Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that are classified building(s)

> a

Afre’ (building(s)), Ayan (building(s))

> b

Bugule aryer (building(s)), Buguleeqaryer (building(s)), Bugulerar (building(s))

> d

Daabaab (building(s)), Dabab (building(s)), Daboenyaen’ (building(s)), Daboniyan (building(s)), Damlonguch (building(s)), Damloonguch (building(s)), Daped (building(s)), Dap’ead (building(s)), Deafqorean (building(s)), Def O’ren (building(s)), Derraak (building(s)), Duboniyan (building(s))

> e

Edgor (building(s)), Efara’ (building(s))

> f

Faneakaan (building(s)), Fënf’iir (building(s))

> g

Gilbuguw (building(s)), Gunugean (building(s))

> i

Ichigiyog (building(s)), Ichigyog (building(s))

> l

Liil (building(s)), Lil (building(s)), Loothog (building(s))

> m

Maan Pa’ (building(s)), Magänpaaq (building(s)), Maqänpaaq (building(s)), Marbach (building(s)), Marboch (building(s)), Munguuy (building(s)), Munguy (building(s)), Musgow (building(s)), Musgow (building(s))

> n

Namyeg (building(s))

> o

On (building(s))

> p

Pe’war (building(s)), P’eawaar (building(s))

> q

Qafreq (building(s)), Qayaan (building(s)), Qayean (building(s)), Qeedugor (building(s)), Qichigiyoeg (building(s)), Qoon (building(s))

> r

Rowaat’ (building(s)), Rowat’ (building(s)), Ruelur (building(s)), Ruweeluur (building(s))

> t

Tabuguw (building(s)), Tayey (building(s)), Teeliib (building(s)), Telib (building(s)), Thumuth (building(s)), Thunbiliy (building(s)), Thuunbil’iy (building(s)), Toquruuf (building(s)), Torliyog (building(s))

> y

Yimuch (building(s))