Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that are classified marine channel

> a

Abubu Durchfahrt (marine channel), Aleon Durchfahrt (marine channel), Aleon Pass (marine channel), Aliar Pass (marine channel), Anikunap (marine channel), Anikunap Channel (marine channel), Areu (marine channel), Aru Channel (marine channel), Aru Einfahrt (marine channel), Aru Einfahrt Channel (marine channel), Aru Hafen (marine channel), Aru Harbor (marine channel), Aru Passage (marine channel), Aruh Passage (marine channel), Aruu-suidō (marine channel), Atlirow (marine channel), Atliyrow (marine channel), Aualap Durchfahrt (marine channel), Aualap Pass (marine channel)

> b

Bianu Durchfahrt (marine channel)

> c

Canal Leaut (marine channel), Canal Lebedei (marine channel), Cheen (marine channel), Chen (marine channel)

> d

Dao Channel (marine channel), Dau Mwoakote (marine channel), Daupwelmatak (marine channel), Deava (marine channel), Dish Island Channel (marine channel), Dobutsuoruniiga Passage (marine channel), Dobutsuroruniiga-Suido (marine channel), Dochirichi Channel (marine channel), Donibureeku Passage (marine channel), Donibureeku-Suido (marine channel), Donigoppin Passage (marine channel), Donigoppin-Suido (marine channel), Doniparo Passage (marine channel), Doniparo-Suido (marine channel), Doriyappu Passage (marine channel), Doriyappu-Suido (marine channel), Doroppu-Suido (marine channel), Dossororu Passage (marine channel), Dossororu-Suido (marine channel), Dotchikichiki Passage (marine channel), Dotchikichiki-Suido (marine channel), Dowarugui Channel (marine channel), Durchfahrt Mor (marine channel)

> e

East Passage (marine channel), Ebaritte (marine channel), Ebaritte Pass (marine channel), Ebaritte Pass (marine channel), Engen Saip (marine channel), Engin Saip (marine channel), Epil En Otta (marine channel)

> f

Faleallej Pass (marine channel), Fanuamos Durchfahrt (marine channel), Fanuamot Durchfahrt (marine channel), Fanusamoz Pass (marine channel), Faunamot Durchfahrt (marine channel), Faunsamoz Pass (marine channel), Fein Durchfahrt (marine channel), Fein Pass (marine channel), Filenguy (marine channel), Fil’eenguuy (marine channel), Flower Island (marine channel), Flower Islands Pass (marine channel)

> g

Gachug (marine channel), Gachuug (marine channel), Gacuug (marine channel), Gatgug Entrance (marine channel), Gatjug Entrance (marine channel), Gatsugu-Ko (marine channel), Gatsugu-Kuchi (marine channel), Gofenu (marine channel), Gofenu Entrance (marine channel), Gofenu-Einfahrt (marine channel), Gohenu-kuchi (marine channel), Goofnuw (marine channel), Goofunauw (marine channel), Greenwich Passage (marine channel)

> h

Hana Jima Suida (marine channel), Hanashima-Suido (marine channel), Hanmarin Channel (marine channel), Higashi (marine channel), Higashi-Suido (marine channel), Hokutō-suidō (marine channel), Hukuto (marine channel)

> i

Inya Insrefusr (marine channel), Inya Kuplu (marine channel), Inya Mutunnenea (marine channel), Inya Srelel (marine channel)

> j

Jokaj Passage (marine channel)

> k

Kapidau en Alohikapw (marine channel), Kapidau en Alohkapw (marine channel), Kapidau en Dawahk (marine channel), Kapidau en Mwand (marine channel), Kapidau en Palikir (marine channel), Kapidau en Pehleng (marine channel), Kehpara Pass (marine channel), Kehpara Passage (marine channel), Keltie Pass (marine channel), Kepara (marine channel), Kepdau (marine channel), Kepidau en Pohnahtik (marine channel), Kiisanat (marine channel), Kita (marine channel), Kita-suidō (marine channel)

> l

Leauri (marine channel), Leauri Durchfahrt (marine channel), Lelom Durchfahrt (marine channel), Lelom Pass (marine channel), Lezaza Mission (marine channel), Lot Harbor (marine channel)

