Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that are classified atoll(s)

> a

Ahnd (atoll(s)), Ahnd Atoll (atoll(s)), Anangai Islands (atoll(s)), Andema Islands (atoll(s)), Angegul (atoll(s)), Angelul (atoll(s)), Aniaima (atoll(s)), Anonima (atoll(s)), Ant Atoll (atoll(s)), Ant Inseln (atoll(s)), Ant Islands (atoll(s)), Anto Islands (atoll(s)), Anto-tō (atoll(s)), Aura (atoll(s)), Aurepik Inseln (atoll(s)), Auripik (atoll(s)), Aurupig (atoll(s))

> b

Barbados (atoll(s)), Baxotristo (atoll(s)), Bordelaise Island (atoll(s)), Buluath (atoll(s)), Bunker (atoll(s)), Bunkey (atoll(s))

> c

Campbellriff (atoll(s)), Cata (atoll(s)), Cheyne (atoll(s)), Colapa (atoll(s)), Constantine Island (atoll(s)), Coup (atoll(s)), Cuop (atoll(s)), Cuop (atoll(s))

> d

de Cata (atoll(s)), Dunkin Islands (atoll(s)), Duperrey Islands (atoll(s)), Duperrey Isles (atoll(s)), Duperry (atoll(s)), D’Urville Islands (atoll(s))

> e

Eauripik Atoll (atoll(s)), Eauripik Islands (atoll(s)), Egoi (atoll(s)), Egoy (atoll(s)), El Corral (atoll(s)), Elat (atoll(s)), Elath (atoll(s)), Elato (atoll(s)), Elato Atoll (atoll(s)), Elato Islands (atoll(s)), Elivi Group (atoll(s)), Endābii-shotō (atoll(s)), Enderby Island (atoll(s)), Enderby Islands (atoll(s)), Eourypyg (atoll(s)), Erato-tō (atoll(s)), Etal Atolle (atoll(s)), Etal Group (atoll(s)), Etal Islands (atoll(s)), Etaru-tō (atoll(s)), Etat Islands (atoll(s)), Ettal Atoll (atoll(s)), Eurupig (atoll(s))

> f

Faloc (atoll(s)), Fanadik (atoll(s)), Fanadyk (atoll(s)), Fananou (atoll(s)), Fananu (atoll(s)), Fanedjik (atoll(s)), Faraulep Atoll (atoll(s)), Faraulep Islands (atoll(s)), Faraulip Inseln (atoll(s)), Faroilap (atoll(s)), Faroulap (atoll(s)), Farroilap (atoll(s)), Fattoilap (atoll(s)), Flarik (atoll(s)), Foeshavlap (atoll(s)), Foraulep (atoll(s)), Foroilap (atoll(s)), Fraser Islands (atoll(s)), Furaarappu-tō (atoll(s)), Furukku-tō (atoll(s))

> g

Garbanzos (atoll(s)), Gardner Island (atoll(s)), Greenwich (atoll(s)), Greenwich Islands (atoll(s)), Gurinitti Tō (atoll(s)), Gurriinitchi-tō (atoll(s))

> h

Hall (atoll(s)), Harvest Islands (atoll(s)), Hashmy Islands (atoll(s)), Hashmys (atoll(s)), Hashnys (atoll(s)), Haweis (atoll(s)), Helato (atoll(s)), Huraarappu Tō (atoll(s)), Hurukku To (atoll(s))

> i

Ifaelhuug (atoll(s)), Ifalik Atoll (atoll(s)), Ifalik Islands (atoll(s)), Ifallik Inselgruppe (atoll(s)), Ifalouk (atoll(s)), Ifaluk (atoll(s)), Ifelouk (atoll(s)), Ifeluc (atoll(s)), Ifelug (atoll(s)), Inselngruppe Kapinga Marangi (atoll(s)), Islas de la Pasion (atoll(s)), Iuripik (atoll(s))

> j

Jaurepik (atoll(s)), Juripik (atoll(s)), Jurukku-To (atoll(s))

