obOb (populated place), Ob der Kirche (farm), Obbach...">

Places in Germany that begin with the letter "o"

> ob

Ob (populated place), Ob der Kirche (farm), Obbach (populated place), Obbendorf (farm), Obbenskoog (populated locality), Obbenskoog (polder), Obbornhofen (populated place), Obdrup (populated place), Obdrupholz (forest(s)), Obdrupholz (farm), Obdrupstraße (farm), Öbel (populated place), Obelfing (populated place), Obelgünne (farm), Obelhofen (populated place), Obelshof (populated place), Oben im Eiberg (populated place), Oben zum Holz (populated place), Obenaltendorf (populated place), Obenbrunn (populated place), Obendeich (farm), Obendeich (populated place), Obendorf (populated place), Obendorf (populated place), Obenhausen (populated place), Obenhausen (farm), Obenroth (populated place), Obensburg (hill), Obensiebeneick (populated locality), Obenstrohe (populated place), Ober Adamshof (farm), Ober Allmannsbach (farm), Ober Alpe (hut), Ober Ansels Berg (hill), Ober Auer (farm), Ober Bahnhof Königswalde (railroad station), Ober Berg (hill), Ober Berg (hill), Ober Berge (farm), Ober Berghaus (farm), Ober Bessingen (populated place), Ober Bichelbacherhof (farm), Ober Bildsberg (farm), Ober Blauen (section of populated place), Ober Breidenbach (populated place), Ober Brochhagen (farm), Ober Bröking (farm), Ober Brubacherhof (farm), Ober Buchenau (farm), Ober Bühren (farm), Ober Busch Krug (farm), Ober Büschem (populated locality), Ober Buschhausen (populated place), Ober Darfeld (populated place), Ober Dörnbachshof (farm), Ober Eichhof (farm), Ober Eickum (populated place), Ober Erl (farm), Ober Eschbach (populated place), Ober Fahlenbach (farm), Ober Falken (farm), Ober Fendt (populated place), Ober Forst (forest(s)), Ober Freg (hill), Ober Frickenhof (farm), Ober Frohnrath (farm), Ober Geilenkausen (populated place), Ober Gembeck (populated place), Ober Gern (farm), Ober Gersprenz (populated place), Ober Glinde (populated place), Ober Golbach (populated place), Ober Greh-Berg (hill), Ober Gruber (farm), Ober Guggenbühl (farm), Ober Haaren (populated place), Ober Habsberg (ridge(s)), Ober Hahnebalzer Teich (lake), Ober Hainbrunn (populated place), Ober Harlachen (farm), Ober Hauackerhof (farm), Ober Heide (heath), Ober Heiligen-Berg (hill), Ober Hell-Berg (hill), Ober Herweg (populated place), Ober Hesterberg (farm), Ober Heukelbach (populated place), Ober Hinrichshagen (populated place), Ober Hipkendahl (populated place), Ober Hof (farm), Ober Hollenberg (farm), Ober Holte (farm), Ober Holthaus (farm), Ober Holz (forest(s)), Ober Hombach (farm), Ober Homburgerhof (farm), Ober Hörgern (populated place), Ober Hösel (farm), Ober Hülsenbecke (farm), Ober Hülshagen (section of populated place), Ober Hunscheid (farm), Ober Hürholz (populated place), Ober Hürxtal (farm), Ober Hutzen Alpe (hut), Ober Juckenhof (farm), Ober Jukenhof (farm), Ober Kalbacher Grund (valley), Ober Kammererhof (farm), Ober Kamps (populated place), Ober Karthausen (populated place), Ober Kastavensee (lake), Ober Kettendorf (populated place), Ober Kirch-Berg (hill), Ober Kleingumpen (populated place), Ober Klenkendorf (populated place), Ober Klüppelberg (populated place), Ober Kohl-Berg (hill), Ober Kostenz (populated place), Ober Kotitz (populated place), Ober Kotten (farm), Ober Köttenich (farm), Ober Krombach (populated locality), Ober Lais (populated place), Ober Langenscheid (farm), Ober Lichteck (mountain), Ober Liebersbach (populated place), Ober Lüdersfeld (section