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Places in Serbia that begin with the letter "p"

> pa

Pačaradja (populated place), Paćarak (populated place), Pačarađa (populated place), Pačarez (locality), Pačarizi (populated place), Pačavrići (populated place), Pačevina (populated place), Pačin Kik (peak), Pačir (populated place), Pacsér (populated place), Pačukovi (populated place), Padalište (locality), Padalište (locality), Padalište (locality), Padalište (locality), Padalište (locality), Padalište (locality), Padalište (locality), Padalište (populated place), Padé (populated place), Padej (populated place), Padeljica (peak), Padež (populated place), Padež (populated place), Padež (populated locality), Padina (slope(s)), Padina (slope(s)), Padina (valley), Padina (valley), Padina (depression(s)), Padina (locality), Padina (depression(s)), Padina (slope(s)), Padina (spur(s)), Padina (populated place), Padina (populated place), Padina (populated place), Padinari (populated place), Padine (slope(s)), Padine (slope(s)), Padine (locality), Padine (populated place), Padine (locality), Padinska Skela (populated place), Padinska Šuma (locality), Padiški Potok (stream), Padište (populated place), Padište (populated locality), Padište (populated place), Padujevac (locality), Paestorci (populated place), Paijka (populated place), Paitljivci (populated place), Pajazitovo (populated place), Pajčin Potok (stream), Pajčina Reka (stream), Pajež (populated place), Pajić (populated place), Pajić Livade (locality), Pajići (populated place), Pajići (populated place), Pajići (populated place), Pajin Potok (intermittent stream), Pajkovac (locality), Pajkovac (populated place), Pajkovača (populated place), Pajkovača (mountain), Pajkovo Brdo (hill), Pajova Glava (mountain), Pajovići (populated place), Pajovići (populated place), Pajsak (populated place), Pajsi Potok (populated locality), Pajsijević (populated locality), Pakašnica (populated place), Paklenik (populated place), Pakleš (locality), Pakleška Strana (slope(s)), Pakleški Potok (intermittent stream), Pakleštica (populated place), Pakline (populated place), Paklje (populated place), Paklje (populated locality), Pakljica (stream), Pako (locality), Pakovrače (populated place), Palančki Rit (marsh(es)), Palánk (populated place), Palánka (populated place), Palanka (populated place), Palanka (populated place), Palanka (stream), Palanka (populated place), Palanka Smederevska (populated place), Palanski Čukar (ridge(s)), Palašić (hill), Paleš (mountain), Palež (populated place), Palež (populated place), Palež (populated place), Palež (hill), Palež (locality), Palež (locality), Palež (mountain), Palež (mountain), Palež (mountain), Palež (locality), Palež (locality), Paleži (locality), Paležnica (populated place), Pali (populated place), Palibrci (populated locality), Palić (populated place), Palića Jezero (lake), Palićko Jezero (lake), Palics (populated place), Palicsfürdő (populated place), Palicsitó (lake), Palićsko Jezero (lake), Paligorac (peak), Paligrace (populated place), Palikuća (populated place), Palilula (populated place), Palilula (second-order administrative division), Palilula (section of populated place), Palilula (populated place), Palilula (populated place), Palin Do (valley), Palisad (populated place), Palisat (populated place), Palja (populated place), Palja (border post), Palja Glava (hill), Paljane (populated place), Palješnica (populated place), Palješnica (populated locality), Palještica (populated place), Paljevina (locality), Paljevina (locality), Paljevina (hill), Paljevina (locality), Paljevina (locality), Paljevine (stream), Paljevine (locality), Paljevine (locality), Paljevine (locality), Paljevine (locality), Paljevine (populated place), Paljevine (locality), Paljevine (hill), Paljevo (populated locality), Paljevo (populated place), Paljevska Reka (stream), Paljevsko Polje (locality), Paljevštica (stream), Paljevštica (populated locality), Paljike (locality), Paljina (populated place), Paljuvi (populated place), Palojce (populated place), Palojci (populated place), Palona (populated place), Palučak (stream), Palučje (mountain), Pambukovica (populated place), Pametina (populated place), Panarija (populated place), Pančevo (first-order administrative division), Pančevo (populated place), Pančevo (populated place), Pančicev Vrh (mountain), Pančin Grob (mountain), Pančina (locality), Pančina (mountain), Panciova (populated place), Pancsal (populated place), Pancsaly (populated place), Pancsova (populated place), Pandurica (hill), Pandurska Voda (spring(s)), Pandžin Grob (mountain), Pane (locality), Panevlje (populated place), Panići (populated place), Panići (populated place), Panići (populated place), Panići (populated place), Panići (populated place), Panići (populated place), Panickog Salaš (farm), Panjak (locality), Panjak (populated place), Panjak (populated locality), Panjevac (populated place), Panjevac (populated place), Panjevačka Kosa (ridge(s)), Panjevačka Reka (stream), Panjevačko Brdo (mountain), Panjeve (hill), Panjevi (locality), Panjevi (locality), Panjevi (locality), Panjevica (populated place), Panjevlje (populated place), Panjica (stream), Panjik (locality), Panjik (locality), Panjkonac (populated place), Panjozl (locality), Pankovo (populated place), Panojeviće (populated place), Panovača (locality), Panovići (populated place), Panovići (populated place), Pantelevac (mountain), Pantelići (populated place), Pantelići (populated place), Pantelići (populated place), Pantelići (populated place), Pantića Mala (populated place), Pantića Vis (peak), Pantići (populated place), Pantići (populated place), Pantićka Mala (populated place), Pantovići (populated place), Pantovići (populated place), Pantschowa (populated place), Papad (locality), Papaunko Deo (slope(s)), Pape (peak), Papiča Krš (mountain), Papiće (populated place), Papici (populated place), Papići (populated place), Papovača (locality), Papradljivica (slope(s)), Papratiška Reka (stream), Papratište (populated place), Papratna (mountain), Papratna (mountain), Papratna (locality), Papratna (populated place), Papratna (mountain), Papratna Cava (slope(s)), Papratska Reka (stream), Paprikonji (populated place), Papulje (populated place), Parabuć (populated place), Parabutsch (populated place), Parabuty (populated place), Parač (ridge(s)), Paraći (populated place), Paraćin (first-order administrative division), Paraćin (populated place), Parada (populated place), Paradani (populated place), Parage (railroad station), Parage (populated place), Paraj Brdo (slope(s)), Paralovac (populated place), Paralovo (populated locality), Paralovo (populated locality), Paramum (populated place), Paramun (populated place), Paraput (populated place), Parašinci (locality), Parašnica (locality), Parašnica (locality), Paraspur (intermittent stream), Parcane (populated place), Parcani (populated place), Parcanski Potok (stream), Parcanski Vis (mountain), Parčin (populated place), Pardan (populated place), Pardanj (populated place), Párdány (populated place), Pardička Reka (stream), Pardik (populated place), Parduse (populated place), Parduška Reka (stream), Paresije (populated place), Parevica (mountain), Parezani (populated place), Parezani (populated place), Pariguz (stream), Parikoža (hill), Paripás (populated place), Parlog (populated place), Parlog (locality), Parlog (hill), Parlog (hill), Parlog (hill), Parlog (locality), Parlog (locality), Parlog (hill), Parlog (slope(s)), Parlog (populated locality), Parlojze (locality), Parloz (locality), Parlozi (hill), Parlozi (locality), Parlozi (locality), Parlozi (locality), Parlozi (locality), Parlozi (hill), Parlozi (locality), Parlozi (locality), Parmački Rid (spur(s)), Parmenac (populated place), Paroštica (populated locality), Parove Glave (hills), Parrag (populated place), Párta (populated place), Parta (populated place), Partha (populated place), Partizani (populated place), Partizanska Česma (spring(s)), Partizanska Kolibe (huts), Partizanska Voda (populated place), Partizanske Vode (populated place), Partizanske Vode sa Palisadom (populated place), Partljevica (populated place), Parunovac (populated place), Pasak (peak), Pasak Vis (peak), Pašićevo (populated place), Pašin Deo (locality), Pašina Ravan (locality), Pašinac (locality), Pašinac (populated place), Pašine (locality), Pašino Polje (populated place), Pasipoljana (populated place), Pašište (locality), Pasja Kosa (ridge(s)), Pasja Poljana (populated place), Pasja Stena (ridge(s)), Pasjač (populated place), Pasjača (populated place), Pasjača (mountain), Pasjača (populated place), Pasjača (mountain), Pasjača (populated place), Pasjača Planina (mountain), Pasjaçë (mountain), Pasjacka Reka (stream), Pasjaćki Potok (stream), Pasjak (populated place), Pasji Potok (populated locality), Paskas (populated place), Paskašija (populated place), Paskova (populated place), Paskovac (populated place), Paskovita Humka (hill), Pašnjaci (locality), Pašnjak (locality), Paštrić (populated place), Pastrvnik (stream), Pasuće Polje (locality), Pasuljanske Livade (grazing area), Pasuljište (populated place), Pasuljište (locality), Pasuljište (locality), Patarica (mountain), Patena Sirča (populated place), Patulu Avramu (hill), Paučina (populated place), Paune (populated place), Paunkovci (populated place), Paunova Njiva (locality), Paunovići (populated place), Paunovići (populated place), Paunovići (populated place), Paunovo Blato (locality), Pauša (stream), Pavaštica (populated place), Pavčina (locality), Pavdunica (hill), Pavićevac (populated place), Pavina Anta (locality), Pavitina (mountain), Pavitnjaci (populated place), Pavitnjaci (populated place), Pavkov Bair (slope(s)), Pavlica (populated locality), Pavličane (populated place), Pavličina (populated place), Pavličine (populated place), Pavlićska Mala (populated place), Pavliš (populated place), Pavlje (populated locality), Pavlov Bardak (slope(s)), Pavlov Breg (hill), Pavlov Do (valley), Pavlov Lug (locality), Pavlova Čuka (hill), Pavlova Glava (mountain), Pavlova Glava (mountain), Pavlova Glavica (mountain), Pavlova Glavica (mountain), Pavlovac (populated place), Pavlovac (hill), Pavlovac (locality), Pavlovac (populated place), Pavlovac (populated place), Pavlovac (populated place), Pavlovača (marsh(es)), Pavlovačka Reka (stream), Pavlovca (hill), Pavlovce (populated place), Pavlovci (populated place), Pavlovci (locality), Pavlovci (populated place), Pavlovci (populated place), Pavlovci (populated place), Pavlovcze (populated place), Pavlovczi (populated place), Pavlovgrad (populated place), Pavlovića Brdo (mountain), Pavlovića Brod (populated place), Pavlovića Sokak (populated place), Pavlovića Šor (populated place), Pavlovići (populated place), Pavlovići (populated place), Pavlovići (populated place), Pavlovići (populated place), Pavlovici (populated place), Pavlovići (populated place), Pavlovići (populated place), Pavlovo (populated place), Pavlovo Brdo (populated place), Pavlovo Ečka (populated place), Pavlovska Mala (populated place), Pavunkovci (populated place), Pavunov Del (ridge(s)), Pažar (locality), Pažar (locality), Pažar (populated place), Pazari i Ri (populated place), Pažarska Brdo (hill), Pazlake (locality), Pazua (populated place), Pađine (hill)

