Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that are classified blowhole(s)

> a

Alath (blowhole(s)), Anif (blowhole(s)), Ara’ (blowhole(s))

> b

Bigeew (blowhole(s)), Bileeraar (blowhole(s)), Bileyrich (blowhole(s)), Boen (blowhole(s)), Boon (blowhole(s)), Buguleek’eef (blowhole(s)), Bugulek’ef (blowhole(s)), Bulerar (blowhole(s))

> c

Chobchob (blowhole(s))

> d

Daabiyuch (blowhole(s)), Daabyuch (blowhole(s)), Daqabyuch (blowhole(s)), Duneet’uuy (blowhole(s))

> f

Fagamow (blowhole(s)), Feadamach (blowhole(s)), Feeyoer (blowhole(s)), Fiteegoer (blowhole(s))

> g

Gael’ (blowhole(s)), Ganfiif (blowhole(s)), Girgir (blowhole(s)), Guchuth (blowhole(s)), Gutoer (blowhole(s))

> k

Kefniga’ (blowhole(s)), K’ef N’uw (blowhole(s)), K’efnigaaq (blowhole(s)), K’efniga’ (blowhole(s)), K’efnin’uw (blowhole(s)), K’efnn’uw (blowhole(s))

> l

Laeneayabach (blowhole(s)), Laeneenguluw (blowhole(s)), Laeneesigow (blowhole(s)), Lanengulu (blowhole(s)), Lanesigow (blowhole(s)), Lanesugow (blowhole(s)), Laneyaboch (blowhole(s)), Lipow (blowhole(s)), Lubuw ni chig (blowhole(s)), Lubuwnigaaq (blowhole(s)), Lubuwniga’ (blowhole(s)), Lubuwniqachiig (blowhole(s)), Lubuyniga’ (blowhole(s)), Lubuyniichig (blowhole(s))

> m

Maak’eefnigaaq (blowhole(s)), Maak’eefniqachiig (blowhole(s)), Maanpa’ (blowhole(s)), Magänpaaq (blowhole(s)), Mak’ef ni ga’ (blowhole(s)), Mak’ef ni ichig (blowhole(s)), Mak’f nii chig (blowhole(s)), Mangiyor (blowhole(s)), Mangyoer (blowhole(s)), Mangyor (blowhole(s)), Maniy (blowhole(s)), Maqänpaaq (blowhole(s)), Miiw (blowhole(s)), Min’iy (blowhole(s)), Miqiw (blowhole(s)), Miqiy (blowhole(s)), Mn’iy (blowhole(s))

> n

Nguchuth (blowhole(s)), Nguchuuth (blowhole(s))

> o

Or (blowhole(s))

> q

Qalgath (blowhole(s)), Qanif (blowhole(s)), Qaraq (blowhole(s)), Qoer (blowhole(s))

> r

Riloel (blowhole(s)), Rilol (blowhole(s))

> t

Tagearoöl (blowhole(s)), Tagerol (blowhole(s)), Taldaar (blowhole(s)), Tan en (blowhole(s)), Tanaqën (blowhole(s)), Teneen (blowhole(s)), Thaaw (blowhole(s)), Thaw (blowhole(s)), Thib (blowhole(s)), Thiib (blowhole(s)), Thoelaeb (blowhole(s)), Tholab (blowhole(s)), Toldar (blowhole(s))

> w

Wangachug (blowhole(s)), Wapar (blowhole(s)), Wolemaut (blowhole(s)), Wol’eamaqut (blowhole(s)), Wongaachug (blowhole(s)), Wongachug (blowhole(s)), Wunup (blowhole(s))