jaJã Sajo (populated place), Jaba (populated...">

Places in Guinea-bissau that begin with the letter "j"

> ja

Jã Sajo (populated place), Jaba (populated place), Jabadá (populated place), Jabadá (populated place), Jabadá (populated place), Jabadá Beafada (populated place), Jabadá Mancanha (populated place), Jabel (populated place), Jabel (populated place), Jábia (populated place), Jabicó (populated place), Jabicunda (populated place), Jabicunda (populated place), Jabicunda (populated place), Jabicunda (abandoned populated place), Jácunda (populated place), Jada (populated place), Jael (abandoned populated place), Jael (abandoned populated place), Jafo (populated place), Jagali (populated place), Jagali (populated place), Jagali Balanta (populated place), Jagali Mancanha (populated place), Jagaraja (populated place), Jai Juli (populated place), Jai Sambálô (populated place), Jai Seidi (abandoned populated place), Jaima (populated place), Jaimanto (populated place), Jaissambalo (populated place), Jal (populated place), Jal (populated place), Jalamã (populated place), Jaljalto (populated place), Jama (populated place), Jamacuta (populated place), Jambã (populated place), Jambácar (populated place), Jambacosse (populated place), Jambacunda (populated place), Jamber (island), Jamberem (populated place), Jambur (populated place), Jambur (populated place), Jameboro (populated place), Jamelcunda (populated place), Jamossé (populated place), Janã (populated place), Janà (populated place), Janã (abandoned populated place), Jana (populated place), Jana (populated place), Janá Iáià (populated place), Janã Marena (abandoned populated place), Jancoro (populated place), Jandeim (populated place), Jangada (abandoned populated place), Janglar (populated place), Janha (populated place), Jareme (populated place), Jarga Vida (populated place), Jaribe (populated place), Jarto (populated place), Jatadaca (populated place), Jatt Channel (marine channel), Jatt Flats (shoal(s)), Jatt Island (island), Jatt River (tidal creek(s)), Jau (populated place), Jaubè Sanicha (abandoned populated place), Jaubècuta (populated place), Jaubèsutu (populated place), Jaucunda (abandoned populated place), Jaucunda (abandoned populated place), Jaucunda (populated place), Jaucunda (abandoned populated place)

> je

Jeba Channel (marine channel), Jegue (populated place), Jeje (populated place), Jemadé (populated place), Jemberem (populated place), Jeribé (populated place), Jetã (populated place), Jete (populated place), Jétuntum (populated place)

> ji

Jibata (populated place), Jifim (populated place), Jimba (populated place), Jinhalcunda (populated place)

> jo

João Monteiro (populated place), João Monteirozinho (populated place), Joaquim Bar (populated place), Joaquim Bor (populated place), Jobe Cuta (populated place), Jobel (populated place), Joboiá (populated place), Jobonhama (abandoned populated place), Jogró (populated place), Jogró (populated place), Jogró (populated place), Joguedu Bantael (abandoned populated place), Jol (locality), Jol (populated place), Jolmele (populated place), Jolmete (populated place), Jolô Balanta (populated place), Jolô Papel (populated place), Jombocari (populated place), Jomelcunda (populated place), Jomelcunda (abandoned populated place), Jongali (populated place), Jongo (populated place), Jopá (populated place), Jórò (abandoned populated place)

> ju

Jufá (populated place), Jufará (populated place), Jufunco (populated place), Jufung Point (point), Jufungo (populated place), Jugudul (populated place), Jugudul Com (populated place), Jugudul de Com (populated place), Jugul (populated place), Jugul (populated place), Juiguiuolo (abandoned populated place), Jumbembe (populated place), Jumbembem (populated place), Jumbembem (populated place), Jumbembem (populated place), Jumbomoro (abandoned populated place), Jundum (populated place), Junqueira (populated place)