> pč

Pčela (rock), Pčelara (locality), Pčeličara (locality), Pčelinjak (locality), Pčelinska Reka (stream), Pčinja (stream), Pčinja (stream), Pčinja (administrative division), Pčinja (locality)

> pc

Pçinjë (stream)

> pč

Pčinjski Okrug (administrative division)

> pe

Pear (populated place), Pec (populated place), Peć (slope(s)), Pećanci (populated place), Pećanci (populated place), Pećanci (populated place), Pećani (populated place), Pećani Rt (hill), Pečanica (populated place), Pečano Bilo (ridge(s)), Pećansko Brdo (hill), Pećara (cave(s)), Pećarani (populated place), Pecari (populated place), Pečavnica (stream), Pečena (populated locality), Pečenac (locality), Pečeni Grob (ridge(s)), Pečenice (populated place), Pečenjevce (populated place), Pečenjevce (railroad station), Pečenjevci (populated place), Pečeno (populated locality), Pečeno Brdo (hill), Pečenog (populated locality), Pečenoge (populated locality), Pećin Bunar (locality), Pećina (populated place), Pećinari (populated place), Pećinci (first-order administrative division), Pećinci (populated place), Pećine (hill), Pecine (mountain), Pečine (populated locality), Pećine (cave(s)), Pećinei (populated place), Pećini (populated place), Pečinovci (populated place), Pećinski Potok (stream), Pecka (populated place), Pecka (stream), Peckovo Brdo (spur(s)), Pečura (cave(s)), Pečurnjak (locality), Pečurska Kosa (ridge(s))
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