Places in Bahamas, The that are classified populated place

> a

Abercorn (populated place), Abraham Bay (populated place), Abraham’s Bay (populated place), Adderleys (populated place), Adderly (populated place), Adelaide (populated place), Albert Town (populated place), Alexander (populated place), Alice Town (populated place), Alice Town (populated place), Allen (populated place), Alligator Bay Settlement (populated place), Alver Town (populated place), Anderson (populated place), Anderson (populated place), Andersons (populated place), Andros Town (populated place), Anne’s Tract Settlement (populated place), Arthur Town (populated place), Arthur’s Town (populated place), August Town (populated place)

> b

Bahring Point (populated place), Bailey Town (populated place), Bailey Town (populated place), Bailey’s Town (populated place), Bain Town (populated place), Bain Town (populated place), Bain Town (populated place), Bains (populated place), Bannerman Town (populated place), Bar Bay Settlement (populated place), Barataria Settlement (populated place), Baraterre (populated place), Baraterre (populated place), Bastian Point (populated place), Bayley Town (populated place), Bayley’s Town (populated place), Behring Point (populated place), Behring Point Settlement (populated place), Bennet Harbour (populated place), Bennets Harbour (populated place), Bennetts Harbor (populated place), Bennett’s Harbour (populated place), Bennett’s Harbour Settlement (populated place), Berrys (populated place), Berrys Settlement (populated place), Betsy Bay (populated place), Bevans Town (populated place), Binnacle Hill (populated place), Binnacle Hill Settlement (populated place), Black Point (populated place), Black Point (populated place), Black Point Settlement (populated place), Blackwood Village (populated place), Blanket Sound (populated place), Bluff (populated place), Bluff (populated place), Bluff (populated place), Bluff Settlement (populated place), Bluff Settlement (populated place), Bogue (populated place), Bowen Sound (populated place), Bowers (populated place), Bradford (populated place), Brandy Hill (populated place), Braudie Point (populated place), Braudies Point (populated place), Browns (populated place), Buckleys (populated place), Bullock Harbour (populated place), Bullocks Harbour (populated place), Bullocks Harbour Settlement (populated place), Burnt Ground (populated place), Burnt Ground Settlement (populated place)

> c

Cabbage Hill (populated place), Cabbage Point (populated place), Cabbage Point Settlement (populated place), Cable Beach (populated place), Cairey’s (populated place), Calabash Bay (populated place), Calvin Hill (populated place), Camperdown (populated place), Cargill Creek (populated place), Carmichael Village (populated place), Cartwright (populated place), Cedar Harbor (populated place), Cedar Harbour (populated place), Charokee Sound Settlement (populated place), Cherokee (populated place), Cherokee Settlement (populated place), Cherokee Sound (populated place), Cherokee Village (populated place), Cheroki Sound (populated place), Chesters (populated place), Church Grove (populated place), Clarence (populated place), Clarence Town (populated place), Clifton (populated place), Coakley Town (populated place), Coakly Town (populated place), Cockburn Town (populated place), Colebrooke Dale (populated place), Colebrooke Town (populated place), Colonel Hill (populated place), Conch Sound (populated place), Conch Sound (populated place), Congo Town (populated place), Cooper’s Town (populated place), Coral Harbor (populated place), Coral Harbour (populated place), Cornishtown (populated place), Cove (populated place), Cove Settlement (populated place), Creek Village (populated place), Cripple Hill (populated place), Crossing Rock Settlement (populated place), Crossing Rocks (populated place), Crown Haven (populated place), Cunningham (populated place), Current (populated place), Current Island Settlement (populated place), Current Settlement (populated place), Curtis (populated place)

> d

Davis Harbor (populated place), Davis Settlement (populated place), Deadmans Cay (populated place), Deadmans Cay Settlement (populated place), Deep Creek (populated place), Deep Creek (populated place), Deep Creek Settlement (populated place), Delancey Town (populated place), Delectable (populated place), Delectable Bay (populated place), Delectable Bay Settlement (populated place), Devil Point (populated place), Devil’s Point (populated place), Devil’s Point Settlement (populated place), Dixons (populated place), Doctor’s Creek (populated place), Douds (populated place), Douds Settlement (populated place), Driggs Hill (populated place), Driggs Hill Settlement (populated place), Dumfries (populated place), Dumfries Settlement (populated place), Duncan Town (populated place), Dundas Town (populated place), Dunmore (populated place), Dunmore Settlement (populated place), Dunmore Town (populated place)

> e

Eight Mile Rock (populated place), Evil Point (populated place)

> f

Fairfield (populated place), Farmers Hill Settlement (populated place), Farmer’s Hill (populated place), Farquharson (populated place), Fire Road Village (populated place), Forbes (populated place), Forbes Hill (populated place), Ford (populated place), Forest (populated place), Forest Settlement (populated place), Fortune Hill (populated place), Fox Town (populated place), Freeport (populated place), Freeport City (populated place), Freetown (populated place), Freetown (populated place), Freetown Settlement (populated place), French Wells (populated place), French Wells Settlement (populated place), Fresh Creek (populated place), Fresh Creek (populated place)