> k

Kabeneylon (atoll(s)), Kalap (atoll(s)), Kama (atoll(s)), Kama Inseln (atoll(s)), Kama Islands (atoll(s)), Kap-in-Mailang (atoll(s)), Kapen-Mailang (atoll(s)), Kapingamarangi Atoll (atoll(s)), Kapingamarangi Islands (atoll(s)), Kata Island (atoll(s)), Kimishima-Shotō (atoll(s)), Kunto Shoto (atoll(s)), Kuntō-Shotō (atoll(s)), Kuop Atoll (atoll(s)), Kuop Islands (atoll(s)), Kupp Atoll (atoll(s)), Kurrū-tō (atoll(s))

> l

La Bordelaise (atoll(s)), Laf (atoll(s)), Lamior (atoll(s)), Lamoliau-uru (atoll(s)), Lamoliaur Ulu Islands (atoll(s)), Lamolior Atoll (atoll(s)), Lamoliork Islands (atoll(s)), Lamorsu (atoll(s)), Lamotrek Atoll (atoll(s)), Lamotrek Island (atoll(s)), Lamotrek Islands (atoll(s)), Lamuliur (atoll(s)), Lamuliur (atoll(s)), Lamululudi (atoll(s)), Lamululutup (atoll(s)), Lamuniur (atoll(s)), Lamutrik Inseln (atoll(s)), Larkins (atoll(s)), Las Hermanas (atoll(s)), Leguischel (atoll(s)), Leot (atoll(s)), Leuot (atoll(s)), Livingstone (atoll(s)), Los Jardines (atoll(s)), Los Maritres (atoll(s)), Los Martires Island (atoll(s)), Los Reyes (atoll(s)), Los Reyes (atoll(s)), Los Valientes (atoll(s)), Losap Atoll (atoll(s)), Losap Islands (atoll(s)), Losop (atoll(s)), Lossop (atoll(s)), Lossop Inseln (atoll(s)), Louasappe Islands (atoll(s)), Lougounor (atoll(s)), Low Islands (atoll(s)), Luasap (atoll(s)), Luguen (atoll(s)), Lugulos (atoll(s)), Lugunor (atoll(s)), Lukeisel (atoll(s)), Lukunoch Atoll (atoll(s)), Lukunor (atoll(s)), Lukunor Atoll (atoll(s)), Lukunor Islands (atoll(s)), Lumululutu (atoll(s)), Lutke (atoll(s)), Lutke (atoll(s))

> m

MacAskill (atoll(s)), Mackenzie Group (atoll(s)), Mackenzie Islands (atoll(s)), Mackinzie (atoll(s)), Makarama (atoll(s)), Mama (atoll(s)), Martyres (atoll(s)), Matelotasinsel (atoll(s)), Matelotos (atoll(s)), Matires (atoll(s)), McAskill (atoll(s)), Meaburn (atoll(s)), Mereyon-tō (atoll(s)), Mogal (atoll(s)), Mogemog (atoll(s)), Mogmog (atoll(s)), Mokiiru-tō (atoll(s)), Mokil Atoll (atoll(s)), Mokil Islands (atoll(s)), Mokor (atoll(s)), Monteverde Island (atoll(s)), Monteverde Islands (atoll(s)), Monteverdeson’s Group (atoll(s)), Morileu (atoll(s)), Mortlock Island (atoll(s)), Mortlock Islands (atoll(s)), Mourileu (atoll(s)), Mugmug (atoll(s)), Mukil (atoll(s)), Murila (atoll(s)), Murillo Islands (atoll(s)), Murilo Atoll (atoll(s)), Murilo Islands (atoll(s)), Muriro-shotō (atoll(s)), Musgrave (atoll(s)), Mwekil (atoll(s))

