Places in Cayman Islands that are classified point

> a

Anchor Point (point), Anchors Point (point)

> b

Beach Point (point), Betty Bay Point (point), Bill Eden Point (point), Bloody Bay Point (point), Boatswain Point (point), Booby Point (point), Booby Point (point), Breaker Point (point)

> c

Cedar Point (point), Colliers Point (point), Conch Point (point), Cottage Point (point)

> d

Deadmans Point (point), Dennis Point (point), Diggarys Point (point), Dolphin Point (point), Double Head (point)

> e

East Point (point), East Point (point), East Point (point), East Rocky Point (point)

> f

Frenchman Point (point)

> g

Grape Tree Point (point), Great Pedro Point (point), Gun Bluff (point)

> h

Head of Barkers (point), High Rock Point (point)

> i

Ironshore Point (point), Isaac’s Point (point)

> j

Jackson Point (point), Jackson Point (point), Jackson’s Point (point)

> l

Little Pedro Point (point), Little Spot Point (point), Long Coconut Point (point), Long Coconut Tree Point (point), Long Point (point), Long Point (point), Low Point (point), Lower Rocky Point (point)

> m

Mallarbs Point (point)

> n

North East Point (point), North East Point (point), North West Point (point)

> o

Old Robin Point (point)

> p

Palmetto Point (point), Prospect Point (point), Pull-and-be-Damned Point (point)

> r

Roger Wreck Point (point), Rogers Wreck Point (point), Rum Point (point)

> s

Salt Water Point (point), Sand Cliff Point (point), Sandy Point (point), Snipe Point (point), South West Point (point), South West Point (point), South West Point (point), Southwest Point (point), Sparrowhawk Point (point), Stake Bay Point (point), Stakes Bay Point (point)

> t

Timms Point (point)

> w

Water Cay (point), Water Point (point), Welch Point (point), West End Point (point), West End Point (point)