baBaba (populated place), Baba-kuli-bay (point...">

Places in Kazakhstan that begin with the letter "b"

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Baba (populated place), Baba-kuli-bay (point), Baba-Kum Sands (sand area), Babaata (populated place), Babai-Kurgan (populated place), Baban (stream), Babata (stream), Babatay (populated place), Babatay (stream), Babatay (populated place), Babatugan (populated place), Babaty (stream), Babay (populated place), Babaykurgan (populated place), Babayqorghan (populated place), Babayskiy (populated place), Babeke (populated place), Babinskiy (populated place), Babinskiy Kar’yer (populated place), Babykburluk (stream), Babyqburlyq (stream), Bachanas (populated place), Badam (populated place), Badam (populated place), Badam (stream), Badam Bögeni (reservoir(s)), Badamsha (populated place), Badan (populated place), Badane (populated place), Baday-Kul’ (populated place), Badomsha-Karasy (stream), Badpak-Kum (sand area), Baganashyl (populated place), Baganaty (populated place), Bagara (populated place), Bagarlaysay (intermittent stream), Bagarnaya Vtoraya (populated place), Bagatyrevka (populated place), Bagdanovskiy (populated place), Baghyrlay (anabranch), Bagrationovka (populated place), Bagrationovka (populated place), Bagrationovka (populated place), Bagrationovskiy (populated place), Bagrationovskoye (populated place), Bagyrday (anabranch), Bagyrlay (anabranch), Baḩr-e Khazar (sea), Baḩr-e Khezer (sea), Baibek (populated place), Baidzhansai (populated place), Baikadam (populated place), Baimbet (populated place), Bairkum (populated place), Bak-Bolat (populated place), Bakabulak (populated place), Bakachi (populated place), Bakaly (stream), Bakaly (populated place), Bakan (stream), Bakan (stream), Bakanas (populated place), Bakanas (dry stream bed), Bakanas (stream), Bakanas (populated place), Bakanskiy (populated place), Bakay (populated place), Bakazhar (populated place), Bakbakty (populated place), Bakhabulak (populated place), Bakhanas (populated place), Bakharev Klyuch (stream), Bakhirëv (populated place), Bakhirov (populated place), Bakhiroy (populated place), Bakhmut (populated place), Bakhmutka (populated place), Bakhtirov (populated place), Bakhtö (populated place), Bakhty (populated place), Bakhtybay (destroyed populated place), Bakhumzhan (populated place), Bakhyrly (populated place), Bakpakty (populated place), Baksai (populated place), Baksai (stream), Baksais (stream), Baksaus (stream), Baksay (populated place), Baksay (stream), Baksayevskiy (populated place), Baksayskiy (populated place), Baksayskiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Baksayys (stream), Baksoys (stream), Baksuk (stream), Baktaral (populated place), Bakty (upland), Baktybay (destroyed populated place), Baktygirey (populated place), Baktykaryn (stream), Bakyrchik (populated place), Bakyrly (populated place), Bakyrshik (populated place), Bala-Bugun’ (stream), Bala-Khobda (stream), Bala-Kunduzdy (stream), Bala-Kunduzdy (populated place), Bala-Kundyzdy (stream), Bala-Shiderty (stream), Bala-Taldyk (intermittent stream), Bala-Taldyq (intermittent stream), Bala-Terisakkan (stream), Bala-Tersakkan (stream), Bala-Tundyk (stream), Balabanov (populated place), Balabanovo (populated place), Balabay (stream), Balabay (tomb(s)), Balabay (camp(s)), Balabay Qystaū (camp(s)), Balabeit (populated place), Balabiyet (populated place), Baladyr (populated place), Baladzhol (populated place), Baladzhol’skiy (populated place), Balagan (populated place), Balak-Beit (populated place), Balakokpekty (stream), Balakty (stream), Balakty Pol (railroad station), Balakundyzdy (populated place), Balakungey (hill), Balankova (ruin(s)), Balankovka (ruin(s)), Balaoy (well), Balaözen (stream), Balapan (stream), Balapan Zhaly (hills), Balasaz (populated place), Balashiderti (stream), Balatay (populated place), Balatopar (populated place), Balatopar (stream), Balatyundyk (stream), Balay (populated place), Balay Tübegi (peninsula), Baldyrgan (populated place), Baldysu (populated place), Balga (intermittent stream), Balgyn (populated place), Balgyn (stream), Bali (populated place), Balka (populated place), Balka Akkuduk (ravine(s)), Balka Bagdyray (intermittent stream), Balka Bagyrday (intermittent stream), Balka Bagyrday (anabranch), Balka Kolesnikov (ravine(s)), Balka Kongansay (ravine(s)), Balka Kumsay (ravine(s)), Balka Kurboshke (ravine(s)), Balka Shabdaraygyr (valley), Balka Sholaksay (ravine(s)), Balka Taban (ravine(s)), Balka Uriktysay (intermittent stream), Balkash (lake), Balkashīn Aūdany (second-order administrative division), Balkashino (populated place), Balkashīno (populated place), Balkashīno Aūdany (second-order administrative division), Balkashinskiy (populated place), Balkashinskiy (populated place), Balkashinskiy Pervyy (populated place), Balkashinskiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Balkashinskoye (populated place), Balkhash (populated place), Balkhash (populated place), Balkhashskiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Balkuduk (populated place), Balkyldak (populated place), Balk’ (populated place), Ballastnyy (populated place), Balnis-Tyube (populated place), Balnistobe (populated place), Balpan (populated place), Balpeys (camp(s)), Balpiys (camp(s)), Balpyk Bī (populated place), Balqash (lake), Balqash (populated place), Balqash (railroad station), Balqash (populated place), Balqash Aūdany (second-order administrative division), Balqash Köli (lake), Balqash Qalasy (second-order administrative division), Balta (stream), Balta (populated place), Balta-Kul’ (populated place), Balta-Kul’ (ruin(s)), Baltabay (populated place), Baltabay (stream), Baltabay (populated place), Baltakar (stream), Baltaköl (populated place), Baltakol’ (ruin(s)), Baltaly (populated place), Baltaozek (stream), Baltasap (populated place), Baltasap (populated place), Baltatarak (stream), Baltatarak (populated place), Baltataraq (populated place), Baltay (populated place), Balty-Kul’ (ruin(s)), Baluan (populated place), Balykchi (populated place), Balykozek (hill), Balykshi (populated place), Balykshi (ruin(s)), Balykshi (populated place), Balykshinskiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Balykty (populated place), Balykty (populated place), Balykty (populated place), Balykty-Bulak (populated place), Balykty-Kul’ (populated place), Balyktykol’ (populated place), Balyktyozek (stream), Balyqshy (populated place), Balyqshy (populated place), Balyqshy Aūdany (second-order administrative division), Balyqtyköl (lake), Balyqtyköl (populated place), Balysu (populated place), Balzhanay (populated place), Bangazy (populated place), Bannov (populated place), Bannov (populated place), Bannovka (populated place), Bannovka (populated place), Bannovskiy (populated place), Banzostroy (populated place), Ban’yas (populated place), Bao-Kara-Su (populated place), Bapyshevka (populated place), Baqanas (dry stream bed), Baqanas (stream), Baqanas (populated place), Baqbaqty (populated place), Baqty (populated place), Baqyrly (populated place), Bar-Togay (populated place), Baraba (populated place), Baraby Dalasy (plain(s)), Barakkol’ (populated place), Barakkol’skiy (populated place), Barakpay (populated place), Barakpay (populated place), Barambay (populated place), Baranday (populated place), Barangköl (populated place), Barangy (populated place), Baranköl (populated place), Barankol’ (populated place), Barankul’ (populated place), Barankul’skiy (populated place), Barankul’skiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Barannikovskoye (populated place), Baranovka (populated place), Baranovski (populated place), Baranovskiy (populated place), Baraqbay (populated place), Baraqköl (lake), Barashevtsevo (populated place), Barashki (populated place), Barashki (populated place), Baratay (populated place), Baratinskoye (populated place), Barbastau (populated place), Barbastau (stream), Barcha-Kum (well), Bardagan (stream), Barkazan (populated place), Barkha (intermittent stream), Barkhan (triangulation station), Barkhot (populated place), Barlobay (populated place), Barlybay (populated place), Barmaqqum (sand area), Barmashino (populated place), Barnevka (populated place), Baronskoye (populated place), Barpel’ (populated place), Barrikady (populated place), Barsakelmes Aral (peninsula), Barsakelmes Tübegi (peninsula), Barsakel’messkiy Zapovednik (reserve), Barshakum (populated place), Barshakum (populated place), Barshaqum (populated place), Barshatas (populated place), Barshin (populated place), Barshino (populated place), Barshyn (populated place), Barsuchka (intermittent stream), Barsuk (stream), Barsukbay (intermittent stream), Barsukovka (populated place), Barsukovskiy (populated place), Barsykbay (populated place), Bartogay (populated place), Bartyldaqty Köli (salt lake), Barvinovka (populated place), Barykol’ (populated place), Baryshevka (populated place), Baryshevka (populated place), Baryshevskiy (populated place), Barzhakan (populated place), Bas-Chili (populated place), Bas-Karabutak (populated place), Bas-Karasu (stream), Bas-Kuduk (well), Bas-Liman (populated place), Bas-Tokrau (stream), Basaga (populated place), Basan (populated place), Basanyn-Kuduk (populated place), Basaral Araly (island), Baschiy (populated place), Baschiyskaya (populated place), Basentin (populated place), Bash Karabutak (populated