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Places in Serbia that begin with the letter "t"

> ta

Tabačka Kosa (mountain), Tabakovac (populated place), Tabakovača Reka (railroad station), Tabaković (hill), Tabalija (populated place), Tabalije (populated place), Tabanovac (populated place), Tabanovačka Reka (stream), Tabanović (populated place), Tabanović (populated place), Tabanovići (populated place), Tabla (locality), Taborište (locality), Taborište (locality), Taborište (locality), Tačevac (populated place), Tačevačka Reka (stream), Tadenje (populated place), Tadenje (populated locality), Tadića Greda (locality), Tadići (populated place), Tadići (populated place), Tadići (populated place), Tadići (populated place), Tadići (populated place), Tadići (populated place), Tahibra-Mahala (populated place), Tahirovići (populated place), Taj Potok (stream), Tajirovići (populated place), Tajski Potok (stream), Tajski Vrh (mountain), Takoljin (locality), Takova (populated place), Takovo (populated place), Takovo (area), Takovo (populated place), Takovska Glava (mountain), Talambas (locality), Talambas (mountain), Talaševača (locality), Talbotina (populated place), Talovina (locality), Tamásfalva (populated place), Tamáslaka (populated place), Tamiš (stream), Tamnava (region), Tamnava (locality), Tamnava (locality), Tamnava (stream), Tamnava (populated place), Tamnavska Mala (populated place), Tamnič (populated place), Tamnički Potok (stream), Tamnjanica (populated place), Tananin Salaš (farm), Tanaskovići (populated place), Tanaskovina (hill), Tanaskovina (locality), Tanda (populated place), Tanka Kosa (ridge(s)), Tanka Kosa (spur(s)), Tanka Rtina (populated place), Tanki Deo (hill), Tanki Rid (populated place), Tankosin Grob (tomb(s)), Tannenschütz (populated place), Tanovići (populated place), Tanurac (mountain), Taor (populated locality), Tapavica (stream), Tapavica (locality), Tapavice (locality), Tapino Brdo (hill), Tara (stream), Tara (mountains), Tara Planina (mountains), Tarabanje (populated place), Tarabića Brdo (mountain), Tarabići (populated place), Tarajiš (populated place), Tarajiš (populated place), Taralja (locality), Taramanska Čuka (hill), Taraš (populated place), Tárcsó (populated place), Tarras (populated place), Taševo (populated locality), Tašići (populated place), Tasin Kladenac (spring(s)), Taskovići (populated place), Tašlak (hill), Tatalova Voda (spring(s)), Tatarčevo (hill), Tatarin (locality), Tatarska Lipa (locality), Tatarska Mahala (populated place), Tatarski Vis (peak), Tatići (populated place), Tatiljakov Salaš (farm), Tatinac (populated place), Tatinac (populated place), Tatrasnica (populated place), Tatratica (populated place), Taurunum (populated place), Tauzovac (locality), Tauzovac (stream), Tavan (hill), Tavančić (hill), Tavančići (locality), Tavani (locality), Tavankut (populated place), Tavankut (hill), Tavnik (populated locality), Tavnik (populated place), Tavtić (stream), Tavtić Mala (populated place)

> te

Teaor (populated locality), Tečaja (locality), Tečić (populated place), Tečić (populated place), Tederica (mountain), Teferić (hills), Teferić (populated locality), Tegošnica (stream), Tegovište (populated locality), Tejići (populated place), Tekeriš (populated locality), Tekija (populated place), Tekija (populated place), Tekija (mountain), Tekija (locality), Tekija (populated place), Tekuća Bara (locality), Telečka (populated place), Telecska (populated place), Telek (locality), Telešica (locality), Teletschka (populated place), Teljigar (hill), Telovac (populated place), Temerin (populated place), Temerin (first-order administrative division), Temes-Kubin (populated place), Temes-Kutas (populated place), Temes-Miklós (populated place), Temes-Paulis (populated place), Temes-Strazsa (populated place), Temes-Varálja (populated place), Temeschkubin (populated place), Temesőr (populated place), Temespaulis (populated place), Temessziget (populated place), Temesszőllős (populated place), Temesszőlős (populated place), Temesvajkóc (populated place), Temesváralja (populated place), Temije (locality), Temiski Kutas (populated place), Temiški Pavliš (populated place), Temkarci (populated place), Temn (area), Temnić (area), Temnic (area), Temska (stream), Temska (populated place), Temštica (stream), Tenjkovo (populated place), Tenjovići (populated place), Tenkovo (populated place), Tentarska Reka (stream), Teočin (populated place), Teofilevići (populated place), Tepavac (populated place), Tepe (peak), Tepe (hill), Tepe (hill), Tepeče (populated locality), Tepeči (populated locality), Tepek (mountain), Teprč (mountain), Terezina Hum (hill), Tërnavë (populated place), Tërnovci i Madh (populated place), Tërstena (populated locality), Tërstenë (populated locality), Terzića Mala (populated place), Terzići (populated place), Terzići (populated place), Terzići (populated place), Terzići (populated place), Teržići (populated place), Terzijska Mahala (populated place), Terzinci (populated place), Terzinci (populated place), Terzisko (locality), Tesanonik (ridge(s)), Tešanovića Mala (populated place), Tešica (populated place), Tešića Potok (stream), Tešići (populated place), Tešići (populated place), Tesna Padina (valley), Tešovića Kosa (ridge(s)), Tesoviška Reka (stream), Tesovište (populated place), Tetaja (mountain), Tetaje (mountain), Tetinska Reka (stream), Tetöl (populated place), Tetrebica (populated place), Tetrebište (hill), Tetrebovac (mountain), Tetrebovo (hill), Tetrebovo Polje (plain(s)), Teveridžište (hill), Tezga (populated place)

