Places in Nicaragua that begin with the letter "rio"

> rio

Río Abajo (populated place), Río Acahuás (stream), Río Acavas (stream), Río Acayo (stream), Río Achuapa (stream), Río Achuapita (stream), Río Acoyapa (stream), Río Acuyapa (stream), Río Aduana (stream), Rio Agua Caliente (stream), Río Agua Zarca (stream), Río Aguacate (stream), Río Aguas Calientes (stream), Río Akawás (stream), Río Albankan (stream), Río Algodonal (boundary marker), Río Algodonal (boundary marker), Río Almolzadero (stream), Río Aló (stream), Río Aluaki (stream), Río Amaka (stream), Río Amatitán (stream), Río Amayito (stream), Río Amayo (stream), Río Amayo (stream), Río Ameya (stream), Río Aquespalapa (stream), Río Aquitanca (stream), Río Arenal de Yalí (stream), Río Arenal de Yaulí (stream), Río Arenal de Yaulí (stream), Río Arenas (stream), Río Atoya (stream), Río Atoya (stream), Rio Atoyo (stream), Río Auló (stream), Río Awalka (stream), Río Awas Maya (stream), Río Awaswás (stream), Río Ayapal (stream), Río Aza (stream), Río Babasca (stream), Río Babaska (stream), Río Baká (stream), Río Bambana (stream), Río Bambú (stream), Río Ban Bana (stream), Río Bana (stream), Río Bana Cruz (stream), Río Banderas (stream), Río Bartola (stream), Río Bartolo (stream), Río Basilikira (stream), Río Baslikira (stream), Río Bijao (stream), Río Bilampí (stream), Río Bilampí (stream), Río Bilawala (stream), Río Bipkawán (stream), Río Biuhkira (stream), Río Blanco (populated place), Río Blanco (stream), Rio Blanco (populated place), Río Bliming Tara (stream), Río Boaco (stream), Río Boca Negra (stream), Río Bocay (stream), Río Bocaycito (stream), Río Bodega (stream), Río Bodega (stream), Río Bongo (stream), Río Bottom (distributary(-ies)), Río Brákira (stream), Río Bratara (stream), Río Brito (stream), Río Buhbu (stream), Río Buhunnilaya (stream), Río Bulbul (stream), Río Bulbul (stream), Río Bulún (stream), Río Cabezas (stream), Río Cabezas (stream), Río Cacaguapa (stream), Río Cacalojoche (stream), Río Cacla (stream), Río Calamate (stream), Río Calico (stream), Río Cama (stream), Rio Camastra (stream), Río Camastro (stream), Río Campasagua (stream), Río Cañas (stream), Río Cañas (stream), Río Cañas (stream), Río Cañas Gordas (stream), Río Cañita (stream), Río Cañita (stream), Río Cañitas (stream), Río Caño Blanco (stream), Río Caoba (stream), Rio Cape (stream), Río Caratera (stream), Río Caravalla (stream), Río Cárdenas (stream), Río Cárdenas (stream), Rio Carsing Leaya (stream), Rio Casuli (stream), Río Caymito (stream), Río Chachagua (stream), Río Chale (stream), Río Chilamate (stream), Río Chilcas (stream), Río Chinandega (stream), Río Chiquito (stream), Río Chiquito (stream), Río Choco (stream), Río Cisonlayo (stream), Río Citalapa (stream), Río Ciudad Antigua (stream), Río Coco (stream), Río Coco (stream), Río Cocoland (stream), Río Cojo (stream), Río Colón (stream), Río Comalí (stream), Río Comalí (stream), Rio Comastra (stream), Rio Comastro (stream), Rio Comastro Afluente (stream), Río Como (stream), Río Compasagua (stream), Rio Conchas (populated place), Río Congo (stream), Río Congojas (stream), Río Cookra (stream), Río Copalar (stream), Río Coperna (stream), Río Corn (stream), Rio Corro Walla (stream), Río Cosiles (stream), Río Cosmapa (stream), Río Coyolar (stream), Río Cruz del Norte (stream), Río Cuá (stream), Río Cuascoto (stream), Río Cucalaya (stream), Río Cucaracha (stream), Río Cucra (stream), Río Cuicuina (stream), Río Cuisalá (stream), Río Cukra (stream), Río Cukra (stream), Rio Culculaia (stream), Río Culihuás (stream), Río Cuncun (stream), Río Curco (stream), Río Curinguas (stream), Río Curingwass (stream), Río Curinhuás (stream), Río Cusile (stream), Río Damna (stream), Río de Agua (stream), Río de Cañas (stream), Río de Cuapa (stream), Río de Enmedio (stream), Rio de Indios (stream), Río de la Puerta (stream), Rio de Los Perdidos (stream), Rio de Punta Gorda (stream), Rio de Segobia (stream), Río de Tola (stream), Rio del Cabo (stream), Río del Cabo Gracias (stream), Río del Cabo Gracias a Dios (stream), Río del Medio (stream), Río del Pato (stream), Río Deseado (stream), Río Dipilto (stream), Rio Disaster (stream), Río Dudú (stream), Río East Fork (stream), Río El Alcaraban (stream), Río El Alcaraván (stream), Río El Almacén (stream), Río El Almendro (stream), Río El Almorzadero (stream), Río El Arenal (stream), Río El Arenal de Yaúlí (stream), Río El Barco (stream), Río El Bijao (stream), Río el Bijao (stream), Río El Brujo (stream), Río El Cacao (stream), Río El Caimito (stream), Río El Carmen (stream), Río El Cedro (stream), Río El Chale (stream), Río El Chilamate (stream), Río El Chile (stream), Río El Cojo (stream), Río El Congo (stream), Río El Congo (stream), Río El Consuelo (stream), Río El Corozo (stream), Río El Coyolar (stream), Río El Coyolar (stream), Río El Dorado (stream), Río El Estero (stream), Río El Gallo (stream), Río El Guanacaste (stream), Río El Guapote (stream), Río El Guineal (stream), Río El Guineal (stream), Río El Guineo (stream), Río El Hamaca (stream), Río El Huiste (stream), Río El Hular (stream), Río El Jabillo (stream), Río El Jícaro (stream), Río El Jícaro (stream), Río El Lajero (stream), Río El Limón (stream), Río El Limón (stream), Río El Mono (stream), Río El Naranjo (stream), Río El Naranjo (stream), Río El Papalón (stream), Río El Paro (stream), Río El Pijibaye (stream), Río El Pital (stream), Río El Pital (stream), Río El Portillo (stream), Río El Realejo (stream), Río El Sabalar (stream), Río el Salabar (stream), Río El Sardinal (stream), Río El Sardinal (stream), Río El Sarnoso (stream), Río El Sauce (stream), Rio El Tablon (stream), Río El Tamarindo (stream), Río El Tesorero (stream), Río El Tesorero (stream), Río El Toro (stream), Río El Tular (stream), Río El Tular (stream), Río El Tular (stream), Río El Yan (stream), Río El Zapotal (stream), Río El Zapotal (stream), Río El Zapote (stream), Rio El Zapote (stream), Río Encantada (stream), Río Escalante (stream), Río Escameca (stream), Río Escameca Grande (stream), Río Escamequita (stream), Río Escofran (stream), Río Escondido (populated place), Río Escondido (stream), Río Espanola (stream), Río Estanzuela (stream), Río Estelí (stream), Rio Estero Real (stream), Río Fonseca (stream), Río Franco (stream), Río Frío (stream), Río Frío (stream), Río Fruta de Pan (stream), Río Galilao (stream), Río Gigante (stream), Río Gil González (stream), Río Gran Norte (stream), Río Grande (stream), Río Grande (stream), Río Grande (stream), Río Grande (stream), Río Grande (stream), Río Grande (populated place), Río Grande (populated place), Río Grande (populated place), Río Grande (stream), Río Grande (populated place), Río Grande (populated place), Río Grande (populated place), Río Grande (stream), Río Grande de Matagalpa (stream), Río Guacalillo (stream), Río Guacalito (stream), Río Guacalito (stream), Río Guacalito Nuevo (stream), Rio Guanqcui (stream), Río Guapote (stream), Rio Guasaca (stream), Rio Guasale (stream), Rio Guasanara (stream), Río Guasaule (stream), Río Guasaule (stream), Río Guasiaeras (stream), Río Guayacalí (stream), Río Guazaule (stream), Rio Gui Salhua (stream), Río Güina (stream), Río Guineo (stream), Río Gusanera (stream), Río Gusaneras (stream), Río Haciendas (stream), Río Hamaca (stream), Rio Hamaco (stream), Rio Hebras (stream), Río Herbias (stream), Rio Heso (stream), Río Hiyas (stream), Río Hondo (stream), Río Huahua (stream), Río Huahuasán (stream), Río Hualpasixa (distributary(-ies)), Río Huanahuana (stream), Río Huancalaya (stream), Río Huangui (stream), Río Huanquí (stream), Río Huapue (stream), Río Huaspuc (stream), Río Hueso (stream), Río Hueson (stream), Río Ibantara (stream), Río Ililiwas (stream), Río Imire (stream), Río Inalí (stream), Río Indio (stream), Río Inquinis (stream), Río Isiquí (stream), Río Iyás (stream), Río Izapa (stream), Río