Places in Cyprus that are classified monastery

> a

Acheiropoiitos (monastery), Agía Nápa (monastery), Agia Thekla Monastery (monastery), Agia Varvara Monastery (monastery), Agioi Anargyroi Monastery (monastery), Agios Georgios Alamanos Monastery (monastery), Agios Ioannis Chrysostomos Monastery (monastery), Agios Ioannis Lampadistis Monastery (monastery), Agios Irakleidios Monastery (monastery), Agios Minas Monastery (monastery), Agios Nikolaos Monastery (monastery), Agios Panteleimon Monastery (monastery), Agios Panteleimon Monastery (monastery), Agios Spyridon Monastery (monastery), Ahiropiyitos (monastery), Akhiropiitos Monastery (monastery), Anatoliko Manastırı (monastery), Anatolikon (monastery), Anatolikon Monastery (monastery), Andifoniti (monastery), Antiphonitis (monastery), Antiphonitis Monastery (monastery), Apostolo Andrea Manastırı (monastery), Apostolo Varnava Manastırı (monastery), Apostolos Andhreas Monastery (monastery), Apostolos Andreas (monastery), Apostolos Andreas Manastırı (monastery), Apostolos Andreas Monastery (monastery), Apostolos Varnavas Monastery (monastery), Arhangelo (monastery), Arkangelos Monastery (monastery), Arkhangelos (monastery), Arkhangelos Mikhail Monastery (monastery), Arkhangelos Mikhail Monastery (monastery), Arkhangelos Monastery (monastery), Arkhangelos Monastery (monastery), Armenian Monastery (monastery), Armenomonastiro (monastery), Armenomonástiron (monastery), Atekla Manastırı (monastery), Ay Nikola (monastery), Ayanagiri Manastırı (monastery), Ayia Moni Monastery (monastery), Ayia Napa Monastery (monastery), Ayia Thekla Monastery (monastery), Ayia Varvara Monastery (monastery), Ayios Ioannis Khrysostomos (monastery), Ayios Ioannis Lambadhistis Monastery (monastery), Ayios Ioannis Prodhromos Monastery (monastery), Ayios Iraklidhios (monastery), Áyios Iraklídhios. Convent of (monastery), Ayios Kendeas Monastery (monastery), Ayios Khrysostomos Monastery (monastery), Ayios Minas Monastery (monastery), Ayios Mnason Monastery (monastery), Ayios Nikolaos (monastery), Ayios Nikolaos Monastery (monastery), Ayios Nikolaos tis Steyis (monastery), Ayios Pandeleimon Monastery (monastery), Ayios Pandeleimon Monastery (monastery), Ayios Savvas tis Karonos Monastery (monastery), Ayios Spyridhon Monastery (monastery), Áyios Varnávas Monastery (monastery), Ayios Yeoryios Alamanou Monastery (monastery), Ayios Yeoryios Monastery (monastery), Ayiraklidiyo Manastırı (monastery), Aymina Manastırı (monastery), Aynikola Manastırı (monastery), Aypandeleyimon Manastıırı (monastery), Aypandeleyimon Manastırı (monastery), Ayspiridon Manastırı (monastery), Ayvarvara Manastırı (monastery), Ayyanni Hrysostomo Manastırı (monastery), Ayyanni Lambadisti Manastırı (monastery), Ayyorgi Alamano (monastery)

> c

Cikko Manastırı (monastery)

> k

Kanakaria Monastırı (monastery), Kandara Monastery (monastery), Karmi Monastery (monastery), Khrysoroyiatissa Monastery (monastery), Khrysorrogiatissa (monastery), Khrysorroyiatissa Monastery (monastery), Kykko (monastery), Kykko Monastery (monastery), Kykko Monastery (monastery), Kykkos Monastery (monastery), Kykkou (monastery), Kykkou Monastery (monastery)