> m

Machelap (marine channel), Makota Strait (marine channel), Mant Channel (marine channel), Mant Einfahrt (marine channel), Mant Harbor (marine channel), Mant Passage (marine channel), Mant-Hafen (marine channel), Manto-suidō (marine channel), Mat Ruk I Salat (marine channel), Metaregato Channel (marine channel), Mil Entrance (marine channel), Mil-Einfahrt (marine channel), Mil’ (marine channel), Minami (marine channel), Minami (marine channel), Minami Suido (marine channel), Minami-suidō (marine channel), Minani Suido (marine channel), Miru-Ko (marine channel), Miru-Kuchi (marine channel), Moch Pass (marine channel), Mōchan-suidō (marine channel), Mocheirew (marine channel), Mochen Aliar (marine channel), Mochen Eparit (marine channel), Mochen Moch (marine channel), Mochenap (marine channel), Mochlap (marine channel), Mochonap (marine channel), Mochun Eparit (marine channel), Mochun Fanananei (marine channel), Mochun Fanew (marine channel), Mochun Fein (marine channel), Mochun Fouichen (marine channel), Mochun Mutikum (marine channel), Mochun Mutukun (marine channel), Mochun Nenom (marine channel), Mochun Nepis (marine channel), Mochun Neuri (marine channel), Mochun Ocha (marine channel), Mochun Ochonap (marine channel), Mochun Ochopach (marine channel), Mochun Ochopenges (marine channel), Mochun Onaf (marine channel), Mochun Pianu (marine channel), Mochun Pisamwe (marine channel), Mochun Sapun Anang (marine channel), Mochun Sopweru (marine channel), Mochun Tauanap (marine channel), Mochun Tawanap (marine channel), Mochun Unen (marine channel), Mochun Unigar (marine channel), Mochun Unikar (marine channel), Mochun Wininen (marine channel), Mochun Winion (marine channel), Mochun Winipiru (marine channel), Mokota (marine channel), Morappu-suidō (marine channel), Morchan Channel (marine channel), Morocheinrew (marine channel), Morrappu Channel (marine channel), Morrapu Channel (marine channel), Motelap Durchfahrt (marine channel), Motsalap (marine channel), Motsurappu Channel (marine channel), Moz En Udidan (marine channel), Moz-en-Udidan (marine channel), Mugai Channel (marine channel), Muitekun (marine channel), Mulgai Channel (marine channel), Mwooconap (marine channel), Mwoocun Anaw (marine channel), Mwoocun Awanap (marine channel), Mwoocun Fanaanu (marine channel), Mwoocun Feyiicen (marine channel), Mwoocun Feyin (marine channel), Mwoocun Mutukun (marine channel), Mwoocun Newuri (marine channel), Mwoocun Onaf (marine channel), Mwoocun Peson (marine channel), Mwoocun Pisamwe (marine channel), Mwoocun Piyaanu (marine channel), Mwoocun Winibar (marine channel), Mwoocun Winiinen (marine channel), Mwoocun Wocca (marine channel), Mwoocun Wunen (marine channel), Mwoocun Wuraanu (marine channel), Mwo’o’cun Anaw (marine channel), Mwo’o’cun Fanaanu (marine channel), M’iil (marine channel), M’il (marine channel)

> n

Nasutrol Durchfahrt (marine channel), Neaut (marine channel), Nedodo (marine channel), Neetuutu (marine channel), Nena (marine channel), Nena Durchfahrt (marine channel), Nenna (marine channel), Nenna Durchfahrt (marine channel), Nenna Pass (marine channel), Neout (marine channel), Netoutou (marine channel), Netutu (marine channel), Netutu Channel (marine channel), Neuri Durchfahrt (marine channel), Neurui Pass (marine channel), Nichi Suido (marine channel), Nimpol Entrance (marine channel), Nishi Suido (marine channel), Nishi-Suido (marine channel), Nisi Suido (marine channel), Nord-Durchfahrt (marine channel), Nord-Kanal (marine channel), Nordost-Durchfahrt (marine channel), North Channel (marine channel), North Channel (marine channel), North Pass (marine channel), Northeast Pass (marine channel), Nukuoro Passage (marine channel)

> o

Oa Hafen (marine channel), Odajima Suido (marine channel), Olifara Durchfahrt (marine channel), Olifauro Durchfahrt (marine channel), Onmugot Pass (marine channel), Onugot (marine channel), Orarai Channel (marine channel), Ota Pass (marine channel), Otashima Suido (marine channel), Otta Jima Suido (marine channel), Otta Pass (marine channel), Otta Passage (marine channel)

