baBa Daoud (populated place), Ba Driss (cemetery), Ba...">

Places in Morocco that begin with the letter "b"

> ba

Ba Daoud (populated place), Ba Driss (cemetery), Ba Haddi (populated place), Ba Haddi (fort), Ba Hamed (populated place), Ba Lahousine (mountain), Ba Lahoussine (mountain), Ba Moussa (tribal area), Ba Saïd (populated place), Ba Yahya (populated place), Baabcha (populated place), Baabout (hill), Baadia (populated place), Baajine (populated place), Baakila (populated place), Bab Abdallah (pass), Bab Afeggag (fort), Bab Afousar (pass), Bab Agmât (gate), Bab Ahno (ruin(s)), Bab Ahno (ruin(s)), Bab al ’Aziyib (populated place), Bab Amar Ou Saïd (pass), Bab Amergoub (populated place), Bab Amergoug (populated place), Bab Amissioune (populated place), Bab Amouroub (pass), Bab Amsemblel (pass), Bab Aorgas (pass), Bab Aouchguel (pass), Bab Aoujgal (pass), Bab Arhmat (gate), Bab Asrif (pass), Bab Atab (pass), Bab Attaba (pass), Bab Azhar (populated place), Bab Barkou (pass), Bab Beïda (pass), Bab Ben Saïd (pass), Bab Berkou (pass), Bab Berret (pass), Bab Berret Amouti (pass), Bab Besen (pass), Bab Besene (pass), Bab Bou Idir (populated place), Bab Bou Idiz (populated place), Bab Bou Rezma (pass), Bab Boubsi (pass), Bab Chab (pass), Bab Damsiouane (populated place), Bab Daoud (populated place), Bab Darbar (pass), Bab Darhbar (pass), Bab de Amurub (pass), Bab del Monte (pass), Bab Dellal (pass), Bab el Aacheb (pass), Bab el Afusar (pass), Bab el Anaser (pass), Bab el Anasser (pass), Bab el Arba (populated place), Bab el Arba (pass), Bab el Arbaa (populated place), Bab el Babat (pass), Bab el Batma (pass), Bab el Berd (pass), Bab el Beutma (pass), Bab el Bida (pass), Bab El Bir (area), Bab el Carn (pass), Bab el Groun (pass), Bab el Guebs (pass), Bab el Had (pass), Bab el Had (populated place), Bab el Hajar (populated place), Bab el Hajel (pass), Bab el Hamra (populated place), Bab el Hamra (pass), Bab el Hamra (populated place), Bab el Handia (pass), Bab el Heït (populated place), Bab el Jebel (pass), Bab el Joua (pass), Bab el Karn (pass), Bab el Kecheb (pass), Bab el Kern (pass), Bab el Kohol (pass), Bab el Ksil (pass), Bab el Kta (pass), Bab el Marj (pass), Bab el Menjra (pass), Bab el Merj (pass), Bab el Merj (pass), Bab el Mouinirene (pass), Bab el Mrouj (populated place), Bab el Souar (pass), Bab Elfririna (pass), Bab Elmetatacht (pass), Bab Emsila (pass), Bab Essninat (pass), Bab et Tnine (pass), Bab Ettaqrie (pass), Bab ez Zerga (pass), Bab Fech Echelale (pass), Bab Fej (pass), Bab Fej el Khi (pass), Bab Fej el Khir (pass), Bab Ferrich (pass), Bab Ferricha (pass), Bab Gueroua (pass), Bab Guerouta (pass), Bab Hajara (pass), Bab Hakem (populated place), Bab Isougar (pass), Bab Jama (populated place), Bab Kâouane (pass), Bab Kessil (pass), Bab Khemis (pass), Bab Khil Bendo (pass), Bab Laarayes (pass), Bab Lahjar (populated place), Bab Larbâ (pass), Bab Larbaa (populated place), Bab Lassouar (pass), Bab Lbir (pass), Bab Lhedroub (area), Bab Louta (populated place), Bab Mansoura (populated place), Bab Mareklo (populated place), Bab Mennsoura (populated place), Bab Merhdour (pass), Bab Merja (pass), Bab Mersouka (railroad station), Bab Merzouka (railroad station), Bab Mesgouida (pass), Bab Mesguida (pass), Bab Mgalsa (pass), Bab Mguelsa (pass), Bab Mias (pass), Bab Mkimene (pass), Bab Mokodla (pass), Bab Morouj (populated place), Bab Msemlel (pass), Bab Msila (pass), Bab Msila (pass), Bab Nerkibat (pass), Bab Nouader (pass), Bab Nuader (pass), Bab Oua Morhra (pass), Bab Oua Ounkort (pass), Bab Ouato (pass), Bab Ouayad (mountain), Bab Ouender (populated place), Bab Ouennder (populated place), Bab Oum Loussek (pass), Bab Quizert (pass), Bab Remel (populated place), Bab Rouadi (pass), Bab Seam (populated place), Bab Selham (populated place), Bab Sellam (populated place), Bab Sidi Ali Ben Kebbab (pass), Bab Sidi el Fedil (pass), Bab Sidi Fodhil (pass), Bab Sidi Kebab (pass), Bab Slib (pass), Bab Soltane (fort), Bab Stag (pass), Bab Stout (populated place), Bab Stout (fort), Bab Stout (pass), Bab Stoute (populated place), Bab Taddert (populated place), Bab Tafranet (pass), Bab Tafrant (pass), Bab Tafraout (pass), Bab Tafraoute (pass), Bab Tafrent (pass), Bab Tafsest (pass), Bab Tahaja d’Ictzane (pass), Bab Tahalo (populated place), Bab Taka (pass), Bab Talmest (pass), Bab Tamesdine (pass), Bab Tarmast (pass), Bab Tasa (populated place), Bab Taza (populated place), Bab Taza (populated place), Bab Taza (populated place), Bab Taza (populated place), Bab Taza (mountain), Bab Tazza (populated place), Bab Teimerla (pass), Bab Tenia (pass), Bab Termas (pass), Bab Tidinamine (pass), Bab Tidmamine (pass), Bab Tifartine (pass), Bab Tifrefra (pass), Bab Timalou (populated place), Bab Timilout (pass), Bab Tiouka (pass), Bab Tirargent (pass), Bab Tisliouine (pass), Bab Tisra (railroad station), Bab Tizza (pass), Bab Tizzi (pass), Bab Zerga (pass), Bab Zloul (pass), Bab-Berret (populated place), Bab-Marzouka (railroad station), Baber Rich (pass), Babli (populated place), Babrimali (populated place), Babt al Bir (populated place), Bac de Mechra el Homri (ferry), Baccara (populated place), Bacha Bnakil (farm), Bachaouja (populated place), Bachkad (populated place), Bachkata (populated place), Bachkoum (populated place), Bachkoun (populated place), Bachouayech (area), Bachta Naïma (populated place), Badarat (populated place), Badaret (populated place), Bâdes (populated place), Badiouane (hill), Badriouene (populated place), Badriouene (populated place), Baejine (populated place), Bagabech (populated place), Bagara (populated place), Baggara (tribal area), Baha (populated place), Baharaouine (tribal area), Bahía de Alhucemas (bay), Bahira (populated place), Bahlil (populated place), Bahlil (tribal area), Bahmou (populated place), Bahrani (populated place), Bahraouîyene (tribal area), Bahraouiyene (area), Baia (populated place), Baie Betoya (bay), Baie de Fédala (bay), Baie de Tafelney (bay), Baie de Tanger (bay), Baie de Tétouan (bay), Baie d’ Al Hoceïma (bay), Baie d’ Alhucemas (bay), Baie d’ Iris (cove(s)), Baie Teïdent (cove(s)), Bain el Uidan (dam), Baïnou (populated place), Bakader (populated place), Bakal (populated place), Bakara (populated place), Bakhachou (populated place), Bakhir (populated place), Bakhir (populated place), Bakhir Atanane (populated place), Bakka (populated place), Bakkara (populated place), Baknou (populated place), Bakou (populated place), Bakrir (populated place), Bakrit (populated place), Bala (populated place), Balel Arba (populated place), Balit (populated place), Balt Ezzitoun (hill), Bam Sehm (populated place), Banasa (ruin(s)), Banc de Sim (reef(s)), Bani Achir (populated place), Bani Bouzemour (populated place), Bani Hatime (populated place), Bani Maâdane (populated place), Bani Ouachrd (populated place), Bani Oualal (populated place), Banjala (populated place), Banoun (populated place), Baouissamenta (mountain), Baoum (populated place), Baoun (populated place), Baqqala (populated place), Baqquala (populated place), Bar Beida (populated place), Bararha (populated place), Barda (populated place), Barda (populated place), Barek (tomb(s)), Bargane (populated place), Bargha (populated place), Barghout (populated place), Barhama (populated place), Barharhar (hill), Barhila (populated place), Barhourh (populated place), Bari (tribal area), Barj (populated place), Barouaga (area), Baroukh (hill), Barrage Aït ‘Adel (reservoir(s)), Barrage Al Mançour Ad Deher (dam), Barrage Cavagnac (dam), Barrage de l’ Oued al Maleh (dam), Barrage de l’ Oued Mellah (dam), Barrage de Talembote (reservoir(s)), Barrage de Talembote (dam), Barrage d’imfout (populated place), Barrage el Mansour ed Deher (dam), Barrage Idriss Premier (dam), Barrage Mohammed V (dam), Barrage Oued al Maleh (dam), Barranda (populated place), Barrechid (populated place), Barrezmat (populated place), Barrha (populated place), Barri (tribal area), Bas Tissougat (fort), Baskara (populated place), Baskokiene (tribal area), Basra (ruin(s)), Bassala (populated place), Bassin Deland (docking basin), Bassin Delande (docking basin), Bassin Delpit (docking basin), Bassin du Commerce (docking basin), Bassin du Tourisme (docking basin), Bastion Labordette (fort), Bastioun (populated place), Bataille (populated place), Batel (populated place), Batenchih (populated place), Batene Jedari (area), Batennchech (populated place), Baterchih (populated place), Bateun Djedari (area), Bateun Jedari (area), Bathat el Gouassir (wadi), Batni-Chikh (populated place), Battou (populated place), Baujâd (populated place), Bayen (populated place), Baz Lamit (area), Bazoualat (populated place), Bazzou (populated place)

