maMaboungani (populated place), Madjabalini (spur(s)...">

Places in Mayotte that begin with the letter "m"

> ma

Maboungani (populated place), Madjabalini (spur(s)), Maéva Rano (locality), Mahore (first-order administrative division), Mahore (island), Maji Anyounyi (cove(s)), Majikavo 1 (populated place), Majikavo 2 (populated place), Majikavo Koropa (populated place), Majikavo Lamir (populated place), Majimbini (mission), Majiméouni (populated place), Malamani (populated place), Malandzamiayajou (island), Malandzamiayatsini (island), Mambani (forest(s)), Mambutzou (captial of a first-order administrative division), Mamoudzou (captial of a first-order administrative division), Mamoutzou (captial of a first-order administrative division), Mamutzu (captial of a first-order administrative division), Mandani (promontory(-ies)), Mangajou (populated place), Manyassini (section of populated place), Maote (island), Mavingoni (locality), Mayotta Island (island), Mayotte (first-order administrative division), Mayotte (first-order administrative division), Mayotte (island)

> mb

Mbouéanatsa (populated place), Mbouini (populated place), Mbouyouni (section of populated place)

> me

Ménourou Kétraka (locality)

> mi

Miangani (forest(s)), Miréréni (populated place), Mitséni (populated place)

> mk

Mkadijou (hill)

> ml

Mliha (populated place), Mlima Bénara (mountain), Mlima Bépilipili (mountain), Mlima Chiconi (hill), Mlima Chirongui (hill), Mlima Chongui Kéli (mountain), Mlima Choungui (mountain), Mlima Combani (mountain), Mlima Digo (hill), Mlima Djialimou (hill), Mlima Dziani Bolé (mountain), Mlima Hassové (ridge(s)), Mlima Kani Kéli (hill), Mlima Karoni (hill), Mlima Maévadoani (ridge(s)), Mlima Maoueni (ridge(s)), Mlima Mapouéra (mountain), Mlima Maré (ridge(s)), Mlima Mro oua Nyombé (ridge(s)), Mlima Mtsapéré (mountain), Mlima Sazilé (ridge(s))

> mo

Monyé Amiri (island), Mouanatrindi (populated place), Mounadzini (populated place), Mounyambani (coast), Mourijou (slope(s)), Moutsamoudou (populated place), Moutsatoundou (populated place), Moutsatoundou (spur(s)), Moutsoumbatsou (populated place)

> mr

Mramadoudou (populated place), Mréréni (populated place), Mréréni Bé (populated place), Mro oua Bandrani (stream), Mro oua Bizijou (stream), Mro oua Bouyouni (stream), Mro oua Chirini (stream), Mro oua Coconi (stream), Mro oua Dagoni (stream), Mro oua Danni (stream), Mro oua Daradjojou (stream), Mro oua Dembéni (stream), Mro oua Doujani (stream), Mro oua Gomeni (stream), Mro oua Gouloué (stream), Mro oua Hachike (stream), Mro oua Hajangoua (stream), Mro oua Haoutoungou (stream), Mro oua Ironi Bé (stream), Mro oua Kaouénilajoli (stream), Mro oua Karoni (stream), Mro oua Karovara (stream), Mro oua Kirissoni (stream), Mro oua Koualé (stream), Mro oua Longoni (stream), Mro oua Maboungani (stream), Mro oua Majimbini (stream), Mro oua Makoulatsa (stream), Mro oua Mangajou (stream), Mro oua Mapouéra (stream), Mro oua Maré (stream), Mro oua Massoulaha (stream), Mro oua Meresse (stream), Mro oua Mgombani (stream), Mro oua Mimari (stream), Mro oua Mouhogoni (stream), Mro oua Mounou (stream), Mro oua Ouroveni (stream), Mro oua Patsé (stream), Mro oua Salim Bé (stream), Mro oua Sanaro (stream), Mro oua Sanga (intermittent stream), Mro oua Sirnalé (stream), Mro oua Tanamuao (intermittent stream), Mronaléia (populated place), Mroni Abadiri (stream), Mroni Analamiheni (stream), Mroni Andrianebe (stream), Mroni Anianano (stream), Mroni Batirini (stream), Mroni Bé (stream), Mroni Bé (stream), Mroni Bé (intermittent stream), Mroni Béja (stream), Mroni Berambo (stream), Mroni Boungoumouné (stream), Mroni Djialimou (stream), Mroni Haouala (stream), Mroni Kalé (intermittent stream), Mroni Kavani (stream), Mroni Kavani (stream), Mroni Massimoni (stream), Mroni Mouala (stream), Mroni Rouaka (stream), Mroni Saeva (stream), Mronyombéni (populated place), Mrowalé (stream), Mrowalé (populated place)

> mt

Mtsahara (populated place), Mtsamboro (populated place), Mtsamgamouji (populated place), Mtsanga Achimatso (beach), Mtsanga Antakoudja (beach), Mtsanga Apondra (beach), Mtsanga Bamana (beach), Mtsanga Boundrouni (beach), Mtsanga Chanfi (beach), Mtsanga Chifouni (beach), Mtsanga Dindioni (shoal(s)), Mtsanga Dzienguizi (beach), Mtsanga Fanou (beach), Mtsanga Foumbouni (beach), Mtsanga Foumbouni (beach), Mtsanga Gouéla (beach), Mtsanga Guini (beach), Mtsanga Hadsalé (beach), Mtsanga Iloni (beach), Mtsanga Jiva (beach), Mtsanga Kanoua (beach), Mtsanga Kolo Batsoumou (pass), Mtsanga Kombo Bato (pass), Mtsanga Maji (shoal(s)), Mtsanga Makoulatsa (beach), Mtsanga Mbouéanatsa (beach), Mtsanga Milouani (beach), Mtsanga Mlima (beach), Mtsanga Momoni (beach), Mtsanga Moudou (beach), Mtsanga Mounyambani (beach), Mtsanga Mtiti (beach), Mtsanga Mtiti (beach), Mtsanga Mtsanyounyi (beach), Mtsanga Nyamba (beach), Mtsanga Safari (beach), Mtsanga Sakouli (beach), Mtsanga Sazilé (beach), Mtsanga Tanaraki (beach), Mtsanga Tsoha (beach), Mtsanga Tsoholé (island), Mtsangachéhi (populated place), Mtsangadoua (populated place), Mtsangamboua (populated place), Mtsanyounyi (coast), Mtsapéré (section of populated place)

> mu

Musicale Plage (populated place)

> mz

Mzouazia (populated place)

> m’

M’Gombani (populated place), M’Jago (populated place), M’Tsangadoi (populated place), M’Tsangamboi (populated place), M’Tsangamouji (populated place), M’Zamboro (populated place)