caCã Balanta (populated place), Cã Beafada...">

Places in Guinea-bissau that begin with the letter "c"

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Cã Balanta (populated place), Cã Beafada (populated place), Cã Bras (abandoned populated place), Cã Braz (abandoned populated place), Cã Cumba (populated place), Cã Era (populated place), Cã Grande (populated place), Cã Iero Sane (populated place), Cã Ierofim (populated place), Cã Júlio (populated place), Cã Mamadu (populated place), Cã Mamudo (populated place), Cã Quebo (populated place), Cã Sanimã (populated place), Cã Uérè (populated place), Caam (populated place), Caame (populated place), Caame (populated place), Caãn (populated place), Cabace (populated place), Cabaceira (populated place), Cabaceira (populated place), Cabaceira (populated place), Cabaco (populated place), Cabadju (populated place), Cabame (populated place), Cabame (populated place), Cabane (populated place), Cabanguna (populated place), Cabanta (populated place), Cabante (populated place), Cabaz Balanta (populated place), Cabaz Balanta (populated place), Cabaz Balanta (populated place), Cabaz Balanta (populated place), Cabaz Balanta (populated place), Cabaz Sôsso (populated place), Câbe (abandoned populated place), Cabedu (populated place), Cabedu Balanta (populated place), Cabedu Nalu e Sôsso (populated place), Cabelé (populated place), Cabélè (populated place), Cabelé Mandinga (populated place), Cabelé Nhado (populated place), Cabelé Patacò (populated place), Cabelé Uale (populated place), Cabelole Nalú (populated place), Cabém (populated place), Cabessul (abandoned populated place), Cabi (abandoned populated place), Cabi (populated place), Cabicunda (populated place), Cabienque (populated place), Cabo Barella (point), Cabo de Mata (point), Cabo Mata de Ocon (point), Cabo Roxo (point), Cabo Sêco (populated place), Cabo Varela (point), Cabo Verde (populated place), Caboa (populated place), Caboca (populated place), Cabochanque (populated place), Cabochanque (populated place), Cabofará (populated place), Cabolol Balanta (populated place), Cabolol Nalu (populated place), Caboma (populated place), Cabome (populated place), Caboncate (populated place), Cabonepo (populated place), Cabosare (abandoned populated place), Caboupa Aguiar (populated place), Caboupa Cabral (populated place), Caboupa Mendonça (populated place), Caboxanque (populated place), Caboxanque (populated place), Caboxanquezinho (populated place), Cabua (populated place), Cabubar (populated place), Cabuca (populated place), Cabuca (populated place), Cabufara (populated place), Cabul (populated place), Cabune (populated place), Cabuno (populated place), Cacafale (abandoned populated place), Cacafale Balanta (populated place), Cacafale Nalu (populated place), Cacanda (populated place), Cacandi (populated place), Cacante (populated place), Cacante (populated place), Cacante (populated place), Cacanto (populated place), Cacao-oi (populated place), Cacete (populated place), Cachá Djabè (populated place), Cacha Fulbè (populated place), Cachabate (populated place), Cáchajà (populated place), Cachalame (populated place), Cachamba Balanta (populated place), Cachamba Balanta (populated place), Cachamba Nalu (populated place), Cachamba Papel (populated place), Cachamba Sôsso (populated place), Cachame (populated place), Cachanco (abandoned populated place), Cachanga (populated place), Cachanga (populated place), Cacháquè (populated place), Cachaque (populated place), Cacheo River (estuary), Cachete (populated place), Cacheu (captial of a first-order administrative division), Cacheu (first-order administrative division), Cacheusinho (abandoned populated place), Cacheuzinho (abandoned populated place), Cacheuzinho (populated place), Cachida (populated place), Cachil (populated place), Cachile (populated place), Cachôbar (populated place), Cachôbar (populated place), Cacice (populated place), Cacine (populated place), Cacine (populated place), Cacoca (populated place), Cacondó (populated place), Cacone (populated place), Cacoque (populated place), Cacuma (populated place), Cacutunte (populated place), Cadam (abandoned populated place), Cadé (populated place), Cadem (populated place), Cadeu (populated place), Cadi (populated place), Cadique (populated place), Cadique Iala (populated place), Cadique Imbitena (populated place), Cadique Imbitina (populated place), Cadique Nalu (populated place), Cadonga (populated place), Caduna (populated place), Caduncó (populated place), Cael Bessel (populated place), Cael Jessel (populated place), Cafá (populated place), Cafachè Balanta (populated place), Cafachè Balanta (populated place), Cafachè Manjaco (populated place), Cafal Balanta (populated place), Cafal Nalu (populated place), Cafale (populated place), Cafià (populated place), Cafine (populated place), Cágal (populated place), Cágal (populated place), Cagongo (populated place), Cagongue (populated place), Caguepe (populated place), Cahcoal (populated place), Cahone (populated