place), Bash-Tokyz (well), Bashay (populated place), Bashenköl (populated place), Bashenkol’ (populated place), Basheny (populated place), Bashi (populated place), Bashkiyev-Saty (populated place), Bashkiyev-Satyy (populated place), Bashkol’ (populated place), Bashkov Log (stream), Bashkul’ (populated place), Bashkul’skiy (populated place), Bashmachnoe (populated place), Bashmachnoye (populated place), Bashmachny (populated place), Bashmachnyy (populated place), Bashtul’ (populated place), Bask-kol’ (populated place), Baskamys (populated place), Baskan (stream), Baskan (stream), Baskan (populated place), Baskan (stream), Baskanskaya (populated place), Baskarasu (populated place), Baskarasu Aul (populated place), Basköl (populated place), Baskol’ (populated place), Baskol’ (populated place), Baskuduk (populated place), Baskuduk (well), Baskunchak (populated place), Baskunchi (populated place), Baskunchi (populated place), Basoga (stream), Basovo (populated place), Basqamys (populated place), Basqan (stream), Basqudyq (populated place), Basqynshy (populated place), Bassaga (populated place), Basshiy (populated place), Basshomyshkol’ (populated place), Bastal (populated place), Bastan (populated place), Bastan-Dyk (populated place), Bastarau (dry stream bed), Bastau (stream), Bastau (stream), Bastau (populated place), Bastaush (populated place), Bastaushi (populated place), Bastomar (populated place), Bastrymovka (populated place), Basy-Karatay (well), Basy-Kurumbay (stream), Basy-Taldy-Say (stream), Basyr (populated place), Basysay (stream), Baszhalauly (dry stream bed), Bata-Baru (stream), Bata-Barul’ (stream), Batak (populated place), Batalinskiy (populated place), Bataly (populated place), Batamshinskiy (populated place), Batbakkara (populated place), Batbakkarinskiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Batbakty (ruin(s)), Batbakty (populated place), Bater Bek (populated place), Batmanovskiy (populated place), Batpak (populated place), Batpak (stream), Batpak (stream), Batpak (stream), Batpak (populated place), Batpak-Kara-Su (stream), Batpakbulak (stream), Batpakbulak (stream), Batpakkol’ (populated place), Batpakkol’ (populated place), Batpakkol’ (populated place), Batpakkol’ (populated place), Batpaktinskoye (populated place), Batpakty (populated place), Batpakty (ruin(s)), Batpakty (stream), Batpakty (populated place), Batpakty (populated place), Batpakty (populated place), Batpakty (populated place), Batpakty-Kul’ (populated place), Batpaq (populated place), Batpaqköl (lake), Batpaqköl (populated place), Batpaqqara (populated place), Batpaqty (populated place), Batpay (populated place), Batpayevskiy (populated place), Batr (populated place), Batraki (populated place), Battakkol’ (populated place), Battykty (populated place), Baturasay (populated place), Baturinka (populated place), Baturinka (populated place), Batūrīno (populated place), Baty (populated place), Batyk (populated place), Batyq (populated place), Batyr (populated place), Batyr (populated place), Batyr Galiy (populated place), Batyr-Bai (lake), Batyrbek (populated place), Batyrkhan (populated place), Batyr’Bek (populated place), Batys Qarataū Zhotasy (mountains), Batys Qazaqstan (first-order administrative division), Batys Qazaqstan Oblysy (first-order administrative division), Batys Qazaqstan Temir Zholy (railroad), Baubek (populated place), Baukain (stream), Baumanskiy (populated place), Baumanskiy (populated place), Baumanskoye (populated place), Baumanskoye (populated place), Baur-Tal (populated place), Baurkaragay (populated place), Baurozen (intermittent stream), Baūtīno (populated place), Bautino (populated place), Bautino Seleniye (populated place), Baūyrzhan Momyshuly (populated place), Bavan (populated place), Bay (populated place), Bay-mirza (well), Bayagiz (populated place), Bayaktobe (populated place), Bayaldyr (populated place), Bayaldyr (stream), Bayaldyr (populated place), Bayan (populated place), Bayan (populated place), Bayan-Aulskaya (populated place), Bayan-Aul’skoye (populated place), Bayan-Kazak (populated place), Bayan-Kazakh (populated place), Bayan-Sozan (populated place), Bayana (stream), Bayanas (stream), Bayanaul (populated place), Bayanaul’skiy Rayon (second-order administrative division), Bayanaūyl (populated place), Bayanaūyl Aūdany (second-order administrative division), Bayandy (populated place), Bayankol (stream), Bayankol (populated place), Bayanovsk (populated place), Bayavlo (populated place), Baybakhty (populated place), Baybek (populated place), Bayberdy (populated place), Bayberdy (stream), Baybichinskoye (populated place), Baybota (populated place)
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