baBa (populated place), Baatsch (populated place), Baba...">

Places in Serbia that begin with the letter "b"

> ba

Ba (populated place), Baatsch (populated place), Baba (mountains), Baba (mountain), Baba Janin Krst (locality), Baba Karinci (populated place), Baba Stanin Vrh (hill), Baba Velika (hill), Babać (populated place), Babačur (hill), Babaić (populated place), Babaj Drpa (mountain), Babajić (populated place), Babakaj (rock), Babanići (populated place), Babanjački Potok (stream), Babastanici (populated place), Babatija (hill), Babatija (locality), Babatrenci (populated place), Babavište (spring(s)), Babe (populated place), Babešino (border post), Babica (populated locality), Babića Brdo (hill), Babićeva Bara (locality), Babićevi (populated place), Babići (populated place), Babići (populated place), Babići (populated place), Babička Gora (mountains), Babičke Potok (stream), Babičko (populated place), Babin (populated place), Babin Do (valley), Babin Dol (populated place), Babin Grob (hill), Babin Grob (locality), Babin Kal (populated place), Babin Nos (mountains), Babin Nos (mountain), Babin Nos (spur(s)), Babin Potok (intermittent stream), Babin Potok (stream), Babin Potok (stream), Babin Potok (populated place), Babin Rid (ridge(s)), Babin Vrh (peak), Babin Zub (mountain), Babina Čuka (peak), Babina Glava (hill), Babina Glava (mountain), Babina Glava (peak), Babina Glava (hill), Babina Glava (mountain), Babina Jaruga (ravine(s)), Babina Luka (populated place), Babina Poljana (populated place), Babina Poljana (populated place), Babina Reka (stream), Babinac (stream), Babinih Salaši (farms), Babinjaća (mountain), Babino Brdo (mound(s)), Babino Mašilo (mountain), Babljača (peak), Babljača (mountain), Babljanice (locality), Babljanski Točak (spring(s)), Babotina (stream), Babotina (stream), Babotinac (populated place), Babotinci (populated place), Babovica Koliba (hut), Babovica Polje (locality), Babrež (populated locality), Babušnica (first-order administrative division), Babušnica (populated place), Bač (populated place), Bač (first-order administrative division), Bač-Čeb (populated place), Bacaklija (populated place), Bacalica (locality), Bacanica (locality), Bačarsko Brdo (hill), Bace (populated place), Bacetići (populated place), Bačev Del (mountain), Bačevac (populated place), Baćevac (populated place), Bačevac (populated place), Bačevačka Reka (stream), Bačevački Ključ (locality), Bačevački Vis (peak), Bačevačko Polje (locality), Bačevci (populated place), Bačevci (populated place), Bačevci (populated place), Bačevica (populated place), Bačevica (locality), Baćevica (populated place), Baćevici (locality), Bačevina (populated locality), Bačevina (locality), Bačevište (ridge(s)), Bačevište (populated place), Bačevište (locality), Bačevište (locality), Bačevište (locality), Bačevište (populated place), Bačevište (populated place), Bačevo (populated place), Bačevska Reka (stream), Bachka (region), Baćica (hill), Baćica (populated place), Bačiće (populated place), Bačiće (populated place), Bačija (mountain), Bačija (populated locality), Bačije (locality), Bačije (populated place), Bacijevac (populated place), Bacijevce (populated place), Bačilovina (populated place), Bačina (populated place), Bacina Kosa (mountain), Bačinac (populated place), Bačinci (populated place), Baćine (populated place), Bačište (locality), Bačište (locality), Bačka (region), Bačka Dobra (populated place), Bačka Palanka (populated place), Bačka Palanka (first-order administrative division), Bačka Reka (stream), Backa Reka (stream), Bačka Topola (populated place), Bačka Topola (first-order administrative division), Bačka Topola (railroad station), Bačkala (spring(s)), Bačkalo (locality), Bački Breg (populated place), Bački Brestovac (populated place), Bački Gračac (populated place), Bački Jarak (populated place), Bački Maglić (railroad station), Bački Monoštor (populated place), Bački Petrovac (populated place), Bački Petrovac (first-order administrative division), Bački Sokolac (populated place), Bački Vinogradi (populated place), Bačko Dobro (populated place), Bačko Dobro Polje (populated place), Bačko Dušanovo (populated place), Bačko Gradište (populated place), Bačko Novo Salo (populated place), Bačko Novo Selo (populated place), Bačko Petrovo Selo (populated place), Baćoglava (populated place), Bács (populated place), Bács (region), Bács-Cséb (populated place), Bács-Feketehegy (populated place), Bács-Novoszelo (populated