> g

Gaiters Settlement (populated place), Gaitor’s (populated place), Galloway Landing (populated place), Gambier Village (populated place), Georgetown (populated place), Gilbert Grant (populated place), Glenelg (populated place), Glenelg Settlement (populated place), Glintons (populated place), Golden Grove (populated place), Golden Grove (populated place), Goodwill (populated place), Gordons Settlement (populated place), Gordon’s (populated place), Governor Harbor (populated place), Governor Harbour (populated place), Governors Harbor (populated place), Governor’s Harbour (populated place), Grays (populated place), Great Guana Cay (populated place), Green Castle (populated place), Green Turtle Cay (populated place), Green Turtle Cay Settlement (populated place), Green Turtle Key (populated place), Green Turtle Village (populated place), Gregory Town (populated place)

> h

Halls Landing (populated place), Harbour Estate (populated place), Harbour Island (populated place), Hard Bargain (populated place), Hard Bargain (populated place), Hard Bargain (populated place), Hard Bargain (populated place), Hard Bargain Settlement (populated place), Hard Bargin (populated place), Hard Hill (populated place), Harts Bay Hill (populated place), Hartswell (populated place), Hatchet Bay (populated place), Hatchet Bay Limited Settlement (populated place), Hawks Nest (populated place), Hawksbill (populated place), Hermitage (populated place), High Rock (populated place), High Rock (populated place), High Rock Settlement (populated place), High Rock Village (populated place), High Rocks (populated place), Holdiday Track (populated place), Holmes Rock (populated place), Holmes Rock (populated place), Holmes’ Rock Village (populated place), Hope Estate (populated place), Hope Town (populated place), Hope Town Settlement (populated place), Hunter Settlement (populated place), Hunters (populated place)

> i

Industrious Hill (populated place), Industrious Hill Settlement (populated place)

> j

James Cistern (populated place), James’s Cistern (populated place), Jimmy Hill (populated place), John Millars (populated place)

> k

Kemps Bay (populated place), Kemps Bay Settlement (populated place), Kemps Point (populated place), Killarney (populated place), Knowles (populated place), Knowles Village (populated place)

> l

Landrail Point (populated place), Landrail Point Settlement (populated place), Lisbon Creek (populated place), Lisbon Creek Settlement (populated place), Little Bay (populated place), Little Bay Settlement (populated place), Little Creek (populated place), Little Farmers Cay (populated place), Long Bay (populated place), Louis Town (populated place), Love (populated place), Love Hill (populated place), Lovely Bay (populated place), Lowe Sound (populated place), Lower Bogue (populated place), Lower Deadman’s Cay (populated place), Lucaya (populated place)

> m

Macbride (populated place), Majors (populated place), Man of War Cay (populated place), Man of War Sound (populated place), Mangrove Bush (populated place), Mangrove Cay (populated place), Mangrove Cay Settlement (populated place), Markey (populated place), Mars Bay (populated place), Mars Bay Settlement (populated place), Marsh Harbor (populated place), Marsh Harbour (populated place), Martin Town (populated place), Masons Bay (populated place), Mastic Point (populated place), Mastic Point Settlement (populated place), Mathew Town (populated place), Matthew Town (populated place), Mc Bride (populated place), Mc Queens Settlement (populated place), McCanns (populated place), McKanns (populated place), McKenzie (populated place), McKenzie (populated place), McLeans Town (populated place), McQueens (populated place), Michelson (populated place), Millars (populated place), Millars (populated place), Miller (populated place), Miller Hill (populated place), Millers (populated place), Millers (populated place), Millers Hill (populated place), Millerton (populated place), Millerton Settlement (populated place), Minns (populated place), Mitchison (populated place), Montreal (populated place), Morant Bay (populated place), Morgan’s Bluff (populated place), Mortimers (populated place), Mortimers Settlement (populated place), Moss Town (populated place), Moss Town (populated place), Moss Town (populated place), Mount Hope (populated place), Mount Pleasant (populated place), Mount Thompson (populated place), Mount Thompson Settlement (populated place), Moxey Town (populated place), Murphy Town (populated place)

> n

Nassau Estate (populated place), New Bight (populated place), New Bight Settlement (populated place), New Plymouth (populated place), New Plymouth Town (populated place), New Portsmouth (populated place), New Portsmouth Settlement (populated place), New Town (populated place), Nicholls Town (populated place), Nicolls Town (populated place), Nicols Town (populated place), Norman Castle (populated place), Normans Castle (populated place), North Palmetto Point (populated place), North Palmetto Point Settlement (populated place)

> o

Old Bight (populated place), Old Grays (populated place), Old Place (populated place), Orange Creek (populated place), Orange Hill (populated place), Owens Town (populated place), O’Neils (populated place)