place), Cai (populated place), Caiada (populated place), Caiana (populated place), Caianga (abandoned populated place), Caianteco (populated place), Caianticó (populated place), Caiar (populated place), Caiera (populated place), Caió (populated place), Caiomete (populated place), Caiquene (populated place), Caiquenem (populated place), Caiu (stream), Caiumpa (populated place), Cajágal (populated place), Cajambali (populated place), Cajana (populated place), Cajé (populated place), Caje Djaneje (stream), Cajegute (populated place), Cajel (populated place), Cajeu (populated place), Cajila (populated place), Cajite (populated place), Cajoque (populated place), Cájuto (populated place), Calaba (populated place), Calaco (populated place), Calaje (populated place), Calamancunda (populated place), Calaque (populated place), Calaque (populated place), Calaque Balanta (populated place), Calaque Manjaco (populated place), Calaque Nalu (populated place), Calaquechusse (populated place), Calaquisse (populated place), Cale (populated place), Calege (populated place), Calema Balanta (populated place), Calema Nalu (populated place), Calema Sôsso (populated place), Calèquechusse (populated place), Calequisse (populated place), Caleu (populated place), Caleu (populated place), Caleu (populated place), Calhaquê (populated place), Calhéu (populated place), Calibuia (populated place), Calicunda (populated place), Califórnia (populated place), Caliquir (populated place), Caliumbel (populated place), Caliute (populated place), Calmancunda (populated place), Calonque (abandoned populated place), Calum (populated place), Calupa (populated place), Caluque (populated place), Calxum (populated place), Calypso Island (island), Cam Chaduli (populated place), Cam Chimboco (populated place), Cam Demád (populated place), Cam Dembafim (populated place), Cam Fate (populated place), Cam Guiró (populated place), Cám Gurdo (populated place), Cam Mamude (populated place), Cam Massabá (populated place), Cam Quelifá (populated place), Cam Quente (populated place), Cam Samba (populated place), Cam Samba (populated place), Cam Samba Gano (populated place), Cam Sambel (abandoned populated place), Cam Sissé (populated place), Cam Tambá (populated place), Cam Zorom (populated place), Camã (populated place), Camã (populated place), Camabé (populated place), Camadina (populated place), Camadudo (populated place), Camagá (populated place), Camaiupa (populated place), Camajábà (populated place), Camalem (populated place), Camalijà (populated place), Camalijà Só (populated place), Camalijá Sori (populated place), Camamudo (populated place), Camamudo (populated place), Camamudu (populated place), Camanca (populated place), Camancotê (populated place), Camancôtô (populated place), Camandé (populated place), Camané (populated place), Camanjor (populated place), Camansirá (populated place), Camar (populated place), Camara (populated place), Camaracunda (populated place), Camaracunda (abandoned populated place), Camarão (populated place), Camarempo (populated place), Camassaba (populated place), Camassale (populated place), Camassirá (populated place), Cambajã (populated place), Cambajã (populated place), Cambajo (populated place), Cambajo (populated place), Cambajo (populated place), Cambajoi (populated place), Cambaju (populated place), Cambaju (populated place), Cambaju (populated place), Cambaju (populated place), Cambamam (intermittent stream), Cambana (populated place), Cambana (populated place), Cambaque (populated place), Cambara Boído (populated place), Cambara Nhaco (populated place), Cambària (populated place), Cambasse (populated place), Cambedare (populated place), Cambegue (populated place), Cambeidare (populated place), Cambem (abandoned populated place), Cambembe (abandoned populated place), Cambeque (populated place), Cambeque (populated place), Cambesse (abandoned populated place), Cambéssè (populated place), Cambian (populated place), Cambirò (abandoned populated place), Camboido (populated place), Cambojo (populated place), Cambom (populated place), Cambor (populated place), Cambucari (populated place), Cambudo (intermittent stream), Cambunto (populated place), Camdombe Mané (populated place), Cameconde (populated place), Camecote (populated place), Camelem (populated place), Camessare (abandoned populated place), Cametedem (populated place), Cametonco (populated place), Camichinque (populated place), Camidina (populated place), Caminhate (populated place), Camissorã (populated place), Camitendem (populated place), Camitonco (populated place), Camocote (populated place), Camoio (populated place), Cãmori (abandoned populated place), Camotaban (populated place), Campã (populated place), Campada (populated place), Campada Bajogate (populated place), Campada Namoanta (populated place), Campada Namoante (populated place), Campada Nanjã (populated place), Campafè (abandoned populated place), Campaio (abandoned populated place), Campampe (populated place), Campampe (populated place), Campampi (populated place), Campanhe Bleque (populated place), Campanó (populated place), Campata (populated place), Campata (populated place), Campate (populated place), Campeane (populated place), Campinha (populated place), Campirce (abandoned populated place), Campo (populated place), Campo Antigo (populated place), Campo de Aviação de Brá (airfield), Campo de Aviação de Lala (airfield), Campreno Biafada (populated place), Campreno Nalu (populated place), Campundé (populated place), Camunda (abandoned populated place), Camuntudu (populated place), Camussali (populated place), Camutebã (populated place), Canábria (populated place), Canábria (populated place), Canadé (populated place), Canaje (stream), Canal da Caravela (marine channel), Canal da Formosa (marine channel), Canal das Arcas (marine channel), Canal das Areias (marine channel), Canal das Galinhas (marine channel), Canal de Bolama (marine channel), Canal de Bolola (marine channel), Canal de Bubaque (marine channel), Canal de Caió (marine channel), Canal de Canhabaque (marine channel), Canal de Jata (marine channel), Canal de Jeta (marine channel), Canal de Melo (marine channel), Canal de Nhala (tidal creek(s)), Canal de Ninquim (marine channel), Canal de Pecixe (marine channel), Canal de Pedro Álvares (marine channel), Canal de Santa Catarina (marine channel), Canal do Enxudé (marine channel), Canal do Furo (marine channel), Canal do Geba (estuary), Canal do Gêba (marine channel), Canal do Impernal (tidal creek(s)), Canal do Meio (marine channel), Canal do Meio (marine channel), Canal do Nago (marine channel), Canal do Porto (marine channel), Canal dos Flamingos (tidal creek(s)), Canal dos Mosquitos (marine channel), Canal dos Papagaios (marine channel), Canal dos Pelicanos (tidal creek(s)), Canal Isabel (marine channel), Canal Ongueringon (tidal creek(s)), Canal Pelissa (marine channel), Canal Uncai (marine channel), Cananca (populated place), Canãquenul (populated place), Canau (populated place), Cancal (populated place), Cancal (populated place), Cancão (abandoned populated place), Cancasso (populated place), Canchâla (stream), Canchalica (abandoned populated place), Canchebeu (populated place), Canchicamo (populated place), Canchingolo (populated place), Canchumà (populated place), Canchumà Manjaco (populated place), Canchumane (populated place), Canchumo (populated place), Canchungo (populated place), Canchungo (populated place), Canchungo (abandoned populated place), Canchungozinho (populated place), Cancôbô (populated place), Cancodé (populated place), Cancodeá (populated place), Cancodeà Balanta (populated place), Cancodeà Beafada (populated place), Cancoli (abandoned populated place), Cancolim (populated place), Cancolim (populated place), Canconté (populated place), Cancricó (populated place), Cancubanhe Mandinga (populated place), Cancubanhe Maundè (populated place), Cancubanhe Sinchã (populated place), Cancube (populated place), Cancumba (populated place), Cancumba Balanta (populated place), Cancumba Beafada (populated place), Cancuncal (populated place), Cancuncó (populated place), Cancurdo (populated place), Candafe (abandoned populated place), Candafé (populated place), Candamã (populated place), Candarifom (populated place), Candati Fula (populated place), Candebe (abandoned populated place), Candefo (populated place), Candem (abandoned populated place), Candemba (abandoned populated place), Candemba (populated place), Candemba (abandoned populated place), Candemba Uri (populated place), Candembel (populated place), Candembuia (populated place), Candemode (populated place), Candiara (populated place), Candicar (abandoned populated place), Candidiara (intermittent stream), Candiobe (populated place), Candiquel (populated place), Candjaduli (populated place), Candocoli (populated place), Candombe Mané (populated place), Candombe Sambaro (populated place), Canducuré (populated place), Candugurei (populated place), Cane (populated place), Cane (populated place), Caneborã (populated place), Canecunda (abandoned populated place), Canefaque (populated place), Canema (populated place), Canema Bijagó (populated place), Canfanda (populated place), Canfanda (populated place), Canfanta (populated place), Canfara (abandoned populated place), Canfarã (abandoned populated place), Canfara (populated place), Canfarimã (populated place), Canfarinjã (populated place), Canfate (populated place), Canfefe (populated place), Canfenda (populated place), Cangalai (populated place), Cangalaia (populated place), Cangalem (populated place), Cangidé (populated place), Cangui Jimá (stream), Canguiró (populated place), Cangurdó (abandoned populated place), Canhà (abandoned populated place), Canhabaque (island), Canhacò (populated place), Canhaga (abandoned populated place), Canhamando (populated place), Canhambaque (island), Canhâmina (populated place), Canhamondo (populated place), Canhanicunda (populated place), Canhanque (abandoned populated place)
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