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Places in Germany that begin with the letter "p"

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Pa-Berg (hill), Paalzow (populated place), Paapsand (tidal flat(s)), Paapsand-Plate (tidal flat(s)), Paar (populated place), Paar (populated place), Paar (stream), Paaren (section of populated place), Paaren im Glien (populated place), Paarsch (populated place), Paarstadl (populated place), Paasch-Berg (hill), Paashaus (populated place), Pabsdorf (populated place), Pabsdorfer Wald (forest(s)), Pabstleithen (populated place), Pabstorf (populated place), Pabstthum (populated place), Pabstwald (forest(s)), Pachmayer (farm), Pachten (populated place), Pachtener Buchwald (forest(s)), Pachtener Köpfe (hills), Pachthof (populated place), Packan (farm), Packebusch (populated place), Packisch (populated place), Pad-Berg (mountain), Padberg (populated place), Padberger Wald (forest(s)), Padden Pfuhl (pond), Padden-Berg (hill), Padden-Pfuhl (pool(s)), Paddenpfuhl (pond), Padderow (populated place), Paddewisch (populated place), Padelügge (populated place), Pademack (populated place), Pademacker Teich (pond), Padenstedt (populated place), Pader (stream), Paderborn (third-order administrative division), Paderborn (populated place), Paderborn-Haxterberg (airfield), Paderborn-Lippstadt (airport), Paderborner Hochfläche (upland), Paderborner-Berg (hill), Padering (populated place), Padersberg (farm), Pading (farm), Padingbüttel (populated place), Padingbütteler Neuendeich (farm), Padingbütteler Wasserlöse (stream), Padingbütteler-Altendeich (populated place), Paditz (populated place), Paditz Teich (pond), Padling (populated locality), Paenbruch (farm), Paetrow (populated place), Paffendorf (populated place), Paffenlich (farm), Paffenlöh (populated place), Pafferscheid (forest(s)), Paffrath (farm), Paffrath (populated place), Pagatzsee (lake), Pagelsee (lake), Pagelsee (lake), Pageluns Berge (hills), Pagen Holz (forest(s)), Pagen-Berg (ridge(s)), Pagen-Berg (hill), Pagen-Berg (hill), Pagen-Berg (hill), Pagenhard (populated place), Pagenmoor (moor(s)), Pagensand (island), Pagentorner Vorstadt (section of populated place), Pagenwerder (islands), Pagerö (farm), Pageröfeld (farm), Pagram (populated place), Pahen-Berg (hill), Pähl (populated place), Pahl-Berg (hill), Pahlberg (farm), Pahlen (populated place), Pähler (farm), Pahler Haken (point), Pahlhorn (populated place), Pahlhude (populated place), Pahlkrug (populated place), Pahlriehen (area), Pahlsdorf (populated place), Pahlshof (farm), Pahn-Berg (hill), Pahna (populated place), Pahnstangen (populated place), Pahren (populated place), Pahrenz (populated place), Pahres (populated place), Paimar (populated place), Paindlkofen (populated place), Paindorf (populated place), Painhofen (populated place), Paint (farm), Painten (populated place), Paintener Forst (forest(s)), Paitzdorf (populated place), Paitzkofen (populated place), Pakebusch (populated place), Pakendorf (populated place), Pakens (populated place), Pakenser Außendeich (farm), Pakensergroden (farm), Palandswald (farm), Palenberg (administrative division), Palgemeier (farm), Palingen (populated place), Palingener Heide (heath), Pallerschloot (stream), Pallerstall (farm), Pallhausen (populated place), Pallien (section of populated place), Palling (populated place), Palm-Berg (hill), Palmbach (stream), Palmbach (populated place), Palmbaum (farm), Palmberg (populated place), Palmberg (populated place), Palmberg (mountain), Palmberg (hill), Palmberg (populated place), Palmberg (hill), Palmberg (hill), Palmbühl (hill), Palme (stream), Palmenwald (forest(s)), Palmer Ort (point), Palmerort (populated place), Palmersdorferhof (farm), Palmersheim (populated place), Palmlohe (forest(s)), Palmlohe (forest(s)), Palmnicken (farm), Palmpohl (populated place), Palmsberg (hill), Palmspring (farm), Palmzin (populated place), Palnkam (populated place), Palörde (point), Palstring (farm), Palsweis (populated place), Paltenkämpen (populated locality), Paltzschen (populated place), Palz (farm), Palzem (populated place), Palzergraben (stream), Palzing (populated place), Pamering (farm), Pamitz (populated place), Pampin (populated place), Pampow (populated place), Pampow (populated place), Pampow (populated place), Pampow (farm), Pamprin (populated place), Pamsendorf (populated place), Pandel-Bach (stream), Pandelbachshöhe (mountain), Pandertief (channel), Pang (populated place), Panger Filze (field(s)), Pangerlhof (farm), Pangraz (farm), Panhof (farm), Panholling (populated place), Panholz (farm), Panitz (populated place), Panitzsch (populated place), Panke (stream), Panke (stream), Pankeborn (populated place), Pankelow (populated place), Pankentheerhütte (farm), Panker (populated place), Pankhörn (area), Pankofen (populated place), Pankoppe (hill), Pankow (section of populated place), Pankow (second-order administrative division), Pankower Ort (peninsula), Pankower Tannen (forest(s)), Panneboe (farm), Pannecke (populated place), Panneke (populated place), Pannen-Berg (hill), Pannenbrett (farm), Pannenfelskopf (hill), Pannenschöpp (populated place), Pannesheide (populated place), Pannewitz (populated place), Pannewitz am Taucher (populated place), Pannigkau (populated place), Pannstedt (populated place), Panock (farm), Panoramahöhe (hill), Panrod (populated place), Pansath (farm), Panschenhagen (populated place), Panschenhagen (forest(s)), Panschow (populated place), Panschwitz (administrative division), Panschwitz-Kuckau (populated place), Pansdorf (populated place), Pansdorf (populated place), Panser (farm), Pansevitz (populated place), Pansevitzer Forst (forest(s)), Pansfelde (populated place), Pansheide (populated place), Panstorfer Forst (forest(s)), Pantbach (stream), Pantelitz (populated place), Panten (populated place), Pantenburg (populated place), Pantlitz (populated place), Pantow (populated place), Panzen (farm), Panzing (populated place), Panzow (populated place), Panzweiler (populated place), Panzweiler (populated place), Papageien-Berg (hill), Papen-Berg (hill), Papen-Berg (hill), Papen-Berg (hill), Papen-Berg (hill), Papen-Berg (hill), Papen-Berg (hill), Papen-Berg (hill), Papen-Berg (hill), Papen-Berg (hill), Papen-Berg (hill), Papen-Berg (hill), Papen-Berg (hill), Papen-Berg (hill), Papen-Berg (hill), Papen-Berg (hill), Papen-Pfuhl (pond), Papen-Pfuhl (pond), Papen-See (lake), Papenau (stream), Papenau (farm), Papenbeck (farm), Papenberg (populated place), Papenberg (populated place), Papenberg (populated place), Papenberg (hill), Papenberge (ridge(s)), Papenberge (populated place), Papenborn (farm), Papenbrink (hill), Papenbrook (populated place), Papenbruch (populated place), Papenbruch (farm), Papenburg (populated place), Papenburg-Obenede (populated place), Papenburgerweg (populated place), Papenbusch (forest(s)), Papenbüttel (hill), Papendorf (populated place), Papendorf (populated place), Papendorf (populated place), Papendorf (populated place), Papenfeld (farm), Papenhagen (populated place), Papenhagen (populated place), Papenhagen (populated place), Papenhausen (administrative division), Papenhöfen (populated place), Papenhöhe (populated place), Papenhöhe (farm), Papenholz (populated place), Papenholz (forest(s)), Papenholz (farm), Papenhorst (populated place), Papenhusen (populated place), Papenkamp (farm), Papenkaule (hill), Papenkuhle (populated place), Papenmoorland (populated place), Papenrode (populated place), Papensee (lake), Papental (ravine(s)), Papenteich (area), Papentum (farm), Päpers-Berg (hill), Papetjüch (farm), Papferding (populated place), Papier Berg (hill), Papierholz (populated locality), Päpinghausen (populated place), Papitz (populated place), Papitz (populated place), Paplitz (populated place), Paplitz (populated place), Paplitzer Hauptgraben (ditch), Paplitzer Mittelgraben (ditch), Pappel-Berg (mountain), Pappel-Berg (hill), Pappelau (populated place), Pappelhof (populated place), Pappelhorst (farm), Pappelntal (farm), Pappelwerder (farm), Pappenberg (populated place), Pappenberger Schlag (forest(s)), Pappendorf (populated place), Pappenheim (populated place), Pappenheim (populated place), Pappenheimer Berg (hill), Pappert Berg (hill), Pappritz (populated place), Papproth (populated place), Papsdorf (populated place), Päpsen (populated place), Papstdorf (populated place), Papststein (hill), Paradies (populated place), Paradies (farm), Paradies (populated place), Paradies (area), Paradies (hill), Paradies (farm), Paradies (populated place), Paradiesberg (farm), Paradiese (populated place), Paradieshof (farm), Parc Naturel Germano-Luxembourgeois (park), Parchau (populated place), Parchauer See (lake), Parchen (populated place), Parchen (forest(s)), Parchener Bach (ditch), Parchener Hauptgraben (ditch), Parchim (populated place), Parchim (airfield), Parchim (), Parchim East (airfield), Parchimer Stadtforst (forest(s)), Parchow (populated place), Parchow (populated place), Parchtitz (populated place), Parensen (populated place), Pareszell (populated place), Paretz (populated place), Paretz-Nauen-Kanal (canal), Parey (populated place), Parey (populated place), Pareyer See (marsh(es)), Pareyer Werder (area), Parforceheide (forest(s)), Parin (populated place), Parinerberg (farm), Parinerhof (farm), Paring (populated place), Paring (populated place), Pariser Kreuz (mountain), Parishof (populated place), Park Sanspareil (park), Park Sanssouci (park), Park Schönfeld (park), Park zu Sanssouci (park), Parkberg (populated place), Parkenthin (section of populated place), Parkentin (section of populated place), Parkhafen (harbor(s)), Parkow (populated place), Parkstein (populated place), Parkstetten (populated place), Parkswarfe (farm), Parlament (populated place), Parleib (populated place), Parleiten (populated place), Parleithen (farm), Parleithen (populated place), Parlow-Glambeck (populated place), Parmbichl (section of populated place), Parmen (populated place), Parmese-Berg (hill), Parnaß (hill), Parnewinkel (populated place), Parnham (populated place), Parnitz (stream), Parnkofen (populated place), Parnsberg (populated place), Parow (populated place), Parow (airfield), Parower Haken (point), Parpar (farm), Parper Tannen (forest(s)), Parr-Berg (hill), Parrig (forest(s)), Pars Berg (hill), Parsau (populated place), Parsberg (section of populated place), Parsberg (populated place), Parsberger (farm), Parschall (farm), Parschalling (populated place), Parschalling (populated place), Parscheid (populated place), Parschenberg (farm), Parsdorf (populated place), Parsit (populated place), Parst (populated locality), Parstein (populated place), Parsteiner See (lake), Parsteinwerder (farm), Partenfeld (populated place), Partenheim (populated place), Partenkirch (section of populated place), Partenkirchen (section of populated place), Partenkirchner Dreitorspitze (mountain), Partenkirchner Dreitorspitze (mountain), Partenstein (populated place), Parthe (stream), Parting (populated place), Partnach (stream), Partschefeld (populated place), Parum (populated place), Parum (populated place), Parumer See (lake), Parzham (populated place), Parzing (farm), Paß-Bach (stream), Paß-Berg (hill), Paß-Berg (hill), Paß-Berg (hill), Paß-Berg (hill), Paßberg-Graben (stream), Paßbruch (populated place), Pasch (populated place), Pasch Hügel (hill), Paschburg (farm), Pascheburg (farm), Paschel (populated place), Paschen-Bach (stream), Paschen-Berg (hill), Paschen-Berg (hill), Paschen-See (lake), Paschenbrück (farm), Paschenburg (populated place), Paschensee (lake), Paschenwerder (grazing area), Paschheide (populated place), Paschkowitz (populated place), Paschwitz (populated place), Paßditz (populated place), Päse (populated place), Pasel (populated place), Pasel-Berg (hill), Pasenbach (populated place), Pasenow (populated place), Paserin (populated place), Paseriner Vorwerk (farm), Pasewalk (populated place), Pasewalk (airfield), Pasewalker Kirchenforst (forest(s)), Pasewerk (populated place), Paßhausen (populated place), Pasing (section of populated place), Paska (populated place), Paske (populated place), Paßlick (farm), Passade (stream), Passade (populated place), Passader See (lake), Passau (populated place), Passau (third-order administrative division), Passau (third-order administrative division), Passau (stream), Passau-Vilshofen (airfield), Passeck (mountain), Passee (populated place), Passehls-Berg (hill), Passelsberg (farm), Passelsberg (farm), Passelsdorf (populated place), Passendorf (populated place), Passenrieth (populated locality), Passentin (populated place), Passerting (farm), Passin (populated place), Passlsberg (farm), Passolt (farm), Passop (farm), Passopp (farm)
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