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Places in Serbia that begin with the letter "m"

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Maala Šimšir (populated place), Mačak (peak), Macan (populated place), Maćanci (populated place), Mačanda (hill), Mačani (populated place), Macanin Grob (locality), Macanska Reka (stream), Maće (mountain), Maće (populated locality), Maćedonce (populated locality), Maćedonce Retkocersko (populated locality), Maćedonce Retkocersko (populated locality), Maćedonci (populated locality), Maček (mountain), Mačevac (populated place), Maćevina (populated place), Maćevine (populated place), Mači Potok (stream), Maćići (populated place), Maćija (peak), Maćija (populated place), Macin Kamen (hill), Mačina (populated place), Macina Obložina (locality), Mačište (locality), Maćja (populated place), Mačja Stena (populated locality), Mačka Reka (stream), Mačkalovica (locality), Mačkari (populated place), Mačkat (populated place), Mačkatica (populated locality), Mačkov Kamen (mountain), Mačkov Prud (bar), Mačkova Stena (mountain), Mačkovac (populated place), Mačkovac (locality), Mačkovac (ridge(s)), Mackovac (mountain), Mačkovac (hill), Mačkovac (populated place), Mačkovac (mountain), Mačkovac (locality), Mačkovac (populated place), Mačkovačko Brdo (mountain), Mačkovica (mountain), Mačonik (populated place), Mačornica (mountain), Macovica (locality), Mačužići (populated place), Mačužići (populated place), Mačva (region), Mačva (administrative division), Mačvanska Mitrovica (populated place), Mačvanski Okrug (administrative division), Mačvanski Pričinović (populated place), Madani (locality), Madare (populated place), Madarski Potok (stream), Madenovska Mahala (populated place), Madjare (populated locality), Madjarmajdan (populated place), Madjere (populated place), Madjere (populated place), Madjere (populated locality), Madljika (peak), Madžarev Potok (stream), Madžari (populated place), Madžarka (spur(s)), Madžunovići (populated place), Magarački Vrh (spur(s)), Magare (spur(s)), Magareče Brdo (hill), Magareči Samar (mountain), Magareci Vrh (ridge(s)), Magarinje (populated place), Magaš (populated place), Magaševac (stream), Magaška Reka (stream), Magila (mountain), Magistrat (locality), Maglašnica (stream), Maglen (mountain), Maglena Čuka (hill), Maglić (populated place), Maglić (locality), Maglič (populated place), Maglić (mountain), Maglješ Planina (mountain), Maglovac (hill), Magnohrom (populated place), Magolj (hill), Magoš (populated place), Magovo (populated place), Magudica (populated place), Magura (populated place), Magyar-Czerna (populated place), Magyar-Czernya (populated place), Magyar-Ittebe (populated place), Magyar-Párdány (populated place), Magyarcsernye (populated place), Magyarittabé (populated place), Magyarkanizsa (populated place), Magyarmajdán (populated place), Magyarpadé (populated place), Magyarszentmihály (populated place), Mahadžirska Mahala (populated place), Mahala (populated place), Mahala Kovačevci (populated place), Mahanjići (populated place), Mahnita Ravan (locality), Mailovići (populated place), Maja Ajtit (mountain), Maja Aljit (mountain), Maja Bašit (mountain), Maja Brainë (mountain), Maja Brajina (mountain), Maja Bunar (peak), Maja e Argjendë (mountain), Maja e Hijes (hill), Maja e Kallabakut (mountain), Maja e Kesulë e Prifti (mountain), Maja e Krajljices (peak), Maja e Kralicës (peak), Maja e Majat (hill), Maja e Male (mountain), Maja e Padinës (peak), Maja e Vogelj (mountain), Maja e Zezë (mountain), Maja Hijes (hill), Maja Made (mountain), Maja Majat (hill), Maja Moljikes (mountain), Maja Motikes (mountain), Maja Padina (peak), Maja Prisojt (mountain), Maja Zabel (mountain), Maja Zabelj (mountain), Maja Zeze (patrol post), Majdaci (populated place), Majdan (populated place), Majdan (populated place), Majdán (populated place), Majdan (locality), Majdan (locality), Majdan (mountains), Majdan (spur(s)), Majdan (populated place), Majdan (peak), Majdan Brdo (hill), Majdan Planina (mountains), Majdani (mountain), Majdanpek (first-order administrative division), Majdanpek (populated place), Majdanska Šuma (forest(s)), Majdány (populated place), Majdevo (populated place), Majerov Salaš (farm), Majilovac (populated place), Majilovac (railroad station), Majinović (populated locality), Majinovići (populated locality), Majka Angelina (church), Majkovac (populated