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Places in Germany that begin with the letter "m"

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Maad (populated place), Maade (farm), Maade (stream), Maakenwärder Hafen (harbor(s)), Maakenwerder Hafen (harbor(s)), Maanplate (tidal flat(s)), Maar (ditch), Maar (populated place), Maar (stream), Maar-Berg (hill), Maarhof (farm), Maaß (farm), Maas (forest(s)), Maaß (farm), Maas (farm), Maaß-Berg (ridge(s)), Maasbruch (populated locality), Maasbüll (populated place), Maasbüll (populated place), Maasbüller Herrenkoog (polder), Maasbüllfeld (farm), Maasbüllhof (farm), Maaschwitz (populated place), Maasdorf (populated place), Maasdorf (populated place), Maase (farm), Maasen (populated place), Maasholm (forest(s)), Maasholm (populated place), Maasholm-Bad (populated place), Maaßkamp (farm), Maasleben (farm), Maaslingen (populated place), Maasmeier (farm), Maassee (lake), Maassenhof (farm), Mäbenberg (populated place), Mäbendorf (populated place), Maberzell (populated place), Machandel-Berg (hill), Machelberg (populated place), Machelberger Wald (forest(s)), Machen-Berg (hill), Machendorf (populated place), Macher Bach (stream), Macher-Teiche (ponds), Macherbach (populated place), Machern (populated place), Machern (populated place), Macherscheid (populated place), Macherslust (farm), Machham (populated place), Machnower See (lake), Machtenhof (populated place), Machtenstein (populated place), Machtesberg (populated place), Machtilshausen (populated place), Machtlfing (populated place), Machtlos (populated place), Machtlos (populated place), Machtlwies (populated place), Machtolsheim (populated place), Machtsum (populated place), Mackeloh (forest(s)), Mäckelsdorf (populated place), Macken (populated place), Mackenbach (populated place), Mackenbach (populated place), Mackenberg (farm), Mackenbruch (populated locality), Mackendorf (populated place), Mackenheim (populated place), Mackenrode (populated place), Mackenrode (populated place), Mackenrode (populated place), Mackenroder Spitze (hill), Mackenrodt (populated place), Mackenschleif (farm), Mackensen (populated place), Mackenstedt (populated place), Mackenstedter Heide (heath), Mackenstein (populated place), Mackenthun (farm), Mackenthur (farm), Mackenzell (populated place), Mackertsgrün (farm), Mäcking (farm), Mad (farm), Mad-Bach (stream), Madachhof (farm), Madachhöfe (farm), Maddau (populated place), Made-Berg (hill), Madel (stream), Mädelegabel (mountain), Mädelegabel (mountain), Mädelejoch (pass), Mädelhofen (populated place), Madelstein (hill), Madelungen (populated place), Mademühlen (populated place), Maden (farm), Maden (populated place), Maden Tal (valley), Madenhausen (populated place), Madenreute (farm), Mäder (farm), Maderhalm (populated place), Mäderhaus (farm), Mäderhof (farm), Maderhof (farm), Mäderhöfe (populated place), Maders-Berg (hill), Madersdorf (populated place), Mäderstal (populated locality), Maderstein (hill), Madfeld (populated place), Madfelder Wald (forest(s)), Madl (farm), Madl (populated place), Madlage (populated place), Mädle (populated place), Mädlerhof (farm), Mädlesfels (cliff(s)), Madlitzer See (lake), Madlow (populated place), Madron (mountain), Madsow (populated place), Maescher (populated place), Maestrup (populated locality), Maestrup (farm), Magassing (populated place), Magauer (farm), Magdala (populated place), Magdalena Kappel (populated place), Magdalenenhausen (farm), Magdalenenhof (farm), Magdalenenhof (farm), Magdalenenhof (farm), Magdalenenhöh (populated place), Magdalenenkappel (populated place), Magdalenenlust (farm), Magdalenenruh (farm), Mägdeberg (farm), Magdeborn (populated place), Magdeburg (third-order administrative division), Magdeburg (captial of a first-order administrative division), Magdeburg (), Magdeburg South (airfield), Magdeburg-Buckau (section of populated place), Magdeburg-Diesdorf (section of populated place), Magdeburg-Fermersleben (populated place), Magdeburg-Neustadt (section of populated place), Magdeburg-Prester (section of populated place), Magdeburg-Rothensee (populated place), Magdeburg-Sudenburg (section of populated place), Magdeburg-Südwest (populated place), Magdeburger Börde (plain(s)), Magdeburger Hafen (harbor(s)), Magdeburger Rieselfelder (area), Magdeburgerforth (populated place), Magdel (stream), Mägdesprung (populated place), Magdheide (farm), Magdlos (populated place), Magdpoint (farm), Magelsen (populated place), Magenbuch (populated place), Magenhaus (populated place), Mägerkingen (populated place), Magerl (farm), Magernholsen (populated place), Magersdorf (populated place), Magersdorf (populated place), Magerweg (farm), Magetsweiler (populated place), Magetsweiler Höfe (populated place), Maggerhof (populated place), Maggmannshofen (populated place), Maging (populated locality), Maging (populated place), Magnetenberg (mountain), Magnetsried (populated place), Magnushof (farm), Magnuswort (farm), Magolsheim (populated place), Magotspolder (polder), Magremme (farm), Magstadt (populated place), Magwitz (populated place), Mahd (farm), Mahd (farm), Mahd (populated locality), Mahd (populated locality), Mahd (forest(s)), Mahd (forest(s)), Mahd Thal (valley), Mahd-Tal (valley), Mahde (populated place), Mahde-Wollersum (populated place), Mahdel (populated place), Mähdele Joch (pass), Mähdelegabel (mountain), Mahdental (valley), Mahder-Bach (stream), Mahdhäusl (populated locality), Mahdtal Alpe (hut), Mahdthal Alpe (hut), Mahitzschen (populated place), Mahl-Bach (stream), Mahl-Berg (hill), Mahl-Berg (hill), Mahl-Teich (lake), Mahl-Teich (lake), Mahlberg (hill), Mahlberg (populated place), Mahlberg (farm), Mahlberg (hill), Mahlberg (hill), Mahlberg (populated locality), Mahlberg (populated place), Mahlbergs-Kopf (hill), Mahlbusen (stream), Mahlen (populated place), Mahlen (populated place), Mahlendorf (populated place), Mahlendorf (populated place), Mahlengrund (farm), Mahlensteich (lake), Mahlenzien (populated place), Mahlert (populated place), Mahlerten (populated place), Mahlerts (farm), Mahlerts (populated place), Mahlertshof (farm), Mahlgassing (populated place), Mahlholz (forest(s)), Mahlis (populated place), Mahlitz (populated place), Mahlitzer Heide (forest(s)), Mahlitzsch (populated place), Mahlitzsch (populated place), Mahlitzsch (populated place), Mahlow (populated place), Mahlpfuhl (populated place), Mahlscheid (hill), Mahlsdorf (populated place), Mahlsdorf (populated place), Mahlsdorf (populated place), Mahlsdorf (section of populated place), Mahlsdorf Süd (section of populated place), Mahlsdorfer Forst (forest(s)), Mahlspüren (populated place), Mahlspüren (populated place), Mahlspüren im Hegau (populated place), Mahlspüren im Tal (populated place), Mahlstedt (populated place), Mahlum (populated place), Mahlwinkel (populated place), Mahlwinkel (airfield), Mahlwinkeler Haupt-Graben (section of stream), Mahlwinkeler Wald (forest(s)), Mahlzow (populated place), Mahn-Berg (hill), Mahn-Berg (hill), Mahnbrück (populated place), Mahnburg (populated place), Mahnckenwerder (farm), Mahndorf (populated place), Mahndorf (populated place), Mähne (forest(s)), Mahnen (section of populated place), Mahnenburg (farm), Mahnert (populated place), Mahnhamm (farm), Mahningsee (lake), Mahrdorf (populated place), Mähren (section of populated place), Mährenhausen (populated place), Mahrenholz (populated place), Mährenhüll (populated place), Mahrhof (farm), Mähried (grazing area), Mähring (populated place), Mähringen (populated place), Mähringen (populated place), Mähringer Berg (hill), Mahris (populated place), Mähris (populated place), Mahtheide (forest(s)), Mai-Bach (stream), Mai-Berg (hill), Mai-Berg (hill), Mai-Berg (hill), Mai-Berge (hills), Mai-Hügel (hill), Maibach (populated place), Maibach (populated place), Maibach (stream), Maibach (populated place), Maibaum (farm), Maiberg (farm), Maiberg (populated place), Maiberg (hill), Maiberg (populated place), Maiberg (farm), Maiberg (populated place), Maiblumen Felsen (hill), Maiblumenfels (hill), Maiblumengehege (populated place), Maibolte (stream), Maibrunn (populated place), Maiburg (populated place), Maiburg (building(s)), Maibusch (populated place), Maibuschermoor (populated place), Maicha (populated place), Maichingen (populated place), Maidbronn (populated place), Maien (farm), Maien Berg (hill), Maien-Berg (hill), Maienbach (stream), Maienberg (mountain), Maienberg (forest(s)), Maienbühl (farm), Maienbusch (populated place), Maienfels (populated place), Maienluft (populated place), Maienplatz (hill), Maienswarf (populated place), Maienswarf (populated place), Maiental (farm), Maiental (farm), Maienwald (forest(s)), Maienwerder (island), Maier (farm), Maier Alpe (hut), Maier Alpe (hut), Maier Alpe (hut), Maier Alpe (hut), Maier Holz (forest(s)), Maier Knogl (peak), Maier-Alpe (hut), Maier-Alpe (hut), Maier-Alpe (hut), Maier-Alpe (hut), Maierbach (farm), Maierbach (farm), Maierbach (farm), Maierfeld (farm), Maierhalden (farm), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (populated place), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof (farm), Maierhof an der Leiten (farm), Maierhof im Remstal (farm), Maierhöfchen (farm), Maierhöfen (populated place), Maierhofen (farm), Maierhofen (farm), Maierhofen (farm), Maierhofen (populated place), Maierhöfen (populated place), Maierhofer (farm), Maierholz (forest(s)), Maierholz (populated locality), Maiering (populated place), Maiering (populated place), Maierklopfen (populated place), Maierkordt (farm), Maierl (farm), Maierle (farm), Maierle Berg (hill), Maierlreith (populated place), Maiermunderhof (farm), Maieröd (farm), Maierreuth (forest(s)), Maiers (farm), Maiersbach (populated place), Maiersberg (farm), Maiersberg (farm), Maiersdorf (populated place), Maiersdorf (populated place), Maiershof (farm), Maiershöfe (farm), Maiersreuth (populated place), Maierstetten (populated place), Maierstockberg (farm), Maiertal (populated place), Maiertshof (populated place), Maierwald (populated place), Maifeld (area), Maign (populated place), Maihausen (farm), Maihausen (populated place), Maihausergroden (farm), Maihingen (populated place), Maihof (farm), Maikammer (populated place), Maiküppel (hill), Mailach (populated place), Mailach (farm), Mailahn (populated place), Mailand (farm), Mailand (populated place), Mailar (populated place), Mailauben Kopf (hill), Mailendorf (farm), Mailes (populated place), Mailham (populated place), Mailheim (populated place), Mailinde (farm), Mailing (populated place), Mailing (farm), Mailing (populated place), Mailling (populated place), Main (stream), Main Berg (hill), Main-Berg (hill), Main-Danube Canal (canal), Main-Donau-Kanal (canal), Main-Kinzig-Kreis (third-order administrative division), Main-Spessart (third-order administrative division), Main-Tauber-Kreis (third-order administrative division), Main-Taunus-Kreis (third-order administrative division), Maina (populated place), Mainaschaff (populated place), Mainau (island), Mainbach (stream), Mainbach (farm), Mainbach (populated place), Mainbach (farm), Mainberg (populated place), Mainberg (farm), Mainbernheim (populated place), Mainbullau (populated place), Mainbullau (airfield), Mainburg (populated place), Maind (farm), Maineck (populated place), Mainecker Forst (forest(s)), Mainflingen (populated place), Mainfranken (second-order administrative division), Maingründel (populated place), Mainhardt (populated place), Mainhardter Wald (mountains), Mainhardtsall (populated place), Mainhausen (administrative division), Mainhorst (farm), Mainklein (populated place), Mainkling (populated place), Mainkofen (populated place), Mainleus (populated place), Mainlust (farm), Mainrangen (forest(s)), Mainroth (populated place), Mainsbauern (populated place), Mainsche (populated locality), Mainschhorn (populated place), Mainsondheim (populated place), Mainspitze (area), Mainstockheim (populated place), Maintal (populated place)
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