> bc

Bchachma (populated place)

> bd

Bdaoua (populated place), Bdaoua (populated place), Bdaoua et Taïf (populated place), Bdaoua Rbayah (populated place), Bdaoua Sejra (populated place), Bdoua (populated place)

> be

Bechir (populated place), Bechkata (populated place), Bedana (tribal area), Bedana el Goualet (populated place), Bedaoua (populated place), Bedaoua (tribal area), Beddara (populated place), Beddit (hill), Beddora (populated place), Bediac (hill), Bedid (hill), Bedor (tribal area), Bedriss (cemetery), Begara (tribal area), Begara (populated place), Begara ech Chaab (populated place), Begara el Chaab (populated place), Beghi (populated place), Behadoun (populated place), Behaïaissa (well), Behaïnissa (well), Behalil (populated place), Behatra (tribal area), Behatra-Nord (tribal area), Behatra-Sud (tribal area), Beïgdad (populated place), Bejir (tribal area), Bejrane (populated place), Bekaïr (populated place), Bekkala (populated place), Bekkar (populated place), Bekrit (populated place), Bekrite (populated place), Bel Abida (populated place), Bel Adam (area), Bel Aïchich (farm), Bel Ajiata (populated place), Bel Aracher (hill), Bel Aroussi (populated place), Bel Asri (tomb(s)), Bel Ayachi (populated place), Bel Azouz (populated place), Bel Azri (populated place), Bel Bachir (populated place), Bel Farah (intermittent wetland), Bel Fatmi (building(s)), Bel Garbou (building(s)), Bel Ghiada (well), Bel Ghiadia (well), Bel Ghiadia (fort), Bel Grad (ruin(s)), Bel Haders (populated place), Bel Hamidia (populated place), Bel Hamri (populated place), Bel Hamza (hill), Bel Hareh (populated place), Bel Hasnat (locality), Bel Hassenat (area), Bel Houseïne (populated place), Bel Housseïn (populated place), Bel Jer (populated place), Bel Khalifa (populated place), Bel Mahdi (populated place), Bel Moussa (populated place), Bel Rhalmia (populated place), Bel Rhiada (well), Bel Rhiada (fort), Bel Safret (populated place), Bel Yamoun (hill), Bel-Hadja (populated place), Belaïchia (populated place), Belaïchich (populated place), Belaïd (populated place), Belaïd ben Bouara (populated place), Belaïd Chafour (populated place), Belal (populated place), Belazreg (populated place), Belemoudel (populated place), Belghizi (populated place), Belgrade (ruin(s)), Belhanna (populated place), Belibilia (populated place), Belibilia (well), Beliota (populated place), Belkasimitene (populated place), Belkassem (populated place), Belkassemine (populated place), Belkheir (populated place), Bella (populated place), Bellat (populated place), Bellat jbel (populated place), Belleta (populated place), Bellota (populated place), Bellouk (populated place), Bellouta (populated place), Belmoudel (populated place), Belouazene (populated place), Belrhatiine (populated place), Belsak (populated place), Belziz (populated place), Bemmekrim (populated place), Ben Aârab (mountain), Ben Abauda (ridge(s)), Ben Abdalah (populated place), Ben Abdallah (populated place), Ben Ahmar (populated place), Ben Aïd Bouaïra (populated place), Ben Akka (mountain), Ben Ali (populated place), Ben Ali (populated place), Ben Ali Ou Mbark (building(s)), Ben Allah (populated place), Ben Allah (populated place), Ben Allou (populated place), Ben Alloui (populated place), Ben Amar (populated place), Ben Amar (populated place), Ben Amarat (populated place), Ben Amarate (populated place), Ben Amarate (populated place), Ben Amer (mountain), Ben Ameur (mountain), Ben Amor (populated place), Ben Amor (farm), Ben Annfer (populated place), Ben Aomar (populated place), Ben Aouich (populated place), Ben Arab (mountain), Ben Arouss (populated place), Ben Atmane (populated place), Ben Ayadet (populated place), Ben Azzouz (populated place), Ben Azzouz (populated place), Ben Bella (populated place), Ben Bouchaïb (populated place), Ben Bouih (populated place), Ben Bouiha (populated place), Ben Carrich (populated place), Ben Chaboun (populated place), Ben Cherro (populated place), Ben Cherrou (populated place), Ben Darhou (mountain)
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