paPaál (populated place), Pabijaro (populated...">

Places in Guinea-bissau that begin with the letter "p"

> pa

Paál (populated place), Pabijaro (populated place), Pacande (populated place), Pacaque (populated place), Paceljà (abandoned populated place), Pacete (populated place), Pache (populated place), Pácua (populated place), Pacura (stream), Padada (populated place), Padim (abandoned populated place), Pagamã (abandoned populated place), Page (populated place), Páhamo (populated place), Pai Ai (populated place), Paiai (abandoned populated place), Paiai Gaidê (stream), Paiai Gaidê (abandoned populated place), Paiai Lêmenei (populated place), Paiai Numbà (populated place), Paiaicunda (abandoned populated place), Paiama (populated place), Paiama (populated place), Paiama (populated place), Paiama Dâdi (populated place), Paiama Macã (abandoned populated place), Paiama Macã (populated place), Paiana (populated place), Paiana (populated place), Paiana Dadé (populated place), Paiana Macã (populated place), Paile (populated place), Paiongo (intermittent stream), Paiunco (populated place), Paixão (populated place), Pajama (populated place), Pajanhe (populated place), Pakkourou (stream), Pal (populated place), Palibaque (populated place), Pampaire (forest(s)), Pampaire (populated place), Pampaïre Point (point), Pampe (populated place), Panabá (populated place), Panalicha (abandoned populated place), Panalicha (populated place), Panambo (abandoned populated place), Panchor (abandoned populated place), Panchor (populated place), Pandim (populated place), Panja (populated place), Pansôr (populated place), Panta (populated place), Panta Joaquim Pereira (populated place), Pantano Culambaia (intermittent lake), Pantazinha (populated place), Pantazinho (populated place), Pantufa (populated place), Papagaio Island (island), Papiá (populated place), Paquer Gurô (populated place), Paquer Guru (populated place), Paquer Lali (populated place), Para Maka (stream), Paramanguel (abandoned populated place), Paramuca (stream), Paravi Niabi (stream), Paravi-Niabi (stream), Paroldade (populated place), Parsu (landing), Passabe (populated place), Passagem do Furinho (tidal creek(s)), Passaro Island (island), Passe (populated place), Passe (populated place), Pasta (populated place), Patacã (populated place), Patacha (populated place), Pataque (populated place), Pataque Boébè (populated place), Pátáqui (populated place), Patassa (populated place), Patasse (intermittent stream), Pate Balael (populated place), Pate Baliel (populated place), Pate Bana (populated place), Pate Buià (populated place), Patè Embalô (populated place), Pate Gibel (populated place), Patè Gidè (populated place), Pate Guidé (populated place), Pate Inde (populated place), Pate Jájà (populated place), Pate Jau (populated place), Pate Seide (populated place), Pate Seidi (populated place), Pate Uindi (populated place), Patéa (stream), Patencage (populated place), Patengage (populated place), Patom (populated place), Pau da Marca (abandoned populated place), Paunca (populated place), Paunca (populated place), Paunto (abandoned populated place), Paxa (populated place), Paxe (populated place)

> pe

Pebosse (populated place), Pebosse (populated place), Pecan (populated place), Pecau (populated place), Pecé (populated place), Pecete (populated place), Pechangali (populated place), Peche (populated place), Pechife (populated place), Pechilal (populated place), Pechimã (populated place), Pechimã (populated place), Pechusse (populated place), Pecite (populated place), Pecnife (populated place), Pecomal (populated place), Pecómale (populated place), Peconha (populated place), Peconhe (populated place), Pecuátar (populated place), Pecuré (abandoned populated place), Pedara (abandoned populated place), Pedingali (abandoned populated place), Pedingali (populated place), Pedras de Maio (rocks), Pedras dos Papagaios (rocks), Pedras Vermelhas (rocks), Pedreira (populated place), Peffine River (tidal creek(s)), Pefiné (populated place), Pefiné (populated place), Pefite (populated place), Pegaque (populated place), Pejanguto (populated place), Pejungunto (populated place), Pejunguto (populated place), Pejunguto (abandoned populated place), Pejunguto (populated place), Pelépar (populated place), Peléper (populated place), Pelufe (populated place), Pelundo (populated place), Penconche (populated place), Pendinglo (populated place), Pene (populated place), Pengonha (populated place), Penha (populated place), Penha (populated place), Penhacunda (populated place), Pentiã (populated place), Pepal (populated place), Pepal (populated place), Pepantar (populated place), Pequeje (populated place), Pequindo (abandoned populated place), Perebe (populated place), Perecuto (populated place), Pericuto (populated place), Perule (populated place), Petabe (populated place), Petabe (populated place), Petasse (populated place), Petate (populated place), Pete (populated place), Petora (populated place), Petoro (populated place), Petum Dubi (abandoned populated place)

