Places in Germany that begin with the letter "vol"

> volb

Volbach (populated place), Volberg (populated place), Volbert (farm), Volbert (farm), Volbringen (populated place)

> vold

Voldagsen (populated place), Voldagsen (farm), Voldering (populated place), Voldewraa (populated place)

> volg

Volgen Berg (hill), Volgfelde (populated place)

> volk

Volkach (stream), Volkach (populated place), Volkardey (farm), Volkartshain (populated place), Völken (populated place), Völken (populated place), Volken-Berg (hill), Volkenbach (stream), Volkenrath (populated place), Volkenrath (populated place), Völkenreuth (populated place), Volkenroda (populated place), Völkenrode (populated place), Volkenroder Wald (forest(s)), Völkenroth (populated place), Volkenschwand (populated place), Volkensen (populated place), Volkenshagen (populated place), Volkenshagen (populated place), Völker (farm), Völker (farm), Völker (farm), Völkerhausen (populated place), Völkerink (farm), Volkerode (populated place), Volkerode (populated place), Volkers (populated place), Volkers (populated place), Volkers (populated place), Volkers-Berg (hill), Völkersbach (populated place), Volkersbrunn (populated place), Volkersdorf (populated place), Volkersdorf (populated place), Volkersdorf (populated place), Volkersdorf (populated place), Völkersen (populated place), Volkersgau (populated place), Völkershain (populated place), Völkershausen (populated place), Volkershausen (populated place), Volkershausen (populated place), Völkershausen (populated place), Völkershausen (populated place), Völkershausen (populated place), Völkershausner Wald (forest(s)), Volkersheim (populated place), Volkersheim (populated place), Volkershof (farm), Völkersleier (populated place), Völkersweiler (populated place), Volkerswurp (farm), Volkerswurth (farm), Volkert (farm), Volkertsham (populated place), Volkertshaus (populated place), Volkertshausen (populated place), Volkertshof (farm), Volkertshofen (populated place), Volkertswarft (farm), Volkertsweiler (farm), Volkertsweiler (populated place), Volkerzen (populated place), Volkesfeld (populated place), Volkfien (populated place), Volkhardinghausen (populated place), Volkhausen (populated place), Volkholz (populated place), Volkhoven (section of populated place), Völkingen-Ludweiler (section of populated place), Völkingen-Ludweiler (populated place), Völkleshofen (populated place), Völkleswald (farm), Völklingen (populated place), Volklings (populated place), Volkmannsdorf (populated place), Volkmannsdorf (populated place), Volkmannsdorf (populated place), Volkmannsdorferau (populated place), Volkmannsgrün (populated place), Volkmannshausen (populated place), Volkmannsreuth (populated place), Volkmaritz (populated place), Volkmarode (populated place), Volkmarsberg (mountain), Volkmarsdorf (populated place), Volkmarsen (populated place), Volkmarshausen (populated place), Volkmarst (populated place), Volkrading (farm), Volkratshofen (populated place), Volkringhausen (populated place), Volks-Berg (hill), Volksdorf (populated place), Volksdorf (populated place), Volksdorf (populated place), Volksdorf (populated place), Volkse (populated place), Volksen (administrative division), Volksen (populated place), Völksen (populated place), Volksgarten Bungtwald (park), Volksgatt (stream), Volksgut Morgenrot (farm), Völkshagen (populated place), Volkshagen (populated place), Volkshausen (populated place), Volksloh (hill), Volkspark (park), Volkstedt (populated place), Volkstedt (section of populated place), Volkstorf (populated place), Volkstorf (populated place), Volkstorf (populated place), Volkwardingen (populated place), Volkwig (populated place)

> voll

Vollburg (hill), Vollbüttel (populated place), Vollem (farm), Völlen (populated place), Völlenbach (populated place), Vollenberg (farm), Vollenborn (populated place), Vollenbrock (populated place), Völlenerfehn (populated place), Völlenerkönigsfehn (populated place), Vollenschier (populated place), Vollerding (populated place), Vollersode (populated place), Vollersroda (populated place), Vollerwiek (populated place), Vollhof (populated place), Völling (populated place), Völlinghausen (populated place), Völlinghausen (populated place), Völlkofen (populated place), Vollmannsdorf (populated place), Vollmaringen (populated place), Vollmarshausen (populated place), Vollmarshäuser Teich (lake), Vollme (populated place), Vollmer (farm), Vollmerdingsen (populated place), Vollmerhausen (populated place), Vollmersbach (populated place), Vollmersbach (farm), Vollmersdorf (populated place), Vollmersdorf (populated place), Vollmershain (populated place), Vollmershof (farm), Vollmersweiler (populated place), Vollmerz (populated place), Vollmortl (locality), Vollnkirchen (populated place), Vollochhof (populated place), Vollochmühle (farm), Vollradisroda (populated place), Vollrath (farm), Vollrathsruhe (populated place), Vollstedt (populated place), Vollstedter See (lake), Vollung (farm)

> volm

Volmarstein (populated place), Volme (stream), Volmeburg (farm), Volmerdingsen (populated place), Volmershoven (populated place), Volmerswerth (section of populated place)

> voln

Volnsberg (populated place)

> volp

Volperhausen (populated place), Volpertsberg (hill), Volpertshausen (populated place), Völpke (populated place), Volpriehausen (populated place)

> vols

Volsbach (populated place), Völschow (populated place), Volsemenhusen (administrative division), Volsvitz (populated place)

> volt

Volteroda (populated place), Voltlage (populated place), Voltlager Moor (moor(s)), Voltmann (farm)

> volx

Volxheim (populated place)

> volz

Völzberg (populated place), Volzel (populated place), Völzen (farm), Volzendorf (populated place), Volzenhof (populated place), Volzer See (lake), Volzine (stream), Volzrade (populated place), Volzum (populated place)