> n

Nachikku-tō (atoll(s)), Naiad Group (atoll(s)), Naiad Islands (atoll(s)), Namaluk (atoll(s)), Namochikku-tō (atoll(s)), Namoin-Atoll (atoll(s)), Namoliaour (atoll(s)), Namoliaour Ost (atoll(s)), Namoliaure (atoll(s)), Namolipiafan Islands (atoll(s)), Namoloto (atoll(s)), Namolotou (atoll(s)), Namoluk Atoll (atoll(s)), Namoluk Islands (atoll(s)), Namoluk-Inseln (atoll(s)), Namonefeng (atoll(s)), Namonemeir (atoll(s)), Namonesoson (atoll(s)), Namoni Mu (atoll(s)), Namoni Mu (atoll(s)), Namonuito Atoll (atoll(s)), Namonuito Gruppe (atoll(s)), Namonuito Islands (atoll(s)), Namonwito (atoll(s)), Namōrukku-tō (atoll(s)), Namotikku Tō (atoll(s)), Namouttek (atoll(s)), Namuluc (atoll(s)), Namurrek (atoll(s)), Namuuin Shoto (atoll(s)), Namwoachiig (atoll(s)), Namwoalhiyoerw (atoll(s)), Natikku To (atoll(s)), Neewoc (atoll(s)), Neoch (atoll(s)), Ngaric (atoll(s)), Ngarik (atoll(s)), Ngaruik (atoll(s)), Ngaryk Islands (atoll(s)), Ngatik Atoll (atoll(s)), Ngatik Islands (atoll(s)), Ngelu (atoll(s)), Ngilu (atoll(s)), Ngolii (atoll(s)), Ngolo (atoll(s)), Ngolog (atoll(s)), Ngoly (atoll(s)), Ngulu Atoll (atoll(s)), Ngulu Inseln (atoll(s)), Ngulu Islands (atoll(s)), Nishi (atoll(s)), Nomuuin Shoto (atoll(s)), Nomuwin-shotō (atoll(s)), Nomwin Atoll (atoll(s)), Nomwin Islands (atoll(s)), Nonwin-Inseln (atoll(s)), Nougoure (atoll(s)), Nugoro To (atoll(s)), Nugōru-tō (atoll(s)), Nuguor (atoll(s)), Nuku-Oro (atoll(s)), Nukuor Inseln (atoll(s)), Nukuoro (atoll(s)), Nukuoro Atoll (atoll(s)), Nukuoro Inseln (atoll(s)), Nukuoro Islands (atoll(s)), Nukuwor (atoll(s)), Nuteck Islands (atoll(s))

> o

O Puluot (atoll(s)), O Suak (atoll(s)), Olap (atoll(s)), Oleei (atoll(s)), Olie (atoll(s)), Olimarao Atoll (atoll(s)), Olimarao Islands (atoll(s)), Olimarau-Inseln (atoll(s)), Olimario (atoll(s)), Ollap (atoll(s)), Olnea (atoll(s)), Olol Gruppe (atoll(s)), Olotup (atoll(s)), Olutai (atoll(s)), Olutel (atoll(s)), Onolu (atoll(s)), Onomarai-tō (atoll(s)), Onon Inseln (atoll(s)), Onon Islands (atoll(s)), Onoun Gruppe (atoll(s)), Oraluk Island (atoll(s)), Oraluk Islands (atoll(s)), Oroluk Atoll (atoll(s)), Orōru-shotō (atoll(s)), Ororukku-tō (atoll(s)), Oruluk Atoll (atoll(s)), Osuak (atoll(s)), Ouleai (atoll(s)), Oulevai (atoll(s)), Ouluthy (atoll(s))

> p

Pagenema Atoll (atoll(s)), Pakin Atoll (atoll(s)), Pelelap (atoll(s)), Pelelep (atoll(s)), Pescadores (atoll(s)), Philip Islands (atoll(s)), Philip-Inseln (atoll(s)), Phillip Islands (atoll(s)), Piagelap (atoll(s)), Pigerappu (atoll(s)), Pikiram (atoll(s)), Pingarappu To (atoll(s)), Pingelap (atoll(s)), Pingelap Atoll (atoll(s)), Pingelap Islands (atoll(s)), Pingoulap (atoll(s)), Placeres (atoll(s)), Pollap (atoll(s)), Poloac (atoll(s)), Poloat Islands (atoll(s)), Poloot Inseln (atoll(s)), Polot (atoll(s)), Polowat (atoll(s)), Polut (atoll(s)), Poulouote (atoll(s)), Pourappu-shotō (atoll(s)), Pul (atoll(s)), Pulap Atoll (atoll(s)), Pulap Islands (atoll(s)), Pullep (atoll(s)), Pullop (atoll(s)), Puluhot (atoll(s)), Puluot (atoll(s)), Puluwat Atoll (atoll(s)), Puluwat Group (atoll(s)), Puluwat Islands (atoll(s))

