Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that are classified administrative division

> d

Dalipebinau (administrative division), Dalipeebinaew (administrative division), Dalipeebinaew Municipality (administrative division)

> f

Fangel (administrative division), Fanif (administrative division), Faniif District (administrative division), Fanip (administrative division)

> g

Gagiil (administrative division), Gagil (administrative division), Gilimaan District (administrative division), Gillifitz (administrative division), Gilmaan’ (administrative division), Gilmaan’ Municipality (administrative division), Guroor (administrative division)

> j

Jokaj (administrative division)

> k

Kanif (administrative division), Kanifaay (administrative division), Kanifaay District (administrative division), Kanifay (administrative division), Kuchu Kumi (administrative division)

> l

Lele (administrative division), Lelu (administrative division), Leluw (administrative division)

> m

Moen (administrative division), Mutok (administrative division)

> n

Nif (administrative division), Not Point (administrative division)

> o

Okau (administrative division)

> p

Peniamwan (administrative division)

> r

Rehntu (administrative division), Rento (administrative division), Rentou (administrative division), Rull (administrative division), Ruul (administrative division), Ruul District (administrative division)

> s

Sanuk (administrative division), Sapore (administrative division), Sapore Kumi (administrative division), Sokas (administrative division)

> u

Ueloj (administrative division), Utagal (administrative division), Utwa (administrative division), Utwe (administrative division), Utwec (administrative division)

> w

Weeloay District (administrative division)