> pi

Piai (abandoned populated place), Piai (intermittent stream), Piana (populated place), Piao Island (island), Piaque (populated place), Picete (populated place), Piche (populated place), Piche Fulbè (populated place), Piche Rundè (populated place), Pichilal (populated place), Pichimã (populated place), Pichimã (populated place), Picle (point), Pieme (populated place), Pijame (abandoned populated place), Pijame (abandoned populated place), Pijate (populated place), Pijungoto (populated place), Pindim Alé (populated place), Pinhanco (populated place), Pinhonco (populated place), Pinhossenol (populated place), Pinjanguru (populated place), Pintâmpil (populated place), Pintampil (populated place), Pinto (populated place), Piol (populated place), Piosse (populated place), Pirada (populated place), Pirada Uol (intermittent stream), Pissangue (populated place), Pitche (populated place)

> pl

Plácade (populated place), Placo (populated place), Plama (populated place), Plama (populated place), Planque (populated place), Plaque (populated place), Plaque (populated place), Plaque (populated place), Plaque (populated place), Plaque Intela (populated place), Plufe (populated place), Plufe (populated place)

> po

Poatchi (populated place), Poate (intermittent stream), Pobreza (populated place), Pófa (populated place), Poiel (abandoned populated place), Poilão de Cinza (populated place), Poilão de Leão (populated place), Poindão (populated place), Poindom (populated place), Polibaque (populated place), Pónate (populated place), Poncão (populated place), Poncon (populated place), Ponhé Ierobà (populated place), Ponhè Maundè (populated place), Ponta (populated place), Ponta A. Almeida (farm), Ponta A. C. Gouveia (farm), Ponta A. Henriques (farm), Ponta A. Pereira (farm), Ponta A. Simões (farm), Ponta Abebupa (point), Ponta Acudama (point), Ponta Adelino (populated place), Ponta Adolfo Ramos (populated place), Ponta Adriano (populated place), Ponta Aégà (point), Ponta Alfama (populated place), Ponta Alfredo Neves (populated place), Ponta Amâncio (populated place), Ponta Amaro (populated place), Ponta Ambembabo (point), Ponta Ambembabu (point), Ponta Ambuba (point), Ponta Amèró (point), Ponta Amorim (populated place), Ponta Amudo (point), Ponta Anagai (point), Ponta Anamina (point), Ponta Anapa (point), Ponta Anchaca (point), Ponta Ancossé (point), Ponta Ancumbe (point), Ponta Anebá (point), Ponta Anebato (point), Ponta Anegudé (point), Ponta Angorene (point), Ponta Animo (point), Ponta Anino (point), Ponta Anino (point), Ponta Anô (point), Ponta Anoboi (point), Ponta Anobui (point), Ponta Anomó (point), Ponta Anqueièràmedi (point), Ponta Anringuine (point), Ponta Arif Elawar (populated place), Ponta Aringuine (point), Ponta Arlete (point), Ponta Aúapà (point), Ponta Augusto Barreto (populated place), Ponta Augusto Barreto (populated place), Ponta Augusto Barros (populated place), Ponta Augusto Correia (populated place), Ponta Augusto Hopfer (populated place), Ponta Augusto Hopffer (populated place), Ponta Augusto Rosario (populated place), Ponta Augusto Soares (populated place), Ponta Augusto Soares (populated place), Ponta Bachão (point), Ponta Baio (populated place), Ponta Bambaiã (point), Ponta Bárà (point), Ponta Barbosa (populated place), Ponta Barel (point), Ponta Batíjaque (populated place), Ponta Bela Vista (populated place), Ponta Belabe (populated place), Ponta Benjamim (populated place), Ponta Benjamim Correia (populated place), Ponta Benjamim Correia (populated place), Ponta Bernafel (point), Ponta Bernardo Soares (populated place), Ponta Bichelane (point), Ponta Biombo (point), Ponta Blabe (populated place), Ponta Blanchard (point), Ponta Blom (populated place), Ponta Boa Esperança (populated place), Ponta Boa Esperança (populated place), Ponta Boa Vista (farm), Ponta Boru (point), Ponta Brame (point), Ponta Brancozinho (populated place), Ponta Brandão (populated place), Ponta Brandão (populated place), Ponta Buramo (point), Ponta Buru (point), Ponta Cabacande (farm), Ponta Cabascane (point), Ponta Cabral (populated place), Ponta Cabral (populated place), Ponta Cacudume (point), Ponta Caeiro (populated place), Ponta Caetano Teixeira (populated place), Ponta Caget (point), Ponta Cajete (point), Ponta Califórnia (populated place), Ponta Camamxicana (point), Ponta Camassanhe (point), Ponta Cametàmeol (point), Ponta Camilo (populated place), Ponta Campa (point), Ponta Campeane (point), Ponta Campiani (point), Ponta Campito (point), Ponta Canabem (point), Ponta Canapá (point), Ponta Canecai (point), Ponta Canèro (point), Ponta Canina (point), Ponta Caninòcante (point), Ponta Caniocante (point), Ponta Carodó (point), Ponta Cassaca (point), Ponta Cassumba (point), Ponta