of populated place), Ober Marsberger Stadt-Wald (forest(s)), Ober Melbecke (farm), Ober Mengelbach (populated place), Ober Merzenhof (farm), Ober Meyer (farm), Ober Mielinghausen (farm), Ober Mühleisenhof (farm), Ober Mützkow (populated place), Ober Neger (farm), Ober Nette (section of populated place), Ober Neuhaus (farm), Ober Neundorf (populated place), Ober Nordsehl (section of populated place), Ober Nusserhof (farm), Ober Ochtenhausen (populated place), Ober Ofleiden (populated place), Ober Ohmen (populated place), Ober Önkfeld (populated place), Ober Oppach (populated place), Ober Pfaffendorf (populated place), Ober Porbeck (farm), Ober Prauske (populated place), Ober Prinschbach (farm), Ober Raidelbach (populated place), Ober Rauschenthal (populated place), Ober Reeswinkel (farm), Ober Rengersdorf (populated place), Ober Riedern (populated place), Ober Röhrmann (farm), Ober Rolle (hill), Ober Rother Wald (forest(s)), Ober Saurain (farm), Ober Scheven (farm), Ober Schlicht (farm), Ober Schmitten (populated place), Ober Schönbergerhof (farm), Ober Schönmattenwag (populated place), Ober Schulenberg (populated place), Ober Schwaig (farm), Ober Schwenden (farm), Ober See (lake), Ober See (lake), Ober Seibertenrod (populated place), Ober Sorg (populated place), Ober Spreehammer (populated place), Ober Steenrade (populated place), Ober Steffenshagen (populated place), Ober Steigenbach (populated place), Ober Steimel (populated place), Ober Steinach (populated place), Ober Steinbuch (forest(s)), Ober Steinhof (farm), Ober Stöcken (farm), Ober Stuberg (farm), Ober Sülze (farm), Ober Teschnitz (populated place), Ober Tillbach (farm), Ober Uhlbach (farm), Ober Viehbig (populated place), Ober Vorwerk (farm), Ober Wald (forest(s)), Ober Wald (forest(s)), Ober Wald (forest(s)), Ober Weisched (farm), Ober Zodel (populated place), Ober-Abtsteinach (populated place), Ober-Ahmdeich (farm), Ober-Alting (farm), Ober-Angern (farm), Ober-Apping (farm), Ober-Au (farm), Ober-Bach (stream), Ober-Bach (stream), Ober-Bach (stream), Ober-Bachham (farm), Ober-Bad Krozingen (section of populated place), Ober-Beerbach (populated place), Ober-Berg (hill), Ober-Berg (hill), Ober-Berg (hill), Ober-Brennberg (farm), Ober-Bürchau (populated place), Ober-Busch (forest(s)), Ober-Durenbach (farm), Ober-Dürrenhof (farm), Ober-Egg (farm), Ober-Erlenbach (populated place), Ober-Flörsheim (populated place), Ober-Forst (forest(s)), Ober-Gfäll (farm), Ober-Gleen (populated place), Ober-Grün (populated place), Ober-Haag (populated place), Ober-Hackenberg (farm), Ober-Halden (farm), Ober-Hambach (populated place), Ober-Hambach (section of populated place), Ober-Hartdobl (farm), Ober-Hasling (farm), Ober-Heizing (farm), Ober-Henhart (farm), Ober-Hilbersheim (populated place), Ober-Hiltersklingen (populated place), Ober-Holz (forest(s)), Ober-Hub (farm), Ober-Kainsbach (populated place), Ober-Kinzig (populated place), Ober-Klingen (populated place), Ober-Klöcken (farm), Ober-Kunowald (forest(s)), Ober-Kürnach (populated place), Ober-Langenbach (farm), Ober-Laudenbach (populated place), Ober-Lehen (farm), Ober-Leimgrube (farm), Ober-Leiten (farm), Ober-Lueg (farm), Ober-Mark-Weiher (lake), Ober-Mockstadt (populated place), Ober-Modau (populated place), Ober-Moos (populated place), Ober-Mooser Teich (pond), Ober-Mörlen (airfield), Ober-Mörlen (populated place), Ober-Morschreuth (populated place), Ober-Mossau (populated place), Ober-Mumbach (populated place), Ober-Nauses (populated place), Ober-Olm (populated place), Ober-Olmer Wald (forest(s)), Ober-Ostern (populated place), Ober-Parzham (farm), Ober-Rähne (area), Ober-Ramstadt (populated place), Ober-Reit (farm), Ober-Reitzing (farm), Ober-Roden (populated place), Ober-Röhre (populated place), Ober-Rötenbach (farm), Ober-Roturach (farm), Ober-Saulheim (populated place), Ober-Scheringen (section of populated place), Ober-Schratten-Berg (mountain), Ober-Schweibach (farm), Ober-See (lake), Ober-Selighof (farm), Ober-Siegenbühl (farm), Ober-Sondern (populated place), Ober-Staigenbach (populated place), Ober-Stellberg (populated place), Ober-Stetten (farm), Ober-Strass (farm), Ober-Tauschendorf (section of populated place), Ober-Teich (pond), Ober-Teich (pond), Ober-Teich (pond), Ober-Thaling (farm), Ober-Ursbach (farm), Ober-Voggenhof (populated place), Ober-Wald (forest(s)), Ober-Warnow (stream), Ober-Weiher (lake), Ober-Werbe (populated place), Ober-Wies (farm), Ober-Wimm (farm), Oberach (populated place), Oberach (populated place), Oberachau (farm), Oberachdorf (populated place), Oberachern (populated place), Oberachtel (section of populated place), Oberachthal (populated place), Oberacker (populated place), Oberackerhof (farm), Oberaden (populated place), Oberadlhof (farm), Oberaffalter (populated place), Oberafferbach (populated place), Oberagger (populated place), Oberaha (farm), Oberaham (populated place), Oberahle (populated place), Oberahmer Vorwerk (farm), Oberahorn (populated place), Oberahr (populated place), Oberahrain (populated place), Oberähren (populated place), Oberahrer Berge (hills), Oberaich (farm), Oberaich (populated place), Oberaich (farm), Oberaichbach (populated place), Oberaichen (populated place), Oberaichen (farm), Oberaichet (farm), Oberaichgarten (farm), Oberaichhof (farm), Oberaign (farm), Oberaign (populated place), Oberaign (farm), Oberaign (administrative division), Oberailingen (populated place), Oberailsfeld (populated place), Oberalba (populated place), Oberalbach (populated place), Oberalben (populated place), Oberalbertsdorf (populated place), Oberalfingen (populated place), Oberallemühl (section of populated place), Oberallen (populated locality), Oberallgäu (third-order administrative division), Oberalling (farm), Oberallmannsbach (farm), Oberalme (populated place), Oberalmsham (farm), Oberalmsham (farm), Oberalpfen (populated place), Oberalsen (populated place), Oberalteich (populated place), Oberaltenbernheim (populated place), Oberaltenbuch (populated place), Oberaltenweg (populated locality), Oberaltertheim (populated place), Oberalting (populated place), Oberaltmannsrieth (farm), Oberambach (populated place), Oberambach (populated place), Oberambach (populated place), Oberambringen (populated place), Oberammergau (populated place), Oberammersricht (populated place), Oberammerthal (populated place), Oberampfrach (populated place), Oberankenreute (populated place), Oberanschiessing (populated place), Oberapfeldorf (populated place), Oberapfelkam (populated place), Oberappenberg (populated place), Oberappenfeld (populated place), Oberappersdorf (populated place), Oberarnbach (populated place), Oberarnbach (populated place), Oberarnsdorf (populated place), Oberartelshofen (section of populated place), Oberasbach (populated place), Oberasbach (populated place), Oberasbach (populated place), Oberasbach (populated place), Oberasberg (populated place), Oberascha (farm), Oberaschau (populated place), Oberaschau (farm), Oberaschenbach (populated