Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that are classified point

> a

Ablul (point), Alohkapw (point), Amodjang (point), Amwachang (point), Aramilog (point), Areu (point), Areu Point (point), Armilog (point), Aru Point (point), Aru Point (point), Aru Spitz (point), Aru Spitze (point), Aru Spitze (point), Arū-hana (point), Aruu Hana (point)

> b

Banteen Saki (point), Besin (point), Besin Point (point), Bezin Point (point), Bilebuoy (point), Bileebugöy (point), Bileebuqoy (point), Blosseville Spitze (point), Bonatik (point)

> c

Cap Lefanot (point), Cap Midjigei (point), Cap Ovoit (point), Cap Saboo (point), Cap Saboo (point), Cap Ulap (point), Cap Unubis (point), Cap Unumou (point), Cape Halgan (point), Cape Metiki (point), Cape Saboo (point), Cape Sabuk (point), Cape Tupinier (point), Cape Unoso (point), Cape Urimo (point), Cape Zavalichine (point), Chumur (point)

> d

Daabiyuch (point), Daawoch (point), Dabaat’ (point), Dabat (point), Dabiyquch (point), Dabiyuch (point), Dabiyuuch (point), Dachthul (point), Dadu (point), Daew’ (point), Dareach (point), Darech (point), Daw (point), Dawach (point), De Blois Spitze (point), Dim’iingoeg (point), Doom’aathing (point), Doururiyou Point (point), Dowach (point), Dugor (point), Duperrey Spitze (point), Duqög (point), D’Urville Point (point), D’Urville Pont (point), D’Urville Spitze (point), D’Vrville Point (point)

> f

Fanaapiin (point), Fananas (point), Fanasas (point), Fanbiywol (point), Fanikep (point), Fanyoruw (point), Fenmeias (point), Fënyoeruw (point), Fenyoruw (point), Finaaonfen (point), Fiteenguch (point), Fiteewaar (point), Fitewar (point), Fogen (point), Foko Finaunpes (point), Foko Fukunsral (point), Foko Lik (point), Foko Malsu (point), Foko Nefalil (point), Foko Pe (point), Foko Saoksa (point), Foko Yewak (point), Fouchap (point), Foumau (point), Foumwa (point), Foutip (point), Fukinsaaru (point), Fukiru Point (point), Fukuri Point (point), Fum (point)

> g

Gaakaan (point), Gakan (point), Gaqnim’uuth (point), Garnot-Spitze (point), Grosses Kap (point), Guungean (point)

> j

Jacquinot Spitze (point)

> k

Kap Halgan (point), Kap Malso (point), Kap Nefalil (point), Kap Pa (point), Kap Sal (point), Kap Tupinier (point), Kapitau-Talur (point), Katua (point), Kiti Point (point), Kleines Kap (point), Kutua Point (point), Kutwa Point (point), Kutwa-Spitze (point)

> l

Laenmaqut (point), Lanemaut (point), Lanmuut (point), Lejeune-Spitze (point), Lele Point (point), Lele Point (point), Lemeis (point), Lesson Spitze (point), Ligif (point), Lik’aay (point), Limwoq (point), Limwo’ (point), Lipaaw (point), Liymowol (point)

> m

Maabuuq (point), Mabu’ (point), Maeriiw (point), Mangal (point), Mangalyap (point), Mangapeilong (point), Mangapeilong Point (point), Mangliyëp (point), Mariw (point), Matante (point), Math’uunguchaan (point), Mearoor (point), Meror (point), Michikei (point), Min’aeg (point), Min’ag (point), Min’og (point), Mired (point), Mireed (point), Miteenifeeng (point), Mitenifeng (point), Moeg (point), Mog (point), Moof (point), Moqof (point), Motanrikku (point)

> n

Nakunachau (point), Nakunachau (point), Nakunachau (point), Nan Dolamall (point), Nandolemall (point), Nanimuinsap (point), Nanimwinsapw (point), Nantolemal Point (point), Nantolemal Spitze (point), Nantoremaru-saki (point), Napenas (point), Napi (point), Nefaariru (point), Nemete (point), Nenom (point), Neoch (point), Nepor (point), Neu (point), Newoch (point), Ni Imwinwer (point), Nikanap (point), Nimiir (point), Ninmarai (point), Ninmarai Point (point), Nontolemal Point (point), North Cape (point), North East Point (point), North West Cape (point), Nukanap (point), Nukisaton (point), Nukisei (point), Nukun Acaw (point), Nukun Achaw (point), Nukunaayo (point), Nukunachau (point), Nukunao (point), Nukunao (point), Nukunfouper (point), Nukunfoupwer (point)

> o

Onari (point), Onoit (point), Oroit (point), Oror en Nepinom (point), Owpel (point)

> p

Pahn Dieinuh (point), Palikir (point), Palikir Point (point), Palm Point (point), Panten-saki (point), Pantieinu Point (point), Pantieinu-Spitze (point), Pantienu Point (point), Parikiiru Hana (point), Pasuuween’ (point), Pasuwaen (point), Peelaeng (point), Peferel (point), Peisich (point), Pelang (point), Pesin (point), Pesuwan (point), Petungun (point), Pe’thmuth (point), Pe’thmu’th (point), Pe’tungun (point), Pisin (point), Pohnahtik (point), Point Blosseville (point), Point De Blois (point), Point Gabert (point), Point Garnet (point), Point Garnot (point), Point Jacquinot (point), Point Lejeune (point), Point Lesson (point), Ponarakku Cape (point), Ponatekku-Hana (point), Ponatetku-Hana (point), Ponatik Point (point), Puswo (point), Puswoq (point), P’aaramach (point), P’eawaar (point), P’eefeereel (point), P’eefreel (point), P’eethm’uuth (point), P’eethm’uuth (point), P’eetunguun (point), P’ewar (point)