> th

Theisshügel (populated place), Theresien Kanal (canal), Theresienring (populated place), Theresiopel (populated place), Thomasberg (populated place)

> ti

Tibuška Reka (stream), Tibužde (populated locality), Ticar (locality), Tičetica (mountain), Tićevac (populated place), Tičija Glava (hill), Tičije Polje (populated place), Ticje Polje (populated place), Tiganj (locality), Tiganjac (slope(s)), Tija (stream), Tijanje (populated place), Tijanjska Reka (stream), Tijelovac (populated place), Tijovac (populated place), Tijovac (populated place), Tika Njagra (mountain), Tikotina Voda (spring(s)), Tikva (mountain), Tikva (mountain), Tikva (populated place), Tikva (populated place), Tikvar (locality), Tikvara (locality), Tilingerov Salaš (farm), Tilova Čukara (peak), Tilva (peak), Tilva Besmić (peak), Tilva Gola (peak), Tilva Kolumja (mountain), Tilva ku Čekvar (mountain), Tilva Ku Mastakana (peak), Tilva Kučisu (hill), Tilva Kumostaku (peak), Tilva Meil (mountain), Tilva Mik (peak), Tilva Mošuli (peak), Tilva Njagra (mountain), Tilva Njalta (mountain), Tilva Njalta (peak), Tilva Skoruša (hill), Tilva Tome (mountain), Tilva Uroša (mountain), Timiş (stream), Timiş (stream), Timočka Krajina (region), Timok (stream), Timok (stream), Timotijevići (populated place), Timotijići (populated place), Tioce (populated place), Tiodže (populated place), Tioštica (populated place), Tiovac (populated place), Tiovica (mountain), Tipac (hill), Tisa (stream), Tisa (anabranch), Tisa Sent Mikloš (populated place), Tisasentmikluš (populated place), Tisavica (locality), Tisiće (populated place), Tisin Vrh (mountain), Tisnica (stream), Tisova Glavica (mountain), Tisovac (locality), Tisovac (mountain), Tisovac (mountain), Tisovica (populated locality), Tisovica (stream), Tisovik (stream), Tisovik (mountain), Tisovo Brdo (mountain), Tisovo Brdo (hill), Tisza (stream), Tisza-Földvár (populated place), Tiszahegyes (populated place), Tiszaistvánfalva (populated place), Tiszakálmánfalva (populated place), Tiszaszentmiklós (populated place), Tiszatarros (populated place), Titel (first-order administrative division), Titel (railroad station), Titel (populated place), Titelski Breg (hill), Titerovac (mountain), Titma (mountain), Titöl (populated place), Titov Vrbas (populated place), Titovo Užiće (railroad station), Titovo Užice (populated place), Tittel (populated place), Titul (populated place), Titulium (populated place)

> tl

Tlačina (populated place), Tlasti Del (locality)

> tm

Tmajevac (stream), Tmajevac (locality), Tmajevačka Reka (stream), Tmava (populated locality), Tmavska Čuka (mountain), Tmavska Reka (stream), Tmavski Brdani (populated place), Tmuša (hill), Tmuša (stream)

