yaYaaht (island), Yaatarao...">

Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that begin with the letter "y"

> ya

Yaaht (island), Yaatarao (shoal(s)), Yabach (populated place), Yaboch (populated place), Yaela (island), Yaelangalap (island), Yaelath (atoll(s)), Yaelath (island), Yaetalhiipiy (island), Yagirigare (shoal(s)), Yagirigaree (shoal(s)), Yagura Shoal (shoal(s)), Yalangashig (island), Yanagi Island (island), Yangalhgerail (island), Yangëy (hill), Yannechiiki-To (island), Yannechiki (island), Yannechiki Island (island), Yannechiki-To (island), Yanneichiki Island (island), Yap (first-order administrative division), Yap (island), Yap (captial of a first-order administrative division), Yap (islands), Yap Airport (airport), Yap District (first-order administrative division), Yap Group (islands), Yap International Airport (airport), Yap Island (island), Yap Island (islands), Yap Islands (islands), Yapa (island), Yapa (islands), Yappu (captial of a first-order administrative division), Yappu - Kō (reef(s)), Yappu-tō (islands), Yapputo (island), Yaptown (captial of a first-order administrative division), Yarangachieku (island), Yarangachiepu (island), Yareri (island), Yareruwachichi (island), Yariboru (shoal(s)), Yarigon (shoal(s)), Yarireegu (shoal(s)), Yariregu (shoal(s)), Yaruguchieru (shoal(s)), Yatto-tō (island), Yau-tō (island), Yaurwpiig (atoll(s)), Yaurwpiig (island), Yawal (locality), Yawata Island (island), Yawata-Shima (island)

> ye

Yeboch (populated place), Yekula (populated place), Yela (populated place), Yelpong (reef(s)), Yemulil (locality), Yen Yen (island), Yenas Island (island), Yenasr (island), Yenei Island (island), Yepan (reef(s)), Yepan (populated place), Yepan Point (point), Yepan Spitze (point), Yeseng (locality), Yesron (locality), Yevotj (populated place)

> yi

Yiluuy (point), Yiluy (point), Yimuch (building(s)), Yimuch (point), Yin (populated place), Yinbinaew (marine channel), Yinbinau (marine channel), Yinbinaw (marine channel), Yinuuf (populated place)

> yl

Ylatu (atoll(s))

> yn

Yn (populated place)

> yo

Yoal (locality), Yoare (island), Yogaay (point), Yogoroporapu (island), Yogoroporapu-To (island), Yogoy (point), Yome-shima (island), Yoogoy (point), Yooppe (island), Yoropie (atoll(s)), Yorugachi (shoal(s)), Yorupikku-tō (atoll(s)), Yorupikku-tō (island), Yorurikku To (island), Yotochibo (shoal(s)), Young William Islands (atoll(s)), Young-William (atoll(s)), Yoweereg (point)

> yu

Yugol (populated place), Yuin (populated place), Yumital Berg (mountain), Yunearawëy (marine channel), Yuneroway (marine channel), Yunuf (populated place), Yuripik (atoll(s)), Yuub (inlet)