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Places in Kazakhstan that begin with the letter "m"

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Madaliabad (populated place), Madanbat (populated place), Madani (populated place), Madani (populated place), Madani (populated place), Madaniya (populated place), Madaniyat (populated place), Madaniyat (populated place), Madaniyat (populated place), Madaniyat (populated place), Madaniyat (populated place), Madaniyat (populated place), Madaniyet (populated place), Madanyyat (populated place), Madan’yat (populated place), Madan’yat (populated place), Madebay-Agash (populated place), Mädenīet (stream), Mädenīet (populated place), Madeniet (populated place), Mädenīet (populated place), Madeniyet (populated place), Madeniyet (populated place), Madeniyët (populated place), Madeniyet (populated place), Madeniyet (populated place), Madeniyët (populated place), Madeniyët (stream), Madeniyët (populated place), Madeniyët (populated place), Madeniyët (populated place), Madeniyët (populated place), Madeniyet (populated place), Madeniyet (populated place), Madeniyët (populated place), Madeniyet (populated place), Madim (populated place), Mädönīet (populated place), Maganiyyat (huts), Magdalinovka (populated place), Magdar (populated place), Maghnay (populated place), Maghnay (populated place), Magnay (railroad station), Magnay (populated place), Magnay (populated place), Magqystaū Taūlary (mountains), Magzhan (populated place), Maidan-Tal (populated place), Maikapchugai (populated place), Mailibash (populated place), Mainkum (populated place), Maitan (populated place), Mak-Bal-Say (populated place), Makan (populated place), Makanchi (populated place), Makanchi (stream), Makanchinskiy (populated place), Makanchinskiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Makangi (stream), Makanshi (populated place), Makarov (populated place), Makarova (stream), Makarovka (populated place), Makarovo (populated place), Makar’yevka (populated place), Makar’yevskiy Zavod (populated place), Makashevka (populated place), Makat (populated place), Makat Severnyy (populated place), Makatskiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Makey (populated place), Makeyev (populated place), Makeyevka (populated place), Makeyevka (populated place), Makeyevskiy (populated place), Makeyevskiy (populated place), Makeyevskoye (populated place), Makeyvka (populated place), Makhambet (populated place), Makhambet Aūdany (second-order administrative division), Makhambetskiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Makhan (stream), Makhanda (populated place), Makhandy (stream), Makhandy (stream), Makhat (populated place), Makhorovka (populated place), Makhtachi (populated place), Makhtadzhan (populated place), Makhtaly (populated place), Makhtaly (populated place), Makhtaly (populated place), Makhtaly (populated place), Makhtashi (populated place), Makhtashy (populated place), Makhtazhan (populated place), Makīn Aūdany (second-order administrative division), Makīnka (populated place), Makīnsk (populated place), Makīnsk Aūdany (second-order administrative division), Makinskiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Makinskoye (populated place), Makish (populated place), Maklakkol’ (populated place), Makovka (populated place), Makovskiy (populated place), Makpal (stream), Makpal-Ul’ (populated place), Makpalkol’ (populated place), Makpan (populated place), Maksikha (populated place), Maksikha (stream), Maksim (populated place), Maksim (populated place), Maksīm Gor’kīy Atyndaghy Qystaū (camp(s)), Maksimo-Gor’kovskiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Maksimovka (populated place), Maksīmovka (populated place), Maksimovka (populated place), Maksīmovka (populated place), Maksimovka (populated place), Maksimovka (populated place), Maksimovskiy (populated place), Maksimovskoye (populated place), Maksimovskoye (populated place), Maksimychev (populated place), Maksut (populated place), Maksut (populated place), Maktaaral’skiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Maktachi (populated place), Maktachi (populated place), Maktaly (populated place), Maktashi (populated place), Maktashi (populated place), Maktykul’skiy (populated place), Mal Uzen River (stream), Mala-Blak (populated place), Mala-Blok (populated place), Malakanovka (populated place), Malaly (stream), Malalyayryk (intermittent stream), Malay (populated place), Malay (populated place), Malay (populated place), Malay (populated place), Malay-Sarö Range (mountains), Malaya Aleksandrovka (populated place), Malaya Alma-Atinaskaya (section of populated place), Malaya Almaatinka (stream), Malaya Almatinka (stream), Malaya Almatinskaya (section of populated place), Malaya Ashchily (stream), Malaya Chernaya Berel’ (stream), Malaya Damba (populated place), Malaya Feklistka (stream), Malaya Gromotushka (stream), Malaya Kapalka (stream), Malaya Keben’ (stream), Malaya Khobda (stream), Malaya Kokkol’ (stream), Malaya Krasnoyarka (populated place), Malaya Lepetikha (populated place), Malaya Panika (populated place), Malaya Safonovka (populated place), Malaya Sherba (populated place), Malaya Shybyndy (stream), Malaya Stanitsa (section of populated place), Malaya Timofeyevka (populated place), Malaya Uba (stream), Malaya Ubinka (stream), Malaya Ul’ba (stream), Malaya Vladimirovka (populated place), Malaya Vozvyshenka (populated place), Malaya Yembulatovka (stream), Malayak (populated place), Malaykuduk (populated place), Malaykuduk (populated place), Malaysary (populated place), Malaysary Zhotasy (mountains), Maldar (populated place), Maldarnyn-Espesy (stream), Maldarnyn-Zapes’ye (stream), Maldarnyn-Zepesye (stream), Maleevsk (populated place), Maleyevsk (populated place), Malgobar (populated place), Malinovaya (stream), Malinovka (populated place), Malinovka (populated place), Malīnovka (populated place), Malinovka (populated place), Malīnovka (populated place), Malinovoye (populated place), Malkara (populated place), Malo-Ayaguzskiy (populated place), Malo-Moynak (populated place), Malo-Narymskaya (populated place), Malo-Narymskiy (populated place), Malo-Narymskoye (populated place), Malo-Narymskoye (populated place), Maloaleksandrovka (populated place), Maloarkhangel’skoye (populated place), Malöbay (populated place), Malod’yakonka (stream), Malogorovka (populated place), Malokrasnoyarka (populated place), Malonarymka (populated place), Malorossiyka (populated place), Malorossīyka (populated place), Malorossīyka (populated place), Malorossiyka (populated place), Malorossiyskiy (populated place), Malorossiyskiy (populated place), Malorossiyskoye (populated place), Malosergeyevka (populated place), Malotimofeyevka (populated place), Maloūbīnka (populated place), Maloubinskoye (populated place), Malovodnoe (populated place), Malovodnoye (populated place), Malöy Achinokho (populated place), Maloy Ayaguzhiy (populated place), Malöy Kemin (stream), Malöy Kuygon (populated place), Maloye Ashinakho (populated place), Maloye Ashinokho (populated place), Maloye Beloye (populated place), Maloye Dekhkan (populated place), Maloye Ganyushkino (section of populated place), Maloye Karaoy (populated place), Maloye Karasu (populated place), Maloye More (lake), Maloye Narymskoye (populated place), Maloye Zaburun’ye Ostrov (island), Malshat (populated place), Malshora (populated place), Malshybay (populated place), Maly Ayaguzskiy (populated place), Maly Kart (populated place), Maly Kuygan (populated place), Maly Uzen (stream), Maly Vladimirovskiy (populated place), Malybay (populated place), Malyy Akzhar (populated place), Malyy Arikhangel’shiy (populated place), Malyy Aydarkhan (populated place), Malyy Aydausay (stream), Malyy Baskan (stream), Malyy Bereznyaki (populated place), Malyy Betagash (intermittent stream), Malyy Bukon’ (populated place), Malyy Bystryy (populated place), Malyy Chim-Bulak (stream), Malyy Chizhe (stream), Malyy Gorbunov (populated place), Malyy Kart (populated place), Malyy Kayynayryk (stream), Malyy Kebin (stream), Malyy Kemin (stream), Malyy Kuygan (populated place), Malyy Moynak (populated place), Malyy Naryn (stream), Malyy Peshnoy (populated place), Malyy Sarybulak (populated place), Malyy Sarykuduk (populated place), Malyy Saysalyk (stream), Malyy Sherbakov (populated place), Malyy Sudar’ (populated place), Malyy Tabylgisay (stream), Malyy Taldykuduk (populated place), Malyy Tazaral (populated place), Malyy Trekin (populated place), Malyy Turgusun (stream), Malyy Usek (stream), Malyy Usek (stream), Malyy Uzen’ (stream), Malyy Yagodnyy (populated place), Malyye Kamkaly (populated place), Malyye Tyukty (populated place), Malyye Tyukty (lake), Malyzhuban (populated place), Mal’chura (populated place), Mal’tsevka (populated place), Mal’tsevo (populated place), Mamay (populated place), Mamay Köli (salt lake), Mamayev (populated place), Mamayevka (populated place), Mamaytobe (populated place), Mambay (populated place), Mambet (populated place), Mambet (populated place), Mambetbay (populated place), Mambetov (populated place), Mametbay (populated place), Mamlyutka (populated place), Mamlyutka (populated place), Mamlyutka Aūdany (second-order administrative division), Mamlyutskiy (populated place), Mamlyutskiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Mamor (populated place), Mamut (populated place), Mamyr (populated place), Mamyr-Tyubek (populated place), Mamyrbote (populated place), Mamyrköl (lake), Mamyt (populated place), Mamytaryk (populated place), Manak (populated place), Manapka (stream), Manas Qystau (populated place), Manash (populated place), Manash (populated place), Manashi (stream), Manat (populated place), Manat (populated place), Manat (populated place), Manchzhurka (populated place), Manchzhurka (populated place), Mangadyr (populated place), Mangghyshlaq (populated place), Mangghystaū (first-order administrative division), Mangghystaū Aūdany (second-order administrative division), Mangghystaū Oblysy (first-order administrative division), Mangghystaū Shyghanaghy (gulf), Mangghystaū Taūy (mountains), Mangghystaū Tübegi (peninsula), Mangghystaū Üstirti (plateau), Manghyshlaq (populated place), Mangishlakski Bay (gulf), Mangishlakskiy Poluostrov (peninsula), Mangishlakskiy Zaliv (gulf), Mangislak Peninsula (peninsula), Mangistau (mountains), Mangistauskaya Oblast’ (first-order administrative division), Mangistauskiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Mangitarikh (populated place), Mängkeser Köl (salt lake), Manglay-Kyzylsay (dry stream bed), Mangqystaū (mountains), Mangqystaū Üstirti (plateau), Mangrystau (peninsula), Manguit (populated place), Mangut (populated place), Mangyraq (populated place), Mangys-Tau (peninsula), Mangyshlak (populated place), Mangyshlak Oblast’ (first-order administrative division), Mangyshlakskaya Oblast’ (first-order administrative division), Mangyshlakskiy Poluostrov (peninsula), Mangyshlakskiy Zaliv (gulf), Mangystau (mountains), Mänīsay (intermittent stream), Mankanay (populated place), Mankent (populated place), Mannysay (intermittent stream), Mantel’ (stream), Manten (populated place), Mantyube (populated place), Manyrak (populated place), Maqanshy (populated place), Maqanshy Aūdany (second-order administrative division), Maqat (populated place), Maqat Aūdany (second-order administrative division), Maqpalköl (populated place), Maqtaaral Aūdany (second-order administrative division), Maralbay (populated place), Maraldy (populated place), Maraldy (populated place), Maraldy (populated place), Maraldy (populated place), Maraldy Köli (salt lake), Maralikha (stream), Maralīkha (populated place), Maralikha (stream), Marallayevskiy (populated place), Marchikha (populated place), Marganets (populated place), Mariinski (populated place), Mariinskiy (populated place), Mariinskoye (area), Marinagorka (populated place), Maringorskoye (populated place), Maringorskoye (populated place), Marinogorka (populated place), Marinovka (populated place), Marīnovka (populated place), Marinovskiy (populated place), Marinovskiy Rayon (), Marinovskoye (populated place), Markakol’skiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Markasay (stream), Markatay (populated place), Markelov (populated place), Markhatay (populated place), Markov (populated place), Markovka (populated place), Markovskoye (populated place), Marksovka (populated place), Marlinski (populated place), Marly-Bas (populated place), Marqaköl (lake), Marqaköl Aūdany (second-order administrative division), Marshanovka (populated place), Marshanovskiy (populated place), Marta (populated place), Marta (populated place), Martök (populated place), Martu (populated place), Martuk (populated place), Martuk (populated place), Martukskiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Martyk-Kul’ (populated place), Martynov (populated place), Martynovka (populated place), Martynovo (populated place), Marzagul (populated place), Mar’ya (populated place), Mar’yanovka (populated place), Mar’yanovskiy (populated place), Masa-Kuduk (well), Masak (populated place), Masak (populated place), Masakbay (populated place), Masakpay (populated place), Masanchin (populated place), Masanshy (populated place), Masaq (populated place), Masaytobe (populated place), Masaytobek (populated place), Mashadana (populated place), Mashat (populated place), Mashat (stream), Mashe Köli (salt lake), Mashi (populated place), Mashtak (populated place), Mashteksay (populated place), Maskar (populated place), Maskarovskaya (populated place), Maskarskaya (populated place), Maslakanovka (populated place), Maslov (populated place), Maslyakha (stream), Mastek (camp(s)), Mästek Qystaū (camp(s)), Masteksay (populated place), Masyanov (populated place), Mas’yanovka (populated place), Mas’yanovka (stream), Mat (stream), Mat (populated place), Mata Kizöl Mountains (mountains), Matak (populated place), Matay (populated place), Matay (populated place), Matay (railroad station), Mataykara (populated place), Matibulak (populated place), Mätibulaq (populated place), Matisay (populated place), Matkaral (populated place), Matobay (populated place), Matobay Svyatoy Novyy (mountain), Matrosovo (populated place), Matrosovo (populated place), Matveevka (populated place), Matveevski (populated place), Matveyevka (populated place), Matveyevka (populated place), Matveyevka (populated place), Matveyevskiy (populated place), Mäūlimberli Qystaū (camp(s)), Maulyum-Berle (camp(s)), Mautan (populated place), May (populated place), May (populated place), May (populated place), May Aūdany (second-order administrative division), May-Bulak (stream), May-Bulak (stream), May-Kapchegay (populated place), May-Kul’ (populated place), May-Shunkur (populated place), May-Terek (populated place), May-Terekh (populated place), May-Tuken (well), May-Tyube (populated place), May-Tyube (railroad station), May-Tyubek (populated place), May-Usen’ (populated place), May-Uzen (populated place), Maya (populated place), Mayak (populated place), Mayak (populated place), Mayak (populated place), Mayak (populated place), Mayak (populated place), Mayak Verkhniy-Karaganskiy (lighthouse), Mayakovskiy (populated place)
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