> p

Palmetto Point (populated place), Pelican Point (populated place), Pelican Point Settlement (populated place), Philippi Settlement (populated place), Pibder Point Settlement (populated place), Pinder Point (populated place), Pinders (populated place), Pinders Point (populated place), Pine Ridge (populated place), Pinefield (populated place), Pirate Well (populated place), Pirates Well (populated place), Pitts Town (populated place), Pitts Town Point (populated place), Polly Hill (populated place), Pompey Bay (populated place), Port Boyd (populated place), Port Boyd Settlement (populated place), Port Howe (populated place), Port Nelson (populated place), Pure Gold (populated place)

> q

Quarters (populated place)

> r

Ramsey (populated place), Ramsey’s (populated place), Reckley Hill (populated place), Red Bay (populated place), Red Bay Settlement (populated place), Red Bays (populated place), Richmond (populated place), Richmond Hill (populated place), Richmond Hill Settlement (populated place), Riding Rocks (populated place), Roakers (populated place), Roberts Town (populated place), Rock Sound (populated place), Rokers Point Settlement (populated place), Roker’s (populated place), Rolle Town (populated place), Rollesville (populated place), Rolletown (populated place), Rolleville (populated place), Roses (populated place), Roses Settlement (populated place), Roseville (populated place), Russell Town (populated place)

> s

Salina Point (populated place), Salina Point Settlement (populated place), Salt Pond (populated place), Salt Pond Settlement (populated place), Sam McKinnons (populated place), San Andros (populated place), San Andros Bahama Village (populated place), Sandilands Village (populated place), Sandy Point (populated place), Sandy Point Settlement (populated place), Savanna Sound (populated place), Savannah Sound (populated place), Savannah Sound Settlement (populated place), Scrub Hill (populated place), Scrub Hill (populated place), Sea Grape (populated place), Sea Grape Village (populated place), Seaview Settlement (populated place), Self Town (populated place), Seminets (populated place), Seymours Settlement (populated place), Seymour’s (populated place), Simms (populated place), Simms Settlement (populated place), Smith Bay (populated place), Smith Bay Settlement (populated place), Smith Point (populated place), Smiths Point Settlement (populated place), Smith’s Hill (populated place), Snake Cay (populated place), Snug Corner (populated place), South Palmetto Point (populated place), South Palmetto Point (populated place), South Palmetto Point Settlement (populated place), South Victoria Hill (populated place), Southeast Point (populated place), Southwest Point (populated place), Southwest Point (populated place), Spanish Wells (populated place), Spanish Wells Settlement (populated place), Spring City (populated place), Spring Point (populated place), Stafford (populated place), Stafford Creek (populated place), Staniard Creek (populated place), Staniard Creek Settlement (populated place), Stanyard Creek (populated place), Stella Maris (populated place), Stepentown (populated place), Stephenson (populated place), Stephenson Settlement (populated place), Stephentown (populated place), Stevens (populated place), Stevenston (populated place), Steventon (populated place), Stuart Manor (populated place), Sugar Loaf (populated place), Sugar Loaf (populated place), Sweeting Cay (populated place), Sweetings Village (populated place), Sweeting’s Cay Settlement (populated place)

> t

Taits (populated place), Tarpum Bay (populated place), Tarpum Bay Settlement (populated place), Tasculum (populated place), Tatnall (populated place), Tea Bay (populated place), Tea Bay Settlement (populated place), The Bight (populated place), The Bight (populated place), The Bight Settlement (populated place), The Bluff (populated place), The Bluff (populated place), The Bluff Settlement (populated place), The Charlton (populated place), The Current (populated place), The Ferry Settlement (populated place), The Forest (populated place), The Lot (populated place), The Lot Settlement (populated place), The Rock Cay (populated place), The Village (populated place), Thomas Town (populated place), Thurston Hill (populated place), Trial Farm (populated place), True Blue (populated place), Turnbull (populated place), Tusculum (populated place), Twin Lakes (populated place)

> u

United Estates (populated place), Upper Bogue (populated place)

> v

Victoria Hill (populated place), Victoria Hill (populated place), Victoria Village (populated place), Vincent Town (populated place)

> w

Water Cay (populated place), Water Cay Settlement (populated place), Waterford (populated place), Waterford Settlement (populated place), Waterloo (populated place), Wemyss (populated place), Wemyss (populated place), Wemyss Bight (populated place), Wemyss Settlement (populated place), Wemyss’s Bight (populated place), West End (populated place), West End Settlement (populated place), West Waterloo (populated place), Whitehouse (populated place), Whymms Bight (populated place), William Hope (populated place), William Town (populated place), Williams Town (populated place), William’s Town (populated place), Wilson City (populated place), Windermere (populated place), Winton (populated place), Wood Cay (populated place), Wood Cay Settlement (populated place)

> y

Yamacraw Beach Estate (populated place)

> z

Zanicles Settlement (populated place), Zion Hill (populated place)
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