ebEboco (populated place)> egEgará (populated...">

Places in Guinea-bissau that begin with the letter "e"

> eb

Eboco (populated place)

> eg

Egará (populated place), Egbé (populated place), Egine (populated place), Egoba Island (island), Eguba (populated place), Eguba (populated place), Eguebê (populated place)

> ej

Ejatem (populated place), Ejêtem (populated place)

> el

Elacunda (populated place), Elia (populated place)

> em

Embalocunda (populated place), Embalocunda (populated place), Embalocunda (populated place), Embalocunda (populated place), Embande (populated place), Embande (populated place), Embenhe (populated place), Embunhe (populated place), Emourhe (populated place), Empada (populated place), Empanjá (populated place), Empanquinhame (populated place), Empaquinhame (populated place)

> en

Enchalé (populated place), Enchanque (populated place), Enchanque (populated place), Encheia (populated place), Encheia (populated place), Enchela (populated place), Encherte (populated place), Enchudé (populated place), Enchudé (populated place), Enchugal (populated place), Enchumené (populated place), Encoche (populated place), Encome (populated place), Endambe (populated place), Endasse (populated place), Endoja (populated place), Endorna (populated place), Enganegane (populated place), Engenegane (populated place), Ensalmá (populated place), Ensúmete (populated place), Enterramento (populated place), Entomané (populated place), Entre Meio (populated place), Enxalé (populated place), Enxerto (populated place), Enxudé (populated place), Enxugal (populated place)

> eq

Equinar (populated place)

> er

Erinhóco (populated place)

> es

Escoda Island (island), Esperança (populated place), Essoukoudiak Bôlon (tidal creek(s)), Esteiro da Gã Pessoa (tidal creek(s)), Esteiro de Intachá (tidal creek(s)), Esteiro de Pau da Marca (tidal creek(s))

> et

Etecunda (populated place), Eticoba (populated place), Eticodeba (populated place), Eticoga (populated place), Eticoga (populated place), Eticoga (populated place), Eticunda (populated place), Etinhoque (populated place), Etiogo (populated place)