raRadix Lagoon River (stream), Radix Point...">

Places in Trinidad And Tobago that begin with the letter "r"

> ra

Radix Lagoon River (stream), Radix Point (peninsula), Rambert (populated place), Rambert Village (populated place), Rampanagas Ravine (stream), Rampanagas Village (populated place), Rampanalgas (populated place), Rampanalgas River (stream), Ravin Anglais (populated place), Ravine Lizard (stream), Ravine Sable (stream), Ravine Sable (stream), Ravine Saint Blaise (stream), Raya del Carib (point)

> re

Red Cliff (cliff(s)), Red Hill (populated place), Red Point (point), Red Rocks (rocks), Red Rocks (rocks), Redhead (populated place), Redhead Village (populated place), Reefs Point (point), Reform (populated place), Reform Station (railroad station), Region of Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo (first-order administrative division), Region of Diego Martin (first-order administrative division), Region of Mayaro/Rio Claro (first-order administrative division), Region of Penal/Debe (first-order administrative division), Region of Princes Town (first-order administrative division), Region of San Juan/Laventille (first-order administrative division), Region of Sangre Grande (first-order administrative division), Region of Siparia (first-order administrative division), Region of Tunapuna/Piarco (first-order administrative division), Republic Bank (), Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (independent political entity), Rest House Ravine (stream), Rest House River (stream), Reyna Point (point)

> ri

Riche Plaine (populated place), Richmond (populated place), Richmond Bay (bay), Richmond Island (island), Richmond Islet (island), Richmond River (stream), Rincon (island), Rincon Island (island), Rio Barro (stream), Rio Claro (stream), Rio Claro (populated place), Rio de Couva (stream), Rio de Cuba (stream), Rio Grande (stream), Rio Grande (stream), Rio Negro (stream), Rio Negro Canal (canal), Rio Seco (stream), Rio Seco (stream), Rio Seco River (stream), Riseland (populated place), River Esperance (stream), River Oropuche (stream), River Tarouba (stream), River Tompire (stream), Riversdale (populated place), Rivulet River (stream)

> ro

Robert (populated place), Robinson Crusoe Hotel (hotel), Rochard Douglas Forest Reserve (forest reserve), Roches Blanches (rocks), Rock (island), Rock River (stream), Rockly Bay (bay), Rockly Vale (populated place), Rocky Point (point), Roja Point (point), Rosa Point (point), Roseau River (stream), Roselle (populated place), Rouge Ravine (stream), Rouge River (stream), Roussillac (populated place), Roussillac River (stream), Roussillac Settlement (populated place), Roussillac Swamp (swamp), Roxborough (populated place), Roxborough Bay (bay), Roxborough River (stream), Roxborough Rock (rock), Roxborough Village (populated place)

> ru

Runnemede (populated place), Runnymede (populated place), Rushville (populated place), Rusts Bay (bay)