place), Bács-Szenttamás (populated place), Bácsárokszállás (populated place), Bácsbresztovácz (populated place), Bácsbukin (populated place), Bácsdoroszló (populated place), Bácsföldvár (populated place), Bácsgyulafalva (populated place), Bácska (region), Bácskahadikfalva (populated place), Bácskeresztúr (populated place), Bácskertes (populated place), Bácskossuthfalva (populated place), Bácskula (populated place), Bácsmartonos (populated place), Bácsordas (populated place), Bácsszentiván (populated place), Bácsszöllős (populated place), Bácsszőlős (populated place), Bácstopolya (populated place), Bácstóváros (populated place), Bácsújfalu (populated place), Bácsújlak (populated place), Bačtovaroš (populated place), Bačulovina (populated place), Bačvište (populated place), Baćvor (hill), Badanj (populated locality), Badanj (stream), Badanj (mountain), Badanjska Glavica (hill), Baden (stream), Badince (populated place), Badine (hill), Badišići (populated place), Badljevica (populated place), Badnjevac (peak), Badnjevac (populated place), Badnjevac (populated place), Badnjevačka Kosa (ridge(s)), Badnjevi (locality), Badnjevo (populated place), Badnjine (hill), Badovinci (populated place), Badrija (locality), Badrika (stream), Badžakova Cuprija (bridge), Bagačiće (populated place), Bagašce (populated place), Bagaše (populated place), Bagrdan (populated place), Bagremara (forest(s)), Bagremovo (populated place), Bagrenara (forest(s)), Bahči Ferat (locality), Bainovska Mahala (populated place), Bair (hill), Bajakina Greda (locality), Bajčetina (populated place), Bajčevica (populated place), Bajčince (populated place), Bajčinske Kolibe (huts), Bajčinski Potok (stream), Bajevac (populated place), Bajevica (populated locality), Bajevići (populated place), Bajića Kraj (populated place), Bajića Mala (populated place), Bajića Njive (locality), Bajići (populated place), Bajina Bara (locality), Bajina Bara (marsh(es)), Bajina Bašta (first-order administrative division), Bajina Bašta (populated place), Bajinci (populated place), Bajinova Mahala (populated place), Bajinovci (populated place), Bajir (populated place), Bajkina Hum (hill), Bajkina Humka (hill), Bajkino Brdo (spur(s)), Bajmak (populated place), Bajmok (populated place), Bajmok (railroad station), Bajna Bara (watercourse), Bajna Glavica (hill), Bajna Peć (mountain), Bajnok (populated place), Bajnovače (populated place), Bajnovci (peak), Bajnovići (populated place), Bajnovići (locality), Bajnska Stena (peak), Bajovica Lazovi (populated place), Bajovići (populated place), Bajraktarska Mahala (populated place), Bajrov Grob (tomb(s)), Bajsa (populated place), Bajša (populated place), Bajski Gaj (locality), Bakalovina (populated place), Bakalovina (populated place), Bakarovina (locality), Bakčine (locality), Bakčine (locality), Bakčište (locality), Bakića Bara (locality), Bakići (populated place), Bakići (locality), Bakionica (populated place), Bakovica Potok (stream), Bakovići (populated place), Bakračlići (populated place), Bakreni Batar (stream), Bala Stena (hill), Balabanovac (stream), Balačka (populated place), Balajinac (populated place), Balajinac (populated place), Balajnac (populated place), Balajnac (populated place), Balanovac (triangulation station), Balanovac (populated place), Balanovačka Reka (stream), Balara (locality), Balara (peak), Balavan (ridge(s)), Balavan (hill), Balčak (populated place), Balčina (hill), Balej Pivnica (populated place), Balejske Pivnice (populated place), Baletiće (populated locality), Bali Kamen (hill), Baliće (populated locality), Baličevac (populated place), Balići (populated place), Balići (populated locality), Balinac (populated place), Balinačka Reka (stream), Balinački Potok (stream), Balinci (populated place), Balinovac (populated place), Balinovac (populated place), Balinovački Breg (ridge(s)), Balinovce (populated place), Balinović (populated locality), Baljen (populated place), Baljen (populated place), Baljenski Krš (ridge(s)), Baljestajski Del (spur(s)), Baljevac (populated place), Baljevac (populated place), Baljina Stava (spring(s)), Baljkovac (populated locality), Balosave (populated locality), Balta Berilovac (populated place), Balta Berilovica (populated place), Baltazar (locality), Baltija (peak), Baltijance (populated place), Baluga (railroad station), Baluga (populated place), Baluga (populated place), Baluga Ljubićka (populated place), Baluga Trnavska (populated place), Balur (locality), Balvani (locality), Balvanjestie (populated place), Balvanyesti (populated place), Bambaci (populated place), Banajni (populated place), Banat (region), Banat (locality), Banat Arandjelovo (populated place), Banat Karlovac (populated place), Banat Novo Selo (populated place), Banat of Temesvar (region), Banater Hof (populated place), Banater Neudorf (populated place), Banatska Dubica (populated place), Banatska Palanka (populated place), Banatska Subotica (populated place), Banatska Topla (populated place), Banatska Topola (populated place), Banatski Brestovac (populated place), Banatski Despotovac (populated place), Banatski Despotovac (railroad station), Banatski Dušanovac (populated place), Banatski Dušanovac (populated place), Banatski Dvor (populated place), Banatski Karlovac (railroad station), Banatski Karlovac (populated place), Banatski Manastir (populated place), Banatski Monoštar (populated place), Banatski Monoštor (populated place), Banatski Sokolac (populated place), Banatsko Aleksandrovo (populated place), Banatsko Aranđelovo (populated place), Banatsko Karađorđevo (populated place), Banatsko Kraljevićevo (populated place), Banatsko Miloševo (railroad station), Banatsko Miloševo Polje (railroad station), Banatsko Novo Selo (populated place), Banatsko Plandište (railroad station), Banatsko Rankovićevo (populated place), Banatsko Veliko Selo (populated place), Banatsko Veliko Selo (railroad station), Banatsko Višnjićevo (populated place), Bancarevo (populated place), Bander (mountain), Bandera (mountain), Bandera (mountain), Bandera (peak), Bandera (hill), Bandera (peak), Bandera (peak), Bandera (mountain), Bandera (mountain), Bandera (hill), Bandera (peak), Bandera (mountain), Bandera (mountain), Bandera (peak), Bandera (hill), Bandera (spur(s)), Bandera (hill), Bandera (hill), Bandera (mountain), Bandera (mountain), Banderata (mountain), Bandere (hill), Bandjište (locality), Banica (mountain), Baničina (populated place), Banja (spring(s)), Banja (populated locality), Banja (populated place), Banja (area), Banja (populated place), Banja (populated locality), Banja (populated place), Banja (populated place), Banja (populated place), Banja (spa), Banja (populated place), Banja (populated place), Banja (populated place), Banja (populated place), Banja (populated place), Banja Aleksinacka (populated place), Banja Brestovačka (resort), Banja e Lukovës (spa), Banja Koviljača (populated place), Banja Mataruge (populated place), Banja Rusanda (spa), Banjanci (populated place), Banjane (populated place), Banjani (populated place), Banjevac (populated place), Banjevac (locality), Banjevac (area), Banjevac (populated locality), Banjeviće (populated place), Banjica (populated place), Banjica (locality), Banjica (populated place), Banjica (populated place), Banjički Vis (hill), Banjka (section of stream), Banjska (populated place), Banjska (section of stream), Banjska Reka (stream), Banjska Reka (stream), Banjska Reka (section of stream), Banjska Reka (stream), Banjska Reka (stream), Banjska Stena (cliff(s)), Banjskë (stream), Banjski Dol (populated locality), Banjski Kladenac (spring(s)), Banjski Kopaonik (spur(s)), Banjski Potok (intermittent stream), Banjski Potok (stream), Banjski Potok (stream), Banjski Put (locality), Banjski Rid (spur(s)), Banjsko Brdo (mountain), Bankovac (populated place), Bankovce (populated place), Bankovci (populated place), Bankovci (populated place), Bankovica (stream), Bánmonostor (populated place), Banoschter (populated place), Banoštar (populated place), Banoštor (populated place), Banov Brod (locality), Banovačka Humka (hill), Banovačka Kosa (hill), Banovina (locality), Banovina (hill), Banovo Brdo (hill), Banovo Brdo (hill), Banovo Polje (locality), Banovo Polje (populated place), Banski Dol (populated locality), Banstadt (populated place), Bapsko Polje (populated place), Bara (populated place), Bara (populated place), Bara (stream), Bara (locality), Bara (locality), Bara (locality), Bara (locality), Bara (locality), Bara (populated place), Bara (locality), Bara (marsh(es)), Bara (populated place), Bara (marsh(es)), Bara (locality), Bara (stream), Bara (populated place), Bara (populated place), Bara (populated place), Bara Celeruša (lake), Bara Delasat (marsh(es)), Bara Dikljorina (marsh(es)), Bara Kopov (marsh(es)), Bara Lata (locality), Bara Zatonja (marsh(es)), Barachháza (populated place), Baráczháza (populated place)
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