paPalmetto Bay (bay), Palmetto Point...">

Places in Saint Kitts And Nevis that begin with the letter "p"

> pa

Palmetto Bay (bay), Palmetto Point (point), Paradise (estate(s)), Paradise Estate (estate(s)), Parish Land (estate(s)), Parish of Saint John Brown Hill (first-order administrative division), Parris (estate(s)), Parriss (estate(s)), Parrys Village (populated place), Parry’s (populated place), Parsons Gut (intermittent stream), Parsons’ Estate (sugar plantation), Parson’s (sugar plantation), Parson’s Ghut (intermittent stream), Parson’s Ground (populated place), Parson’s Village (populated place)

> pe

Pelham River (intermittent stream), Pelhams River (intermittent stream), Pembroke (populated locality), Pembroke (estate(s)), Pembroke Estate (estate(s)), Perry (populated place)

> ph

Phillips (estate(s)), Phillips (populated place), Phillips Level (plain(s)), Phillips Village (populated place), Phipps (estate(s))

> pi

Pinneys (estate(s)), Pinneys Beach (beach), Pinney’s (estate(s)), Pinney’s Estate (estate(s))

> po

Pogson (estate(s)), Pogsons Gut (intermittent stream), Pogson’s (estate(s)), Pointe de Sable (point), Poldock (estate(s)), Pond Estate (estate(s)), Pond Hill (populated locality), Potatoe Bay (bay), Potwork (estate(s)), Potwork Estate (estate(s)), Powel (estate(s)), Powells Estate (estate(s)), Powell’s (estate(s)), Powel’s (estate(s))

> pr

Presidency of Saint Christopher-Nevis (independent political entity), Presidency of Saint Kitts-Nevis (independent political entity), Profit (estate(s)), Profit Estate (estate(s)), Profits (estate(s)), Prophet (estate(s)), Prospect (estate(s)), Prospect Estate (estate(s))

> pu

Pump Bay (bay), Pump Estate (estate(s))