baBaâlon (populated place), Babaudu (populated place...">

Places in France that begin with the letter "b"

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Baâlon (populated place), Babaudu (populated place), Babaudus (populated place), Babeau (populated place), Babeau-Bouldoux (populated place), Babiot (populated place), Baboeuf (populated place), Babonnès (populated place), Babottes (populated place), Baby (populated place), Bacalan (section of populated place), Baccarat (populated place), Bacchus (farm), Baccon (populated place), Bach (populated place), Bachant (populated place), Bachas (populated place), Bachasson (populated place), Bachimont (populated place), Bachivillers (populated place), Bachos (populated place), Bachy (populated place), Bacilly (populated place), Bacon (populated place), Baconnes (populated place), Bacouel (populated place), Bacouël (populated place), Bacouel-sur Celle (populated place), Bacouel-sur-Selle (populated place), Bacourt (populated place), Bacquepuis (populated place), Bacqueville (populated place), Bacqueville (populated place), Bacqueville-en-Caux (populated place), Bad Niederbronn (populated place), Badailhac (populated place), Badan (populated place), Badant (populated place), Badaroux (populated place), Badasset (farm), Badecon (populated place), Badecon-le-Pin (populated place), Badefols (populated place), Badefols-de-Cadouin (populated place), Badefols-d’Ans (populated place), Badefols-sur-Dordogne (populated place), Badel (populated place), Baden (populated place), Badens (populated place), Badevel (populated place), Badinière (populated place), Badinières (populated place), Badménil (populated place), Badménil-aux-Bois (populated place), Bado (stream), Badoie (populated place), Badon Grand (populated place), Badon Petit (populated place), Badonviller (populated place), Badonvilliers (populated place), Badricourt (populated place), Baerenbach (house(s)), Baerendorf (populated place), Baerenthal (populated place), Baffie (populated place), Baffol (populated place), Baffour (populated place), Bagard (populated place), Bagas (populated place), Bagat (populated place), Bagatelle (section of populated place), Bâgé (populated place), Bâgé-la-Ville (populated place), Bâgé-le-Châtel (populated place), Bagert (populated place), Bages (populated place), Bages (populated place), Bagil (populated place), Bagiry (populated place), Bagnac (populated place), Bagnac-sur-Célé (populated place), Bagnard (populated place), Bagneaux (populated place), Bagneaux (populated place), Bagneaux (populated place), Bagneaux-sur-Loing (populated place), Bagnères (populated place), Bagnères-de-Bigorre (populated place), Bagnères-de-Luchon (populated place), Bagneux (populated place), Bagneux (populated place), Bagneux (populated place), Bagneux (populated place), Bagneux (populated place), Bagneux (populated place), Bagneux (populated place), Bagneux (populated place), Bagneux (populated place), Bagneux-la-Fosse (populated place), Bagni di Guitera (populated place), Bagnizeau (populated place), Bagnol (stream), Bagnoles (populated place), Bagnoles-de-l’Orne (populated place), Bagnolet (populated place), Bagnols (populated place), Bagnols (populated place), Bagnols (populated place), Bagnols (populated place), Bagnols (populated place), Bagnols-en-Forêt (populated place), Bagnols-les-Bains (populated place), Bagnols-sur-Cèze (populated place), Bagnot (populated place), Bagnoux (populated place), Baguen Hir (rock), Baguenaud (rocks), Baguer (populated place), Baguer-Morvan (populated place), Baguer-Pican (populated place), Bahía de Chingudy (cove(s)), Baho (populated place), Bahus-Soubiran (populated place), Baie Algajo (bay), Baie de Bandol (bay), Baie de Beaulieu (cove(s)), Baie de Beaulieu (bay), Baie de Bininou (bay), Baie de Bon-Porté (bay), Baie de Bona Matina (cove(s)), Baie de Bonporteau (bay), Baie de Bourgneuf (bay), Baie de Brézellec (cove(s)), Baie de Briande (bay), Baie de Cassis (bay), Baie de Cavalaire (bay), Baie de Cavalas (bay), Baie de Centuri (bay), Baie de Chant-Dorat (cove(s)), Baie de Chingoudy (cove(s)), Baie de Chioni (bay), Baie de Copabia (bay), Baie de Crovani (bay), Baie de Cupabia (bay), Baie de Daoulas (estuary), Baie de Douarnenez (bay), Baie de Figari (bay), Baie de Fontarabie (bay), Baie de la Ciotat (bay), Baie de la Forest (bay), Baie de la Forêt (bay), Baie de la Frênaye (bay), Baie de la Fresnaie (bay), Baie de la Fresnais (bay), Baie de la Fresnaye (bay), Baie de la Garonne (bay), Baie de la Mauresque (cove(s)), Baie de la Seine (bay), Baie de la Seyne (bay), Baie de Lampaul (bay), Baie de Lancieux (bay), Baie de Lannion (bay), Baie de Liscia (bay), Baie de Locmalo (cove(s)), Baie de l’ Arguenon (bay), Baie de l’ Authie (estuary), Baie de l’ Avena (bay), Baie de Macinaggio (bay), Baie de Malfalco (cove(s)), Baie De Marseille (bay), Baie de Menasina (cove(s)), Baie de Meschers (cove(s)), Baíe de Morlaix (bay), Baie de Nacqueville (bay), Baie de Nauzan (cove(s)), Baie de Pampelonne (bay), Baie de Pero (bay), Baie de Plouharnel (tidal flat(s)), Baie de Porspaul (bay), Baie de Quiberon (bay), Baie de Revellata (gulf), Baie de Roquebrune (bay), Baie de Roscanvel (bay), Baie de Sagone (bay), Baie de Saint Joseph (bay), Baie de Saint-Brieuc (bay), Baie de Saint-Chamas (bay), Baie de Saint-Hospice (roadstead), Baie de Saint-Jean-de-Luz (bay), Baie de Saint-Malo (bay), Baie de Saint-Mandrier (cove(s)), Baie de Saint-Raphaël (bay), Baie de Saint-Roch (cove(s)), Baie de Sainte-Anne (bay), Baie de Sallenelles (inlet), Baie de San Ciprianu (bay), Baie de Sanary (bay), Baie de Seine (bay), Baie de Somme (bay), Baie de Stagnoli (cove(s)), Baie de Stagnolo (bay), Baie de Stagnolu (bay), Baie de Talmont (cove(s)), Baie de Villefranche (harbor(s)), Baie des Anges (bay), Baie des Anges (cove(s)), Baie des Lecques (bay), Baie des Sablettes (bay), Baie des Trépassés (bay), Baie du Bon-Porté (bay), Baie du Grand-Soufre (bay), Baie du Lazaret (bay), Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel (bay), Baie du Niel (bay), Baie du Pouliguen (bay), Baie du Stiff (bay), Baie d’ Ajaccio (bay), Baie d’ Alicastre (bay), Baie d’ Ambleteuse (roadstead), Baie d’ Audierne (bay), Baie d’ Authie (estuary), Baie d’ Elbo (bay), Baie d’ Étaples (bay), Baigneaux (populated place), Baigneaux (populated place), Baigneaux (populated place), Baigneaux (populated place), Baigneaux (populated place), Baignereau (populated place), Baignes (populated place), Baignes (populated place), Baignes-Sainte-Radegonde (populated place), Baigneux (populated place), Baigneux-les-Juifs (populated place), Baignolet (populated place), Baigts (populated place), Baigts (populated place), Baigts-de-Béarn (populated place), Baile (populated place), Bailla (farm), Baillargues (populated place), Baillas (farm), Baillé (populated place), Bailleau (populated place), Bailleau (populated place), Bailleau (populated place), Bailleau-le-Pin (populated place), Bailleau-l’Évêque (populated place), Bailleau-sous-Gallardon (populated place), Baillestavy (populated place), Baillet (populated place), Baillet-en-France (populated place), Bailleul (populated place), Bailleul (populated place), Bailleul (populated