Places in Australia that are classified waterfall(s)

> a

Agnes Falls (waterfall(s)), Alice Fall (waterfall(s)), Alice Falls (waterfall(s)), Aljon Falls (waterfall(s)), Appin Falls (waterfall(s)), Apsley Falls (waterfall(s))

> b

Barron Falls (waterfall(s)), Beedelup Falls (waterfall(s)), Belmore Falls (waterfall(s)), Bessie Falls (waterfall(s)), Bilboro Falls (waterfall(s)), Blackfellow Falls (waterfall(s)), Blackmans Falls (waterfall(s)), Blencoe Falls (waterfall(s)), Blue Creek Falls (waterfall(s)), Bridal Veil Falls (waterfall(s)), Budding Falls (waterfall(s)), Bulga Falls (waterfall(s)), Burdekin Falls (waterfall(s))

> c

Casey Falls (waterfall(s)), Crossing Falls (waterfall(s)), Crossing Falls (waterfall(s)), Cuthbertson Falls (waterfall(s))

> d

Dulcis Falls (waterfall(s))

> e

Edengerie Falls (waterfall(s)), Edith Falls (waterfall(s)), Ellenborough Falls (waterfall(s))

> f

Fortescue Falls (waterfall(s))

> g

Ginini Falls (waterfall(s)), Gladstone Falls (waterfall(s)), Gordon Falls (waterfall(s)), Gorge Falls (waterfall(s)), Gwyder Falls (waterfall(s))

> h

Hardys Falls (waterfall(s)), Havelock Falls (waterfall(s)), Herbert River Falls (waterfall(s)), Hidden Valley (waterfall(s)), Hidden Valley Falls (waterfall(s)), Horseshoe Falls (waterfall(s))

> i

Inukalen Cataract (waterfall(s))

> j

Joffre Falls (waterfall(s))

> k

Kareeya (waterfall(s)), Kathleen Falls (waterfall(s)), King Cascade (waterfall(s))

> l

Leichardt Falls (waterfall(s)), Loddon Falls (waterfall(s)), Lyals Falls (waterfall(s)), Lymburner Falls (waterfall(s))

> m

Maynards Falls (waterfall(s)), McConnell Falls (waterfall(s)), Minnamurra Falls (waterfall(s)), Minynon Falls (waterfall(s)), Mitchell Falls (waterfall(s)), Moochamullah Falls (waterfall(s)), Morans Falls (waterfall(s)), Murray Falls (waterfall(s)), Myra Falls (waterfall(s))

> n

Niagara Falls (waterfall(s))

> o

Olinda Falls (waterfall(s))

> p

Purling Brook Falls (waterfall(s))

> r

Red Falls (waterfall(s)), Reva Falls (waterfall(s)), Russells Falls (waterfall(s))

> s

Serpentine Falls (waterfall(s)), Seymour Falls (waterfall(s)), Sherbrook Falls (waterfall(s)), Sir John Falls (waterfall(s)), Smedleys Falls (waterfall(s)), Somersby Falls (waterfall(s)), Stairway Falls (waterfall(s))

> t

The Gordon Falls (waterfall(s)), Tia Falls (waterfall(s)), Tongarra Falls (waterfall(s)), Tully Falls (waterfall(s)), Tuross Falls (waterfall(s)), Twin Falls (waterfall(s))

> u

Undercliffe Falls (waterfall(s))

> w

Wellington Falls (waterfall(s)), Whitby Falls (waterfall(s)), White Falls (waterfall(s)), Wrights Falls (waterfall(s))

> y

Yabba Falls (waterfall(s)), Yawuriyarra Falls (waterfall(s))