> r

Raven Group (atoll(s)), Raven Islands (atoll(s)), Raven’s Island (atoll(s)), Remp (atoll(s)), Ronlat (atoll(s)), Rosoppu Shoto (atoll(s)), Rōsoppu-tō (atoll(s)), Royal Islands (atoll(s)), Royalist Islands (atoll(s)), Royalist Islands (atoll(s)), Royalist Islands Island Group (atoll(s)), Royalist Lagoon (atoll(s)), Rukunōru-tō (atoll(s)), Runalin (atoll(s)), Rvaen Group (atoll(s))

> s

San Agustino Island (atoll(s)), San Estevan (atoll(s)), Saraon (atoll(s)), Saroan (atoll(s)), Sarol (atoll(s)), Sataoan Islands (atoll(s)), Satauan-Insel (atoll(s)), Satauan-Lagune (atoll(s)), Satawan (atoll(s)), Satawan Atoll (atoll(s)), Satawan Islands (atoll(s)), Satoan Atolle (atoll(s)), Satoan Group (atoll(s)), Satouwan-tō (atoll(s)), Satowan Atoll (atoll(s)), Sequeira (atoll(s)), Seven Islands (atoll(s)), Skiddy Island (atoll(s)), Sorol Atoll (atoll(s)), Sorol Islands (atoll(s)), Sorolgruppe (atoll(s)), Sotoan Atolle (atoll(s)), Spencer Keys (atoll(s)), Swede Island (atoll(s)), Swede Islands (atoll(s))

> t

Tamatam Islands (atoll(s)), Tamatan (atoll(s)), Tametam (atoll(s)), Temetem (atoll(s)), Thieve Islands (atoll(s)), Toas (atoll(s)), Two Sisters (atoll(s))

> u

Uauak (atoll(s)), Ueito (atoll(s)), Ugeu Inseln (atoll(s)), Uldi (atoll(s)), Ulea (atoll(s)), Uleai (atoll(s)), Uleay (atoll(s)), Ulevy (atoll(s)), Ulewi (atoll(s)), Ulie Inseln (atoll(s)), Ulithi Atoll (atoll(s)), Ulithi Gruppen (atoll(s)), Ulithi Islands (atoll(s)), Ulithi-Atollen (atoll(s)), Uliti (atoll(s)), Ullea (atoll(s)), Ulussi (atoll(s)), Uluta (atoll(s)), Uluti (atoll(s)), Ulutup (atoll(s)), Uneay (atoll(s)), Unney (atoll(s)), Uoeu Inseln (atoll(s)), Uranie Bank (atoll(s)), Urushi-tō (atoll(s)), Urusi Tō (atoll(s))

> v

Valientes Islands (atoll(s))

> w

Watehluhk (atoll(s)), Weleeya (atoll(s)), Welhimerahw (atoll(s)), Wellington Island (atoll(s)), Wellington Isles (atoll(s)), West Fayu (atoll(s)), West Fayu Atoll (atoll(s)), Westervelts Islands (atoll(s)), William the Fourth Group (atoll(s)), Wilson Islands (atoll(s)), Woconuuk (atoll(s)), Wolai Islands (atoll(s)), Wolea (atoll(s)), Wolea Inseln (atoll(s)), Woleai Atoll (atoll(s)), Woleai Islands (atoll(s))

> y

Yaelath (atoll(s)), Yaurwpiig (atoll(s)), Ylatu (atoll(s)), Yoropie (atoll(s)), Yorupikku-tō (atoll(s)), Young William Islands (atoll(s)), Young-William (atoll(s)), Yuripik (atoll(s))

> z

Zaraol (atoll(s))