place), Bailleul (populated place), Bailleul (populated place), Bailleul (populated place), Bailleul (populated place), Bailleul (populated place), Bailleul (populated place), Bailleul (populated place), Bailleul-aux-Cornailles (populated place), Bailleul-la-Vallée (populated place), Bailleul-le-Soc (populated place), Bailleul-lès-Pernes (populated place), Bailleul-Neuville (populated place), Bailleul-Sir-Berthoult (populated place), Bailleul-sur-Thérain (populated place), Bailleulmont (populated place), Bailleulval (populated place), Bailleval (populated place), Baillier (populated place), Baillier-le Franc (populated place), Baillolet (populated place), Baillot (populated place), Baillou (populated place), Bailly (populated place), Bailly (populated place), Bailly (populated place), Bailly (populated place), Bailly (populated place), Bailly (country house), Bailly (populated place), Bailly (populated place), Bailly Bec (stream), Bailly-aux-Forges (populated place), Bailly-Carrois (populated place), Bailly-en-Campagne (populated place), Bailly-en-Rivière (populated place), Bailly-le-Franc (populated place), Bailly-Romainvilliers (populated place), Baimont (country house), Bain (populated place), Bain-de-Bretagne (populated place), Bainast (populated place), Baincthun (populated place), Bainghen (populated place), Bains (populated place), Bains (populated place), Bains (populated place), Bains de Berthemont (populated place), Bains de Caldaniccia (populated place), Bains de Guagno (populated place), Bains de Guitera (populated place), Bains d’Uriage (populated place), Bains-les-Bains (populated place), Bains-sur-Oust (populated place), Bainville (populated place), Bainville (populated place), Bainville (populated place), Bainville-aux-Miroirs (populated place), Bainville-aux-Saules (populated place), Bainville-sur-Madon (populated place), Bainvilliers (populated place), Bairols (populated place), Bais (populated place), Bais (populated place), Baïse (stream), Baise (stream), Baisieux (populated place), Baisole (stream), Baisseresse (populated place), Baisses (marsh(es)), Baïssescure (populated place), Baisseseures (populated place), Baissey (populated place), Baives (stream), Baives (populated place), Baix (populated place), Baixas (populated place), Baizieux (populated place), Baizieux (populated place), Bajolet (populated place), Bajonnette (populated place), Bajouve (populated place), Bajus (populated place), Balacet (populated place), Baladou (populated place), Baladrés (peak), Balady (populated place), Balagny (populated place), Balagny-sur-Thérain (populated place), Balaguères (populated place), Balaguier (populated place), Balaguier (populated place), Balaguier-d’Olt (populated place), Balaguier-sur-Rance (populated place), Balaiseaux (populated place), Balaives (populated place), Balaives-et-Butz (populated place), Balan (populated place), Balan (populated place), Balanant (populated place), Balance (stream), Balanod (populated place), Balansun (populated place), Balanzac (populated place), Balaruc Point (point), Balaruc-le-Vieux (populated place), Balaruc-les-Bains (populated place), Balasson (populated place), Balâtre (populated place), Balayes (populated place), Balayn (populated place), Balazé (populated place), Balazuc (populated place), Balazuègnes (populated place), Balazuègues (populated place), Balbigny (populated place), Balbin (populated place), Balbins (populated place), Baldelheim (populated place), Baldenheim (populated place), Baldersheim (populated place), Bâle (populated place), Baleicourt (populated place), Baleine (populated place), Baleix (populated place), Balesmes (populated place), Balesmes (populated place), Balesmes-sur-Marne (populated place), Balesta (populated place), Baleycourt (populated place), Baleyssagues (populated place), Balgau (populated place), Balham (populated place), Balignac (populated place), Balignicourt (populated place), Balinghem (populated place), Baliracq (populated place), Baliracq-Maumusson (populated place), Baliros (populated place), Balizac (populated place), Balla di Botta (populated place), Ballainvilliers (populated place), Ballaison (populated place), Ballan (populated place), Ballan-Miré (populated place), Ballancourt (populated place), Ballancourt-sur-Essonne (populated place), Ballande (populated place), Ballans (populated place), Ballary (country house), Ballay (populated place), Ballay (populated place), Balledent (populated place), Ballée (populated place), Balleray (populated place), Balleroy (populated place), Ballersdorf (populated place), Ballesdorf (populated place), Balleux (populated place), Balléville (populated place), Ballon (populated place), Ballon (populated place), Ballon (populated place), Ballon de Guebwiller (mountain), Ballon de Servance (mountain), Ballon d’ Alsace (mountain), Ballons (populated place), Ballore (populated place), Ballot (populated place), Ballots (populated place), Balloy (populated place), Balma (populated place), Balmelles (populated place), Balmont (populated place), Balmont (country house), Balnot (populated place), Balnot (populated place), Balnot-la-Grange (populated place), Balnot-sur-Laignes (populated place), Balogna (populated place), Balomier (populated place), Bâlot (populated place), Balou (populated place), Balsac (populated place), Balschwiller (populated place), Balsiège (populated place), Balsièges (populated place), Baltzenheim (populated place), Balzac (populated place), Bambecque (populated place), Bambiderstroff (populated place), Bambois (populated place), Bamières (populated place), Ban Gâvre (populated place), Ban-de-Laveline (populated place), Ban-Gâvres (populated place), Ban-Saint-Martin (populated place), Banassac (populated place), Banassat (populated place), Banat (populated place), Banc à Groseilles (populated place), Banc à la Ligne (shoal(s)), Banc Braek (shoal(s)), Banc Breedt (shoal(s)), Banc de Bâture (tidal flat(s)), Banc de Bilho (shoal(s)), Banc de Bourgneuf (shoal(s)), Banc de Châtelier (shoal(s)), Banc de Chémoulin (shoal(s)), Banc de Chevrier (shoal(s)), Banc de Dau (shoal(s)), Banc de Fréjus (shoal(s)), Banc de Goulée (shoal(s)), Banc de Guérande (shoal(s)), Banc de Houat (shoal(s)), Banc de Kerouars (reef(s)), Banc de Kerzo (shoal(s)), Banc de la Barre (shoal(s)), Banc de la Bassure de Baas (shoal(s)), Banc de la Béchade (shoal(s)), Banc de la Blanche (shoal(s)), Banc de la Carcasse (tidal flat(s)), Banc de la Cassidaigne (reef(s)), Banc de la Chaise (shoal(s)), Banc de la Coubre (shoal(s)), Banc de la Franqui (shoal(s)), Banc de la Madeleine (shoal(s)), Banc de la Magdeleine (shoal(s)), Banc de la Mauvaise (shoal(s)), Banc de la Rade (shoal(s)), Banc de la Rade (shoal(s)), Banc de l’ Âne (shoal(s)), Banc de l’ Éclat (shoal(s)), Banc de l’ Île (tidal flat(s)), Banc de l’ Île Pelée (shoal(s)), Banc de Mardyck (shoal(s)), Banc de Mindin (bank(s)), Banc de Montrevel (shoal(s)), Banc de Plassac (shoal(s)), Banc de Plougastel (shoal(s)), Banc de Provencale (shoal(s)), Banc de Quiberon (shoal(s)), Banc de Richard (shoal(s)), Banc de Ronce (shoal(s)), Banc de Saint-Estèphe (shoal(s)), Banc de Saint-Georges (shoal(s))
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