place), Majlovac (populated place), Majnikovci (spur(s)), Majorsko Čukle (mountain), Majstorovića Mala (populated place), Majstorovići (populated place), Majstoroviči (populated place), Majstorski Deo (locality), Majur (locality), Majur (locality), Majur (populated place), Majur (populated place), Majur (populated place), Majurište (locality), Makce (populated place), Makci (populated place), Make (locality), Makevići (populated place), Makićevo Brdo (hill), Makina Mahala (populated place), Makiš (area), Makiš (locality), Makovac (stream), Makovica (mountains), Makovišta (populated place), Makovište (populated place), Makovište (hill), Makrešanac (ridge(s)), Makrešane (populated place), Makrešani (populated place), Makriš (stream), Makršane (populated place), Maksićevina (locality), Makšići (populated place), Maksićka Čuka (peak), Maksimovića Salaš (farm), Maksimovići (populated place), Maksimovići (populated place), Maksimovići (populated place), Maksimovići (populated place), Maksimovići (populated place), Makva (populated place), Makvište (populated locality), Mala (populated place), Mala (populated place), Mala (stream), Mala (populated place), Mala (populated place), Mala Bac (section of populated place), Mala Banjica (ridge(s)), Mala Bara (canal), Mala Bara (marsh(es)), Mala Bara (locality), Mala Barica (mountain), Mala Batura (locality), Mala Bela Reka (locality), Mala Beljanica (populated place), Mala Biljanica (populated place), Mala Bisina (hill), Mala Blizna (stream), Mala Bobija (peak), Mala Borica (mountain), Mala Bosna (populated place), Mala Bota (mountain), Mala Braina (populated place), Mala Brajina (populated place), Mala Bresnica (populated place), Mala Bresnica (populated place), Mala Brezovica (locality), Mala Čestobrodica (stream), Mala Ciganti (populated locality), Mala Crnokosa (ridge(s)), Mala Čuka (spur(s)), Mala Čukara (hill), Mala Draguša (populated place), Mala Drenova (populated place), Mala Drenova (populated place), Mala Ganića (populated place), Mala Glama (mountain), Mala Gobelja (peak), Mala Gomila (hill), Mala Gora (mountain), Mala Gorevina (locality), Mala Grabnica (populated place), Mala Grabovnica (populated place), Mala Grabovnica (populated place), Mala Greča (stream), Mala Gruda (mountain), Mala Ibrovica (mountain), Mala Ivanča (populated place), Mala Ivanča (railroad station), Mala Jablanovica (mountain), Mala Jarebica (stream), Mala Jarebice (stream), Mala Jaruga (intermittent stream), Mala Jasikova (populated place), Mala Jasikovica (populated place), Mala Ježevica (mountain), Mala Kaludra (populated place), Mala Kamenica (populated place), Mala Kikinda (populated place), Mala Kitica (spur(s)), Mala Klačevica (populated locality), Mala Kopašnica (populated place), Mala Kosanica (populated place), Mala Kovionica (mountain), Mala Krsna (populated place), Mala Krsna (railroad station), Mala Kruševica (populated place), Mala Kutina (locality), Mala Lavra (populated place), Mala Lomnica (populated place), Mala Lubnica (populated place), Mala Lukanja (populated place), Mala Lupoglavac (marsh(es)), Mala Mandra (stream), Mala Merica (mountain), Mala Mitrovica (populated place), Mala Mlaka (locality), Mala Mlaka (populated place), Mala Moštanica (populated place), Mala Negovica (hill), Mala Ninaja (mountain), Mala Ogledna (mountain), Mala Okruglica (locality), Mala Oštra Čuka (hill), Mala Ostrikovica (mountain), Mala Papratna (mountain), Mala Pijaca (populated place), Mala Plana (populated place), Mala Plana (populated place), Mala Ploča (hill), Mala Ploča (ridge(s)), Mala Polja (populated place), Mala Popina (populated place), Mala Preseka (populated place), Mala Pupavica (populated place), Mala Rasnica (populated place), Mala Ravna Reka (populated locality), Mala Razbojna (populated place), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (populated place), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (intermittent stream), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (populated place), Mala Reka (populated place), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (populated place), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Reka (intermittent stream), Mala Reka (stream), Mala Remeta (populated place), Mala Ršica (mountain), Mala Šatra (populated place), Mala Sibnica (populated place), Mala Stana (populated place), Mala Strana (mountain), Mala Sugubina (populated