yY (populated place)> yaYaigne (stream), Yainville...">

Places in France that begin with the letter "y"

> y

Y (populated place)

> ya

Yaigne (stream), Yainville (populated place), Yann-ar-Gall (reef(s)), Yaucourt (populated place), Yaucourt-Bussus (populated place)

> yb

Ybourgues (populated place)

> yc

Ychamp (populated place), Ychoux (populated place)

> yd

Ydes (populated place)

> ye

Yébleron (populated place), Yèbles (populated place), Yenne (populated place), Yères (stream), Yères (stream), Yermenonville (populated place), Yèrre (stream), Yerres (stream), Yerres (populated place), Yerville (populated place), Yerville (populated place), Yeuse (populated place), Yèvre (stream), Yèvre-la-Ville (populated place), Yèvre-le-Châtel (populated place), Yèvres (populated place), Yèvres (populated place), Yèvres Rivière (stream), Yèvres-le-Petit (populated place)

> yf

Yffiniac (populated place)

> yg

Ygos (populated place), Ygos-Saint-Saturnin (populated place), Ygrande (populated place)

> ym

Ymare (populated place), Ymeray (populated place), Ymonville (populated place), Ymorville (populated place)

> yo

Yolet (populated place), Yon (stream), Yoncq (populated place), Yonne (stream), Yonval (populated place), Yonval (farm), Yonville (populated place), Yoron Rivière (stream), Youc’h (reef(s)), Youx (populated place)

> yp

Yport (populated place), Ypreville (populated place), Ypreville (populated place), Ypreville-Biville (populated place)

> yq

Yquebeuf (populated place), Yquelon (populated place)

> yr

Yron (stream), Yronde (populated place), Yronde-et-Buron (populated place), Yrouerre (populated place)

> ys

Yser (stream), Yseux (populated place), Yssac (populated place), Yssac-la-Tourette (populated place), Yssamat (populated place), Yssandon (populated place), Yssingeaux (populated place), Ysterbegui (peak), Ysterbegui-Munúa (peak)

> yt

Ytrac (populated place), Ytres (populated place)

> yu

Yutz Haute (populated place), Yutz-Basse (populated place)

> yv

Yvecrique (populated place), Yvel (stream), Yvelin (populated place), Yvernailles (populated place), Yvernaumont (populated place), Yversay (populated place), Yves (populated place), Yvetot (populated place), Yvetot (populated place), Yvetot-Bocage (populated place), Yvette (stream), Yvette (populated place), Yvias (populated place), Yviers (populated place), Yvignac (populated place), Yville (populated place), Yville-sur-Seine (populated place), Yvoire (populated place), Yvoy (populated place), Yvoy-le-Marron (populated place), Yvrac (populated place), Yvrac (populated place), Yvrac-et-Malleyrand (populated place), Yvrac-Malleyrand (populated place), Yvrandes (populated place), Yvraumont (populated place), Yvré (populated place), Yvré (populated place), Yvré-le-Pôlin (populated place), Yvré-l’Évêque (populated place), Yvrench (populated place), Yvrencheux (populated place)

> yz

Yzengremer (populated place), Yzernay (populated place), Yzeron (stream), Yzeron (populated place), Yzeure (populated place), Yzeures (populated place), Yzeures-sur-Creuse (populated place), Yzeux (populated place), Yzosse (populated place)