Places in Coral Sea Islands that are classified reef(s)

> a

Abington Reef (reef(s)), Abington Rocks (reef(s))

> b

Banc Diane (reef(s)), Bougainville Reef (reef(s))

> c

Cato Reef (reef(s)), Channel Reef (reef(s)), Cod Reef (reef(s))

> d

Danger Patch (reef(s)), Dart Reef (reef(s)), Diane Bank (reef(s))

> e

East Ribbon Reef (reef(s)), Eastern Projection (reef(s)), Entrance Reef (reef(s))

> f

Flinders Reef (reef(s)), Flinders Reefs (reef(s)), Flora Reef (reef(s)), Frederick Reef (reef(s)), Frederick Reefs (reef(s))

> h

Herald’s Surprise (reef(s)), Holmes Reef (reef(s)), Holmes Reefs (reef(s)), Horseshoe Reef (reef(s))

> k

Kenn Reef (reef(s)), Kenn Reefs (reef(s)), Kern Reef (reef(s))

> l

Lihou Reef (reef(s)), Lihou Reef and Cays (reef(s)), Lihou Reefs (reef(s)), Lihou Reefs and Cays (reef(s)), Long Reef (reef(s))

> m

Main Cay Reef (reef(s)), Malay Reef (reef(s)), Malay Rock (reef(s)), Marion Reef (reef(s)), Moore Reef (reef(s)), Moore Reefs (reef(s))

> n

North Flinders Reefs (reef(s)), North Reef (reef(s)), North West Reef (reef(s)), Northwestern Extreme (reef(s))

> o

Osprey Reef (reef(s))

> r

Rapid Horn (reef(s)), Rif Abington (reef(s)), Rif Bugenvil’ (reef(s)), Rif Frederik (reef(s)), Rif Kenn (reef(s)), Rif Likhu (reef(s)), Rif Marion (reef(s)), Rif Ospri (reef(s)), Rify Flinders (reef(s)), Rify Kholms (reef(s))

> s

Saumarez Reef (reef(s)), Saumarez Reefs (reef(s)), Saumerex Reef (reef(s)), Shark Reef (reef(s)), South Flinders Reefs (reef(s)), South West Reef (reef(s)), Southwestern Extreme (reef(s))

> t

Toe Reef (reef(s)), Tregrosse Reefs (reef(s))

> w

Wansfell Reefs (reef(s)), Wreck Reef (reef(s)), Wreck Reefs (reef(s))