Catabâ (point), Ponta Chuguè (point), Ponta Codé (farm), Ponta Colónia (point), Ponta Compito (populated place), Ponta Conselho (populated place), Ponta Consolação (populated place), Ponta Corrente (populated place), Ponta Costa (populated place), Ponta Coti (farm), Ponta Crato (populated place), Ponta Cujuno (point), Ponta Cumanda (populated place), Ponta Cumbito (populated place), Ponta Cumeré (point), Ponta Cunhune (point), Ponta da Areia (point), Ponta da Areia Branca (point), Ponta da Arriba (point), Ponta da Cabaceira (point), Ponta da Lenha (point), Ponta da Negado (populated place), Ponta Dangã (populated place), Ponta Dapaque (point), Ponta de Agua (populated place), Ponta de Ampincha (point), Ponta de Ancàcuá Equinar (point), Ponta de Bandim (point), Ponta de Bolor (point), Ponta de Bontom (point), Ponta de Bonton (point), Ponta de Bruce (point), Ponta De Cabaceira (point), Ponta de Cafafaque (point), Ponta de Caió (point), Ponta de Calmacunda (point), Ponta de Calmancunda (point), Ponta de Cambanumba (point), Ponta de Camedabá (point), Ponta de Etêpadu (point), Ponta de Jabadá (point), Ponta de Jufunco (point), Ponta de Mássà (populated place), Ponta de Om (point), Ponta de Pedra (populated place), Ponta de Pelindã (point), Ponta Dinis Barbosa (farm), Ponta do Anel (point), Ponta do Cão (point), Ponta do Ejecuchim (point), Ponta do Etecuchim (point), Ponta do Fanado (point), Ponta do Inglês (populated place), Ponta do Mangal (point), Ponta do Portinho (point), Ponta do Preço Leve (point), Ponta do Sobrado (point), Ponta Doce (populated place), Ponta Doce (populated place), Ponta Doce (point), Ponta Doce Balanta (populated place), Ponta Doce Mancanha (populated place), Ponta Domingos Monteiro (populated place), Ponta Duarte (populated place), Ponta Etecadaca (point), Ponta Eteramba (point), Ponta Fernandes (populated place), Ponta Fernandes (populated place), Ponta Filipe (populated place), Ponta Forse (abandoned populated place), Ponta Fortuna (populated place), Ponta Francisco Araújo (populated place), Ponta Francisco Monteiro (populated place), Ponta Francisco Monteiro (populated place), Ponta Francisco Quadros (farm), Ponta Furtado (populated place), Ponta Gã Eugénia (point), Ponta Gam Major (point), Ponta Gardete (populated place), Ponta Geraldo (populated place), Ponta Geraldo Landim (populated place), Ponta Germano Landim (populated place), Ponta Gomes (populated place), Ponta Gregório Mendonça (farm), Ponta Guerra (populated place), Ponta Honório (populated place), Ponta Igom (point), Ponta Inácia (populated place), Ponta Inglês (populated place), Ponta Isaac (populated place), Ponta Isidoro (populated place), Ponta J. Fona (populated place), Ponta Jai (populated place), Ponta Jassom (populated place), Ponta João Carlos (populated place), Ponta João da Silva (populated place), Ponta João Monteiro (point), Ponta João Silva (populated place), Ponta Joaquim Mendes (populated place), Ponta Joaquim Pereira (populated place), Ponta Joaquim Pereira (populated place), Ponta José da Silva (populated place), Ponta José Vieira (farm), Ponta Jufungo (point), Ponta Lagoa (populated place), Ponta Leandro (populated place), Ponta Leandro Lopes (populated place), Ponta Lera (populated place), Ponta Leste (point), Ponta Luís (populated place), Ponta Luís Cabral (populated place), Ponta Luís Dias (populated place), Ponta Luís Gomes (populated place), Ponta Luiz Cabral (populated place), Ponta Mamadu (populated place), Ponta Mansega (point), Ponta Manuel (abandoned populated place), Ponta Manuel (point), Ponta Manuel da Agua (populated place), Ponta Manuel das Águas (populated place), Ponta Manuel Dias (farm), Ponta Manuel Rodrigues (populated place), Ponta Manuel Vieira (populated place), Ponta Maria Câmara (farm), Ponta Mariana (farm), Ponta Mariano (populated place), Ponta Mátar (populated place), Ponta Moço (farm), Ponta Monte Cristo (populated place), Ponta Nagai (point), Ponta Nalu (point), Ponta Negado (populated place), Ponta Nhaga (populated place), Ponta Nhamudefè (abandoned populated place), Ponta Nova (populated place), Ponta Nova (populated place), Ponta Nova (populated place), Ponta Nova (populated place), Ponta Nova (point), Ponta Nova (abandoned populated place), Ponta Nova (abandoned populated place), Ponta Nova (populated place), Ponta Nova (populated place), Ponta Nova (populated place), Ponta Nova (populated place), Ponta Nova (populated place), Ponta Nova (populated place), Ponta Nova (populated place), Ponta Nova (populated place), Ponta Nova (populated place), Ponta Nova de Sajà (populated place), Ponta Ocste (point), Ponta Oeste (point), Ponta Ondame (point), Ponta Ondi Vieira (populated place)
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