place), Oberasdorf (populated place), Oberaspach (populated place), Oberasphe (populated place), Oberast (farm), Oberast (populated place), Oberatzenberg (populated place), Oberau (populated place), Oberau (populated place), Öberau (farm), Oberau (populated place), Oberau (populated place), Oberau (populated place), Oberau (farm), Oberau (populated place), Oberau (populated place), Oberau (populated place), Oberau (farm), Oberau (farm), Oberau (populated place), Oberaudenhain (populated place), Oberaudorf (populated place), Oberaudorfer Alpe (hut), Oberauel (populated place), Oberauel (populated locality), Oberauerbach (populated place), Oberauerbach (populated place), Oberauerbach (populated place), Oberauerbach (populated place), Oberauerbrunst Alpe (hut), Oberauerkiel (populated place), Oberauerort (populated locality), Oberaufham (populated place), Oberaufseß (castle), Oberaugustenfeld (populated place), Oberauhof (farm), Oberaula (populated place), Oberaulenbach (populated place), Oberauroff (populated place), Oberaußem (populated place), Oberaußem-Fortuna (populated place), Oberbaar (populated place), Oberbaar (populated place), Oberbach (farm), Oberbach (populated place), Oberbach (populated place), Oberbachem (populated place), Oberbachern (populated place), Oberbachern (populated place), Oberbachham (populated place), Oberbachheim (populated place), Oberbaimbach (populated place), Oberbalbach (populated place), Oberbaldingen (populated place), Oberbalzheim (populated place), Oberbantenberg (populated place), Oberbärenstein (populated place), Oberbärental (farm), Oberbarkhausen (populated place), Oberbarnim (area), Oberbauer (populated place), Oberbauer (populated place), Oberbauerhof (farm), Oberbauernhof (farm), Oberbauerschaft (populated locality), Oberbauerschaft (populated place), Oberbaumgarten (populated place), Oberbaumühle (populated place), Oberbayern (second-order administrative division), Oberbeberich (populated place), Oberbech (farm), Oberbechingen (populated place), Oberbeck (farm), Oberbecksen (populated place), Oberbehme (populated place), Oberbeisheim (populated place), Oberbeiwalderhof (farm), Oberbelle (populated place), Oberbelzenhofen (farm), Oberberg (hill), Oberberg (populated locality), Oberberg (populated place), Oberberg (farm), Oberberg (hill), Oberberge (populated place), Oberberge (farm), Oberberge (populated place), Oberberge (area), Oberbergen (populated place), Oberbergen (populated place), Oberberggund Alpe (hut), Oberbergham (populated place), Oberbergheim (populated place), Oberberghof (farm), Oberberghöfe (populated place), Oberberging (populated place), Oberberging (farm), Oberbergischer Kreis (third-order administrative division), Oberbergkirchen (populated place), Oberbergscheid (populated place), Oberbergstraße (populated place), Oberbergweiler (populated place), Oberberken (populated place), Oberbernbach (populated place), Oberberndorf (populated place), Oberbernhards (populated place), Oberbernrieth (populated place), Oberbernstein (populated place), Oberbersten (populated place), Oberbessenbach (populated place), Oberbetenbrunn (section of populated place), Oberbettingen (populated place), Oberbettringen (populated place), Oberbeuern (populated place), Oberbeuna (populated place), Oberbeuren (populated place), Oberbibelsbach (farm), Oberbiberg (populated place), Oberbibrach (populated place), Oberbichl (populated place), Oberbichtlingen (populated place)
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