Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that are classified locality

> a

Abyang (locality), Alog (locality), Anut (locality)

> b

Bunuknuk (locality)

> d

Dabut (locality), Dabuut’ (locality), Darachaq (locality), Darcha’ (locality), Dartja (locality), Deeningöl (locality), Dilaeg (locality), Dinaey (locality), Dingiin (locality), Dobut (locality)

> e

Eng (locality)

> f

Falwe (locality), Finkol Wan (locality), Finsrem (locality)

> g

Gaatmoqon (locality), Gaqnipaan (locality), Gatimoon (locality), Gatmon (locality), Goqchol (locality)

> i

Innem (locality), Isra (locality)

> k

Kaa (locality), Kipar (locality), Kiparu (locality), Koasr (locality), Kuplu Te (locality), Kuplu Wan (locality)

> l

Laay (locality), Las (locality), Lay (locality), Lefai (locality), Leinaku (locality), Lepokou (locality), Ley (locality), Likinepeng (locality), Loal (locality)

> m

Maaq (locality), Maa’ (locality), Ma’ (locality), Meer (locality), Melo (locality), Menka (locality), Meraruto (locality), Me’reniw (locality), Michikei (locality), Mireeniiw (locality), Mireniw (locality), Mosral (locality), Mota (locality), Mreniu (locality), Muloeloew (locality), Mulolou (locality), Mulolow (locality), Mutunlik (locality), Mwot (locality)

> n

Nefalil (locality), Nemwan (locality), Newot (locality), Nukuna (locality)

> Ō

Ō-iwa (locality)

> o

Okat (locality), Or (locality)

> p

Pilyuul (locality), Polok (locality), Pukusrik Wan (locality), Pukusruk Wan (locality), Putuk (locality), Putuk Wan (locality)

> q

Qabyaang (locality), Qaloog (locality), Qeang (locality)

> s

Sak (locality), Saoksa (locality), Saun Kroun (locality), Seisein (locality), Shonkiron (locality), Sipyen (locality), Soisol (locality), Sounkiroun (locality), Sounkroun (locality)

> t

Taf Wan (locality), Tafuyat (locality), Taila (locality), Tenwak (locality), Tooraag (locality)

> u

Ul (locality), Ull (locality), Unipis (locality), Unun en Sapota (locality)

> v

Vinepis (locality)

> w

Wanead (locality), Wief (locality), Winipis (locality), Wul (locality)

> y

Yawal (locality), Yemulil (locality), Yeseng (locality), Yesron (locality), Yoal (locality)