place), Mala Suvaja (stream), Mala Svinja (stream), Mala Tisnica (stream), Mala Trešnjevica (populated place), Mala Tresta (mountain), Mala Trnava (populated place), Mala Tronoša (stream), Mala Vašica (populated place), Mala Vetrenja (hill), Mala Vidojevica (hill), Mala Vinična (swamp), Mala Vlasa (populated place), Mala Vodica (spring(s)), Mala Vodica (locality), Mala Vodica (spring(s)), Mala Vranjska (populated place), Mala Vrata (hill), Mala Vrbica (populated place), Mala Vrbica (populated place), Mala Vrbnica (populated place), Mala Vrbnica (populated place), Mala Vučija Glava (mountain), Mala Zajčica (mountain), Malajnica (populated locality), Malča (railroad station), Malča (populated place), Malčanska Reka (stream), Malče (populated place), Malče Soje (mountain), Malci (populated place), Male Bratljevo (populated place), Male Gorunje (locality), Male Groblje (cemetery), Male Livade (locality), Male Livade (locality), Male Livade (locality), Male Njive (populated place), Male Pčelice (populated place), Male Pijace (populated place), Male Radince (populated place), Male Rajince (populated place), Maleniczfalva (populated place), Malenik (mountain), Maleševići (populated place), Maleševo (populated place), Maleševo (populated place), Maleševo (populated place), Maleševska Reka (stream), Maletić Lug (locality), Maletića Bara (marsh(es)), Maletića Lug (locality), Maletićev Salaš (farm), Maletina (populated places), Maletina (populated place), Maletince (locality), Mali Bač (populated place), Mali Bački Kanal (canal), Mali Balanovac (hill), Mali Baurić (mountain), Mali Beč (section of populated place), Mali Beograd (populated place), Mali Beograd (populated place), Mali Beograd (railroad station), Mali Blagotin (mountain), Mali Boljevac (locality), Mali Bonjince (populated place), Mali Borak (populated place), Mali Borić (spur(s)), Mali Bornovac (mountain), Mali Borovac (mountain), Mali Borovnjak (mountain), Mali Bošnjak (populated locality), Mali Brdnjak (hill), Mali Breg (mountain), Mali Breg (mountain), Mali Brusovnik (mountain), Mali Bukovik (mountain), Mali Bukulja (mountain), Mali Čemernik (peak), Mali Čezava (stream), Mali Cip (mountain), Mali Čot (hill), Mali Crljenci (populated place), Mali Crljeni (populated place), Mali Crni Vrh (hill), Mali Crni Vrh (mountain), Mali Crnook (slope(s)), Mali Čukar (hill), Mali Debeljak (hill), Mali Drenovac (populated place), Mali Drvnik (spur(s)), Mali Gabar (spring(s)), Mali Gajići (locality), Mali Gilevë (mountains), Mali Golaš (hill), Mali Golaš (hill), Mali Goli Vrh (mountain), Mali Gradac (mountain), Mali Gradac (mountain), Mali Gradar (mountain), Mali Grnčar (hill), Mali Hedješ (populated place), Mali i Majdan (mountains), Mali i Sharrit (mountains), Mali i Sokolit (mountain), Mali Idjoš (populated place), Mali Idjoš (first-order administrative division), Mali Izvor (populated place), Mali Izvor (populated place), Mali Iđoš (populated place), Mali Iđoš (first-order administrative division), Mali Iđoš (railroad station), Mali Jablan (hill), Mali Jadovnik (mountain), Mali Jaraš (populated place), Mali Jasenovac (populated place), Mali Jastrebac (ridge(s)), Mali Jastrebac (mountains), Mali Javor (spring(s)), Mali Javorak (ridge(s)), Mali Jovanovac (populated place), Mali Kamen (hill), Mali Kanal (canal), Mali Kanal (canal), Mali Kerekić (locality), Mali Kerešac (locality), Mali Klencuš (mountain), Mali Klenovnik (stream), Mali Klokočar (mountain), Mali Klopotnik (stream), Mali Kojzi Rog (mountain), Mali Komnen (hill), Mali Kozomor (mountain), Mali Krčimir (populated place), Mali Kremenac (mountain), Mali Kreminac (mountain), Mali Krivelj (populated place), Mali Krš (cliff(s)), Mali Krš (mountain), Mali Ksulji e Priftit (mountain), Mali Kupci (populated place), Mali Kut (locality), Mali Laz (locality), Mali Laz (locality), Mali Lug (stream), Mali Lug (locality), Mali Lug (stream), Mali Lupoglavac (marsh(es)), Mali Maljenik (mountain), Mali Mečit (peak), Mali Mokri Lug (populated place), Mali Nadel (abandoned watercourse), Mali Nadel (abandoned watercourse), Mali Nado (locality), Mali Obli Del (hill), Mali Orljak (hill), Mali Orljak (marsh(es)), Mali Orljak (hill), Mali Ostreš (mountain), Mali Ostreš (mountain), Mali Ozren (mountain), Mali Ozren (mountains), Mali Pastorak (peak), Mali Pek (stream), Mali Pesak (populated place)
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