Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that are classified islands

> a

Arricifes Carolina (islands)

> b

Bernard Islands (islands)

> c

Caroline Islands (islands), Chuuk (islands), Chuuk Islands (islands)

> d

Days of the Week Islands (islands)

> e

Eap (islands)

> f

Faichuk (islands), Faichuk Islands (islands)

> g

Guap (islands)

> h

Hall Islands (islands), Hogoleu Islands (islands), Hogolu Islands (islands), Houg (islands)

> i

Islands of the Four Seasons (islands), Islas Carolinas (islands), Islas Poniente (islands), Isles Carolines (islands)

> j

Jap-Insel (islands)

> k

Karolinen (islands), Karorin-shotō (islands), Kepara Islands (islands)

> l

Lagulus (islands), Lanomituk (islands), Lugulus (islands), Lukunor-gruppe (islands)

> m

Magerurappu (islands), Magur Islands (islands), Makur Islands (islands), Mant Inseln (islands), Mant Islands (islands), Matorokku-Shoto (islands), Mortlock Islands (islands), Mortlock-Inseln (islands), Mortlocks (islands), Mortolockgruppe (islands), Mōtorokku-shotō (islands)

> n

Nahkapw (islands), Namoi Islands (islands), Namoi-Inseln (islands), Namwisofo (islands), Nanmadol (islands), Nanmatol Islands (islands), Neuvas Filipinas (islands), New Philippines (islands), Nomituck (islands), Nomoi Islands (islands), Nomoneas (islands), Nomoneas Islands (islands), Northeast Islands (islands)

> p

Peina Islands (islands), Peinantomara Islands (islands), Pis Islands (islands)

> r

Roug (islands), Ruc (islands), Rukgruppe (islands), Ruku (islands)

> s

Schuck (islands), Senyavin Islands (islands), Sequeira Caroline Islands (islands), Shichiyo Islands (islands), Shichiyo Shotō (islands), Shiki Islands (islands), Shiki-shotō (islands), Sitiyo Syoto (islands), Stsiuck (islands)

> t

The Mortlocks (islands), Torakku -shotō (islands), Torres (islands), Towngil (islands), Truk (islands), Truk Inseln (islands), Truk Islands (islands)

> u

Ugulut (islands)

> w

Waqab (islands)

> y

Yap (islands), Yap Group (islands), Yap Island (islands), Yap Islands (islands), Yapa (islands), Yappu-tō (islands)