> to

Toba (populated place), Tóba (populated place), Tobolac (populated place), Tobolac (populated place), Tobolica (hill), Točak (well), Točak (hill), Točak (locality), Točak (spring(s)), Točak (locality), Točak (intermittent stream), Točak (populated place), Točak (spring(s)), Točila (spring(s)), Točilo (locality), Točilo (mountain), Točilova Glava (mountain), Točilovo (populated place), Točilovo (populated place), Točkova Bara (marsh(es)), Točkovica (populated place), Točkovo br. (hill), Točurnica (spring(s)), Todića Mala (populated place), Todorica (populated place), Todorići (populated place), Todorin Do (populated place), Todorin Dol (populated place), Todorov Brdo (peak), Todorov Salaš (farm), Todorov Salaš (farm), Todorova Krečana (locality), Todorova Reka (stream), Todorova Straža (hill), Todorovce (populated place), Todorovića Brdo (hill), Todorovića Kraj (populated place), Todorovića Mala (populated place), Todorovići (populated place), Todorovići (populated place), Todorovići (populated place), Todorovići (populated place), Todorovići (populated place), Todosina Pećina (cave(s)), Togočevce (populated place), Togočevci (populated place), Togoševci (populated place), Tolačka Reka (stream), Tolačko Brdo (hill), Tolambiš (hill), Toletina (mountain), Tolić (populated place), Tolinci (locality), Tolisavac (populated locality), Tolisnica (locality), Tolisnica (stream), Tolišnica (populated locality), Toljevac (populated place), Tomanići (populated place), Tomanići (populated place), Tomanija (mountain), Tomanj (populated place), Tomanovićevo (populated place), Tomaschewatz (populated place), Tomaševac (railroad station), Tomaševac (populated place), Tomasevácz (populated place), Tomaševci (populated place), Tomaševići (populated place), Tomaševići (populated place), Tomasovacz (populated place), Tomassovacz (populated place), Tomića Brdo (railroad station), Tomića Brdo (hill), Tomiće (populated place), Tomići (populated place), Tomići (populated place), Tomići (populated place), Tomići (populated place), Tomići (populated place), Tomići (populated place), Tomići (populated place), Tomići (populated place), Tomići (populated place), Tomilice (populated place), Tomin Grob (hill), Tomin Kamen (cliff(s)), Tomin Vrh (peak), Tominac (populated place), Tomino Brdo (mountain), Tomislavci (populated place), Tomonj (populated place), Tomori Dustara (locality), Tomori Pustara (locality), Tomsdorf (populated place), Tonijev Salaš (farm), Tonjak (locality), Tonjska Mala (populated place), Top (locality), Topali Potok (intermittent stream), Topalovića Kraj (populated place), Topalovići (populated place), Topalovići (populated locality), Topalovići (populated place), Topalovina (populated place), Topalskog Salaš (farm), Topanička Reka (stream), Topchi Dere (hill), Topčider (hill), Topčider (locality), Topčiderska Rijeka (stream), Topčidersko Brdo (hill), Topla (populated place), Toplac (populated locality), Topli Do (populated locality), Topli Do (populated place), Topli Do (valley), Topli Dol (stream), Topli Dol (populated locality), Topli Dol (populated place), Toplica (stream), Toplica (stream), Toplica (administrative division), Toplica (area), Toplica (stream), Toplicë (area), Toplicë (stream), Toplički Okrug (administrative division), Toplik (intermittent stream), Toplik (stream), Toplik (stream), Toplište (locality), Topljačka Kosa (spur(s)), Toplodolska Reka (stream), Topola (populated place), Topola (first-order administrative division), Topola (locality), Topola (locality), Topola (populated place), Topola (locality), Topola (locality), Topola (mountain), Topola (populated place), Topola Kragujevačka (populated place), Topolčine (locality), Topoljak (locality), Topoljak (spur(s)), Topoljak (locality), Topoljak Slivice (hill), Topolje (locality), Topolnica (populated place), Topolo (populated place), Topolova Humka (hill), Topolova Reka (stream), Topolovac (populated place), Topolovac (populated locality), Topolovački Potok (stream), Topolovnik (populated place), Topolski Rid (ridge(s)), Topolya (populated place), Topolya (populated place), Toponica (railroad station), Toponica (hills), Toponica (ridge(s)), Toponica (populated place), Toponica (populated place), Toponica (populated place), Toponica (populated place), Toponica (populated place), Toponička Kosa (ridge(s)), Toponička Reka (stream), Toponička Reka (stream), Toponička Reka (stream)
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