paPasse Houareau (channel)> pePelican Island...">

Places in Seychelles that begin with the letter "p"

> pa

Passe Houareau (channel)

> pe

Pelican Island (island), Pelican islet (island), Petit Boileau (rock), Petit Gouvernement (cove(s)), Petit Gouvernment (cove(s)), Petit Paris (point), Petite Boileau (rock), Petite Île (island), Petite Marie Louise (cove(s)), Petite Paris (point), Petite Police (cove(s)), Petite Sœur (island)

> pi

Pilot Patches (reef(s)), Piton de Lebouli (mountain), Piton Jean Marie (hill)

> pl

Plaisance (first-order administrative division), Platte Island (island)

> po

Point au Sel (point), Point Capucin (point), Point La Roe (point), Point La Rue (point), Point Lazare (point), Point Maravi (point), Point Matoopa (cape), Pointe Cabris (point), Pointe Caimant (point), Pointe Capacins (point), Pointe Capucins (point), Pointe Cascade (point), Pointe Chevalier (point), Pointe Cocos (point), Pointe Colette (point), Pointe Conan (point), Pointe Conan River (stream), Pointe du Sud (cape), Pointe Golette (point), Pointe La Rue (first-order administrative division), Pointe Larue (first-order administrative division), Pointe Lazare (point), Pointe Maravi (point), Pointe Police (point), Pointe Rouge (point), Pointe Zanguilles (point), Poivre Islands (islands), Poivre islets (islands), Police Bay (bay), Police Point (point), Polymnie Island (island), Port Claud (bay), Port Glace (bay), Port Glaud (first-order administrative division), Port Glaud (bay), Port Glaud (populated place), Port Launay (bay), Port Ternay (bay), Port Victoria (harbor(s)), Port Victoria (captial of a country (pcld, pclf, pcli, pcls)), Poule Island (island), Poule Islet (island), Poules Bleu (bay)

> pr

Praslin (island), Praslin Island (island), Providence Group (atoll(s)), Providence Island (island), Providence Reef (reef(s))

> py

Pyramid Rock (rock)