> p

Paioniiiya-tsūro (marine channel), Palak Einfahrt (marine channel), Palikir Einfahrt (marine channel), Palikir Passage (marine channel), Palikir Suido (marine channel), Palikir-Hafen (marine channel), Peelaek (marine channel), Pelak (marine channel), Pelak Entrance (marine channel), Peraku Ko (marine channel), Peraku-kuchi (marine channel), Peson (marine channel), Piaanu Pass (marine channel), Piaanu Passage (marine channel), Pialu Durchfahrt (marine channel), Piiriperiperi Channel (marine channel), Pioneer Pass (marine channel), Piriperiperi Channel (marine channel), Pisalu (marine channel), Pision Durchfahrt (marine channel), Pison Durchfahrt (marine channel), Pispis Pass (marine channel), Pizion Pass (marine channel), Port Mant (marine channel), P’aaramach (marine channel), P’ermach (marine channel)

> q

Qatliirow (marine channel)

> r

Ramos Suido (marine channel), Ramosu-suidō (marine channel), Raur Channel (marine channel), Raur-Kanal (marine channel), Rowarueri Channel (marine channel), Rowaruerii Channel (marine channel), Rowaruerii-Suido (marine channel), Rowaryu Channel (marine channel), Rowaryu-Suido (marine channel)

> s

Sabotiu (marine channel), Salat Pass (marine channel), Salat Passage (marine channel), Sanat Pass (marine channel), Sara Jima Suido (marine channel), Sarashima-suidō (marine channel), Sokehs Passage (marine channel), Souhou (marine channel), South Channel (marine channel), South Pass (marine channel), South Pass (marine channel)

> t

Takeshima Channel (marine channel), Takeshima-suidō (marine channel), Tauak Einfahrt (marine channel), Tauak Passage (marine channel), Tauak-Hafen (marine channel), Tauaku Suido (marine channel), Taualap Pass (marine channel), Taualap Pass (marine channel), Taualap-Durchfahrt (marine channel), Tauanap Pass (marine channel), Tauenai Channel (marine channel), Tauenai Pass (marine channel), Tauenai Passage (marine channel), Tauenehiai Passage (marine channel), Taueneniai (marine channel), Tauenkepara (marine channel), Tauenkepara-Einfahrt (marine channel), Tauenkepara-Hafen (marine channel), Tauenpalang (marine channel), Tauenpalang Passage (marine channel), Tauenpalang-Hafen (marine channel), The Narrows (marine channel), The Passage (marine channel), The Passage (marine channel), Tora Island Pass (marine channel), Torashima Pass (marine channel), Towachi Channel (marine channel), Towamudo Channel (marine channel), Tukomat Durchfahrt (marine channel), Tukomat Pass (marine channel), Tuma Huk (marine channel), Tungunbinaew (marine channel), Tungunebinaw (marine channel), Tuwolbu (marine channel)

> u

Udidan (marine channel), Uliden (marine channel), Ulifauro Pass (marine channel), Ulifauro-Durchfahrt (marine channel), Ulion Pass (marine channel), Unifouchö (marine channel), Unnugot Pass (marine channel), Uranu (marine channel), Ushi Island Pass (marine channel), Ushishima Pass (marine channel), Ushishima Suido (marine channel)

> v

Vinigero Durchfahrt (marine channel), Vinikero Pass (marine channel), Vinion Durchfahrt (marine channel)

> w

Wagyoel (marine channel), West Cape (marine channel), West Channel (marine channel), West Channel (marine channel), West Laggon (marine channel), West Pass (marine channel), West Pass (marine channel), West Pass (marine channel), West Passage (marine channel), Western Pass (marine channel), Winiyon (marine channel)

> y

Yinbinaew (marine channel), Yinbinau (marine channel), Yinbinaw (marine channel), Yunearawëy (marine channel), Yuneroway (marine channel)

> z

Zau Channel (marine channel), Zoniparegoku Passage (marine channel), Zoniparegoku-Suido (marine channel), Zoroppu Passage (marine channel), Zowabatu-suidō (marine channel), Zowariyau Channel (marine channel), Zowariyau-Suido (marine channel), Zowariyoru Channel (marine channel), Zowariyoru-Suido (marine channel), Zowatabu Channel (marine channel), Zowatabu-Suido (marine channel)