang (populated locality), Blochang (populated locality), Bulochang (populated locality), Buloochang (populated locality)

> d

Diadi (populated locality), Dschakarenkap (populated locality), Dschalapuk (populated locality)

> e

Enipeihn Pah (populated locality), Enipeihn Powe (populated locality), Enipein Pah (populated locality), Enipein Pah (populated locality), Enipoas (populated locality)

> f

Fanalili (populated locality), Fanaliliy (populated locality), Fanqaliiliy (populated locality), Fenealiliy (populated locality), Finfoko (populated locality), Finolof (populated locality), Finpukal (populated locality)

> l

Lohd Pah (populated locality), Lohd Powe (populated locality), Lukunlulem (populated locality)

> m

Maap’ (populated locality), Madalaay’ (populated locality), Madalai (populated locality), Madalay’ (populated locality), Madlay (populated locality), Malsu (populated locality), Mauvais Accueil (populated locality), Mineef (populated locality), Minei’ (populated locality), Mini (populated locality), Minniy (populated locality), Moalol (populated locality), Mongal (populated locality), Monon (populated locality), Moongael (populated locality), Moron (populated locality), Muanon (populated locality), Mutunte (populated locality)

> n

Nan Angesek (populated locality), Nan Uh (populated locality), Nanepil (populated locality), Nanipil (populated locality), Nanipiru (populated locality), Nanpil (populated locality), Nanpilo (populated locality), Nanpohnsapw (populated locality), Nanponjap (populated locality), Napondschap (populated locality), Nijon (populated locality)

> o

Oa (populated locality), Ohwa (populated locality), Onean (populated locality)

> p

Paatoapoat (populated locality), Panpinshappu (populated locality), Poaipoai (populated locality), Poatoapoat (populated locality), Poatopoat (populated locality), Pohnmangahng (populated locality), Pohrasapw (populated locality), Pok (populated locality), Pokku (populated locality), Pukusrik Te (populated locality), Pukusruk Te (populated locality), Putuk Te (populated locality), Pwoaipwoai (populated locality), Pwoipwoi (populated locality), Pwok (populated locality)

> r

Rekeeshi (populated locality), Rekisau (populated locality), Rekisou (populated locality), Rioyo (populated locality), Rohi (populated locality), Rohnkiti (populated locality), Ronkichi (populated locality), Ronkite (populated locality), Ronkiti (populated locality), Rottopaa (populated locality)

> s

Sapata (populated locality), Sapota (populated locality), Shiyainowaru (populated locality), Sroanef (populated locality), Srupunyot (populated locality)

> t

Tafonsak (populated locality), Tagaam (populated locality), Tagam (populated locality), Tagamu (populated locality), Tamwarahlong (populated locality), Tomara (populated locality), Tomora (populated locality), Tomorolong (populated locality), Tomu (populated locality), Tomwara (populated locality), Tomwarahlong (populated locality), Tutukte (populated locality)

> u

U (populated locality), U Mura (populated locality), Ugem (populated locality)

> w

Wapparu (populated locality), Wgem (populated locality), Wugeem (populated locality), Wugem (populated locality)