Jabali (stream), Río Jabillo (stream), Río Jalapa (stream), Río Javillo (stream), Río Jesús (stream), Río Jícaro (stream), Río Jícaro (stream), Río Jicilita (stream), Río Jigüina (stream), Río Jucuapa (stream), Río Kahmusahka (stream), Río Kalila Kangban (stream), Río Kama (stream), Río Kami Tigni (stream), Río Kamusasca (stream), Río Karahola (stream), Río Karawala (stream), Río Karmi Tigni (stream), Río Kasa Wista (stream), Río Kaska (stream), Río Kiáhara (stream), Río Kiharas (stream), Río Kisalaya (stream), Río Kisawás (stream), Río Kisilala (stream), Río Kiwás (stream), Río Kiwaska (stream), Río Kuabul (stream), Río Kuahaliwás (stream), Río Kuahliwás (stream), Río Kuanwatla (stream), Río Kubalí (stream), Río Kuculaya (stream), Río Kuikuina (stream), Río Kuikuinita (stream), Río Kukalaya (stream), Río Kukarawala (stream), Río Kukra (stream), Rio Kukulaya (stream), Río Kuli (stream), Río Kuliwás (stream), Río Kum (stream), Río Kuma Tigni (stream), Río Kuma Tingni (stream), Río Kun Kun (stream), Río Kung Kung (stream), Río Kung Kungcito (stream), Río Kuri Tingni (stream), Río Kuri Tingni (stream), Río Kuribila (stream), Río Kuringuas (stream), Río Kuringwas (stream), Río Kurinwacito (stream), Río Kurinwás (stream), Río Kurinwás de Plata (stream), Río Kuriwasito (stream), Río Kurnog (stream), Río Kusulí (stream), Río Kuswa (stream), Río Kuyutingni (stream), Río Kuyutingni (stream), Río Kwabul (stream), Río La Aduana (stream), Río La Chancha (stream), Río La Chinampa (stream), Rio La Chinanpa (stream), Río La Coca (stream), Río La Concepción (stream), Río La Conquista (stream), Río La Cruz del Norte (stream), Río La Cusuca (stream), Río La Flor (stream), Río La Golandrina (stream), Río La Guitarra (stream), Río La Horca (stream), Río La Lama (stream), Río La Puerta (stream), Río La Sultana (stream), Río La Tigra (stream), Río La Tigra (stream), Río La Tigra (stream), Río La Toboba (stream), Río La Trinidad (stream), Río La Trinidad (stream), Río La Virgen (intermittent stream), Río Labú (stream), Río Labul (stream), Río Lacos (stream), Rio Lacus (stream), Río Lacus (stream), Río Lacus (stream), Río Laguna Yari Awala (stream), Río Lakus (stream), Río Lakus (stream), Río Las Banderas (stream), Río Las Bayas (stream), Río Las Cañas (stream), Río Las Cañas (stream), Río Las Cañas (stream), Río Las Cañas (stream), Río Las Chilcas (stream), Río Las Haciendas (stream), Río Las Lajas (stream), Río Las Lajas (stream), Río Las Maderas (stream), Río Las Mercedes (stream), Río Las Mercedes (stream), Río Las Vallas (stream), Río Láwira (stream), Río Layasicsa (stream), Río Layasiksa (stream), Río Layasixa (stream), Río Laymus (stream), Río Lecus (stream), Río Leimus (stream), Río Leymus (stream), Río Likia (stream), Río Likus (stream), Río Limón (stream), Río Limon (stream), Río Limón (stream), Rio Lisagua (stream), Río Lisague (stream), Río Lisawé (stream), Río Los Encuentros (stream), Río Los Muertos (stream), Río Los Quesos (stream), Río Lóvago (stream), Río Lóvago (stream), Río Lucas (stream), Río Lukú (stream), Río Lulugna (stream), Río Macaljí (stream), Río Machuca (stream), Río Macuelizo (stream), Río Mahatara Tigni (stream), Río Mahatara Tingni (stream), Río Mahogany (stream), Río Mahogany Creek (stream), Río Mairinlaya (stream), Río Maíz (stream), Río Majaste (stream), Río Makakalaya (stream), Río Makantaca (stream), Río Malacatoya (stream), Rio Malacatoye (stream), Río Malacatoyo (stream), Río Malopi (stream), Río Manares (stream), Río Mancera (stream), Río Mancotal (stream), Río Manzanillo (stream), Río Masachapa (stream), Río Masaya (stream), Rio Mataca (stream), Río Matapeo (stream), Río Matis (stream), Río Maya Landing (stream), Río Mayacunda (intermittent stream), Río Mayales (stream), Río Medina (stream), Río Medio Queso (stream), Río Medio Queso (stream), Río Mejía (stream), Río Melchora (stream), Río Mena (stream)
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