> m

Machairas Monastery (monastery), Maheras Manastırı (monastery), Makedhonitissa Monastery (monastery), Makedonitissa Monastery (monastery), Makheras Monastery (monastery), Makhæras Monastery (monastery), Masera Manastırı (monastery), Mesapotamo Manastırı (monastery), Mesapotamos Monastery (monastery), Mesopotamos (monastery), Mesopotamos Monastery (monastery), Metokhi tou Kykkou Monastery (monastery), Metokhion Ayiou Neophytou (monastery), Metokhion Kykkou (monastery), Monastery-Museum of Apóstalos Varnávas (monastery), Moní Agías Théklas (monastery), Moní Agías Varváras (monastery), Moní Agíon Anargýron (monastery), Moní Agíou Georgíou Alamánou (monastery), Moní Agíou Ioánnou toú Chrysostómou (monastery), Moní Ágiou Ioánnou toú Lambadistoú (monastery), Moní Agíou Irakleidíou (monastery), Moní Agíou Miná (monastery), Moní Agíou Panteleímonos (monastery), Moní Agíou Panteleímonos (monastery), Moní Anatolikoú (monastery), Móni Apostólou Andréa (monastery), Moní Apostólou Varnáva (monastery), Moní Ayíou Nikoláou (monastery), Moní Kýkkou (monastery), Moní Machairá (monastery), Moní Mésa Potamoú (monastery), Moní Panagías Apsinthiotíssis (monastery), Moní Panagías Chrisorrogiatíssis (monastery), Moní Panagías Eleoúsis (monastery), Moní Pnási (monastery), Moní Profítou Ilía (monastery), Moní Spyrídonos (monastery), Moní Stavrovouníou (monastery), Moní Trooditíssis (monastery), Moni Xeropotamos (monastery)

> o

Our Lady of the Pea (monastery)

> p

Panagia Apsinthiotissa (monastery), Panagia Chrisorragiatissa Monastery (monastery), Panagia Eleousa Monastery (monastery), Panagia Kanakaria (monastery), Panaya Apsintyotissa Manastırı (monastery), Panaya Eleusa Manastırı (monastery), Panaya Hrisorroyatissa Manastırı (monastery), Panaya Kanakarya (monastery), Panayia Absinthiotissa (monastery), Panayia Akhiropiitos Monastery (monastery), Panayia Amaskon Monastery (monastery), Panayia Asprovouniotissa Monastery (monastery), Panayia Avgasidha (monastery), Panayia Eleousa Monastery (monastery), Panayia Evangelistria (monastery), Panayia Galaktotrophousa Monastery (monastery), Panayia Kanakaria Monastery (monastery), Panayia Khrysorroyiatissa Monastery (monastery), Panayia Melandryna Monastery (monastery), Panayia Monastery (monastery), Panayia ton Katharon Monastery (monastery), Panayia tou Araka Monastery (monastery), Panayia tou Kykkou Monastery (monastery), Panayia tou Makhera (monastery), Paraji Monastery (monastery), Parátzis (monastery), Pnasi Monastery (monastery), Prodhromos Mesapotamos (monastery), Profiti İlias Manastırı (monastery), Profiti İlyas Manastırı (monastery), Profítis Ilías (monastery), Profitis Ilias Monastery (monastery), Profitis Illias Monastery (monastery), Prophitis Elias Monastery (monastery), Prophitis Elias Monastery (monastery), Prophitis Elias Monastery (monastery)

> s

Saint Barnaboş Manastırı (monastery), Saint Heracleidius Convent (monastery), Sina Monastery (monastery), Sina Monastery (monastery), Skouriotissa (monastery), Skouriotissa Monastery (monastery), Sphalangiotissa Monastery (monastery), Stavro tu Ayazmati (monastery), Stavros tis Mythas (monastery), Stavros tou Agiasmati (monastery), Stavros tou Ayiasmati (monastery), Stavrovouni (monastery), Stavrovouni Manastırı (monastery), Stavrovouni Monastery (monastery), Stavrovuni Manastırı (monastery)

> t

Timios Stavros Monastery (monastery), Timios Stavros Monastery (monastery), Troditissa Manastı rı (monastery), Troodhitissa (monastery), Troodhitissa Monastery (monastery), Trooditissa Monastery (monastery)

> x

Xeropotamos Monastery (monastery)

> Α

Αγία Νάπα (monastery)

> Μ

Μονή Πνάσι (monastery)

> Π

Παράτζης (monastery)

> Σ

Σκουριώτισσα (monastery)