> q

Qabluul (point), Qarmiilog (point), Qupeel (point)

> r

Rayir (point), Refinery Point (point), Riir (point), Riqiir (point)

> s

Saladak (point), Sapotiu (point), Sapou (point), Sapuk (point), Schaulon Point (point), Sele (point), So Puk (point), Sobuk (point), Sopiram (point), Sopwiram (point)

> t

Taagow (point), Taaneagaaw (point), Taaneaqaaw (point), Taangal (point), Taapuw (point), Taaquul (point), Tagal (point), Tagow (point), Taliiw (point), Taliw (point), Tamaaf (point), Tamagël (point), Tamaqaf (point), Tamel (point), Taneaw (point), Tangal (point), Tathiil (point), Tathil (point), Tawaar (point), Thowaenifeeng (point), Thowenifeng (point), Throwaenifeeng (point), Thum’uth (point), Thum’uuth (point), Thum’uuth (point), Tilagau (point), Tilnguy (point), Timuinjong Point (point), Timwenpwel (point), Tithiir (point), Tithir (point), Tliglig (point), Toey (point), Toeyniim’ (point), Tonarok (point), Tooraaq (point), Toponou (point), Toqayong (point), Toqiliy (point), Toru (point), Towar (point), Toy (point), Tuglup (point), Tulnguy (point), Tulunguy (point), Tuma Point (point), Tumu Point (point), Tumuindschong Spitze (point), Tumuing Point (point), Tunuk (point), Turmeaq (point)

> u

Uew (point), Unap (point), Uneiro (point), Uneiro (point), Unenen Meirop (point), Unife (point), Unikappi (point), Unimoch (point), Unkäppi (point), Unufouach (point), Unukuchu (point), Unun en Amachang (point), Unun en Aranga (point), Unun en Chukusirip (point), Unun en Epin (point), Unun en Episaton (point), Unun en Fanikep (point), Unun en Fankop (point), Unun en Fanmono (point), Unun en Föucha (point), Unun en Fouchö (point), Unun en Kuchua (point), Unun en Kuchua (point), Unun en Kukanap (point), Unun en Kum (point), Unun en Michikei (point), Unun en Nameis (point), Unun en Naunukou (point), Unun en Nekuk (point), Unun en Nemeis (point), Unun en Nenimokut (point), Unun en Nepenas (point), Unun en Nepor (point), Unun en Nepwasuk (point), Unun en Nukanap (point), Unun en Nukanap (point), Unun en Nukanap (point), Unun en Nukisaton (point), Unun en Nukuisei (point), Unun en Nukunachaw (point), Unun en Nukunachaw (point), Unun en Nukunanget (point), Unun en Nukunao (point), Unun en Nukunau (point), Unun En Nukunau (point), Unun en Ochamu (point), Unun en Onareng (point), Unun en Onareng (point), Unun en Onoet (point), Unun En Penianok (point), Unun en Penianuk (point), Unun en Piesich (point), Unun en Pukuou (point), Unun en Purer (point), Unun en Sapotiu (point), Unun en Sapotiw (point), Unun en Sapou (point), Unun en Saton (point), Unun en Sopinfou (point), Unun En Sopiram (point), Unun en Sopu (point), Unun en Sopuram (point), Unun en Supur (point), Unun en Tenio (point), Unun en Tenion (point), Unun en Unap (point), Unun en Unifei (point), Unun en Unikei (point), Unun en Unochop (point), Unun en Unuf (point), Unun en Unukop (point), Unun en Winifeisu (point), Unun en Winifeisu (point), Unun en Winikai (point), Unun en Winikei (point), Unun en Winipi (point), Ununen Meirop (point), Ununen Michikei (point), Ununen Nafouoch (point), Ununen Neawachang (point), Ununen Nepon (point), Ununen Nukuno (point), Ununen Penienuk (point), Upel (point), Urimo (point), Utol’ (point)

> v

Vilibi (point), Vinien (point), Vunigeigei (point), Vunigeigei (point)

> w

Wachikichiki (point), Wagmëch (point), Wanuunen Neepwor (point), Wief (point), Winikäp (point), Winikeikei (point), Winikeyikey (point), Wonachau (point), Wonachaw (point), Wúneyiro (point), Wunuunen Kuumur (point), Wunuunen Marop (point), Wunuunen Nonaareg (point), Wunuunen Sopwiiram (point), Wunuunen Wunnukopw (point), Wunuunen Wunuf (point), Wünüünen Wunumw (point), Wünüuünen Wunnüfa (point), Wuyeef (point), Wuyef (point)

> y

Yepan Point (point), Yepan Spitze (point), Yiluuy (point), Yiluy (point), Yimuch (point), Yogaay (point), Yogoy (point), Yoogoy (point), Yoweereg (point)