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Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that begin with the letter "s"

> sa

Sabinimadoko (island), Saboeru Island (island), Sabore (populated place), Sabota (populated place), Sabota (populated place), Sabotiu (marine channel), Sabotiu (populated place), Sabuk (peninsula), Sabun (populated place), Saint Xaviers Academy (school), Sak (locality), Sakaki To (hill), Sakaki-To (island), Sakenge (island), Sakura-shima (island), Sakura-Tō (island), Saladak (point), Saladak (populated place), Salapwuk (section of populated place), Salat (island), Salat Island (island), Salat Pass (marine channel), Salat Passage (marine channel), Saliap (island), Sallong (populated place), Salong (populated place), San (island), San Agustino Island (atoll(s)), San Estevan (atoll(s)), Sanat (island), Sanat Pass (marine channel), Sand Island (island), Sand Island (island), Sand Islet (island), Sand Islet (island), Sandinsel (island), Sannuk (populated place), Sanuk (administrative division), Sanuk (populated place), Saoksa (locality), Sapata (populated locality), Sapini (island), Sapinimatok (island), Sapinimatok Island (island), Sapitiw (populated place), Sapo (section of island), Sapoer (populated place), Saponoch (mountain), Saponoch (reef(s)), Saponoch (island), Saponodj (island), Saponong (populated place), Saponor (island), Saponotou (hill), Saporänong (populated place), Sapore (administrative division), Sapore Kumi (administrative division), Sapota (populated place), Sapota (populated place), Sapota (populated place), Sapota (populated locality), Sapota (populated place), Sapotiu (populated place), Sapotiu (fourth-order administrative division), Sapotiu (point), Sapotiu (populated place), Sapotiw (populated place), Sapotiw (fourth-order administrative division), Sapotiw (populated place), Sapou (populated place), Sapou (populated place), Sapou (populated place), Sapou (point), Sapu (reef(s)), Sapuk (point), Sapun (populated place), Sapunūru-tō (island), Sapunuuru To (island), Sapwil (island), Sapwtik (island), Sara Jima (island), Sara Jima Suido (marine channel), Saraon (atoll(s)), Sarashima-suidō (marine channel), Saroan (atoll(s)), Sarol (atoll(s)), Saru-shima (island), Sasaon-tō (island), Sataawal (island), Satahoal (island), Satahual (island), Sataoan Islands (atoll(s)), Sataual (island), Satauan (island), Satauan-Insel (atoll(s)), Satauan-Lagune (atoll(s)), Satavan (island), Satawal (island), Satawal Island (island), Satawan (island), Satawan (island), Satawan (atoll(s)), Satawan Anchorage (anchorage), Satawan Atoll (atoll(s)), Satawan Island (island), Satawan Islands (atoll(s)), Satoan (island), Satoan Atolle (atoll(s)), Satoan Group (atoll(s)), Satouwan (island), Satouwan-tō (atoll(s)), Satowal (island), Satowalairak (island), Satowan (island), Satowan Anchorage (anchorage), Satowan Atoll (atoll(s)), Satual (island), Saturday Island (island), Satuwal (island), Satuwal-Insel (island), Sau (island), Sau-tō (island), Saun Kroun (locality), Saventiac (populated place), Saveth (populated place), Sawansaku Island (island)

> sc

Schaulon (populated place), Schaulon Point (point), Scheiben Insel (island), Scheiben Island (island), Scheiben Islet (island), Scheiben lsland (island), Scholeti Peak (mountain), Schuck (islands)

> se

Seetau Island (island), Seisein (locality), Sekeren Iap (populated place), Sele (point), Seliape (island), Senani (hill), Senukudai (island), Senyavin Islands (islands), Sequeira (atoll(s)), Sequeira Caroline Islands (islands), Serpent Island (island), Seteoel (island), Seto (island), Seto Jima (island), Seto-shima (island), Setoan (island), Setoanchis (island), Setoanelap (island), Setoanelap Island (island), Setoanerappu-To (island), Setoanerapu-tō (island), Setoaneris (island), Setoaneris Island (island), Setuahal (island), Seven Islands (atoll(s))

> sh

Sharapuku (section of populated place), Shear Grass Island (island), Sheep Island (island), Shenukdei (island), Shenukdei Island (island), Shichiyo Islands (islands), Shichiyo Shotō (islands), Shikaroi (island), Shikaroi Island (island), Shiki Islands (islands), Shiki-shotō (islands), Shiraau (island), Shiyainowaru (populated locality), Shonkiron (locality), Shugnaurohu (island), Shugnaurohu Island (island)

> si

Sialat (populated place), Siapounor (island), Siis (island), Sikamas (island), Siminmin (hill), Sipyen (locality), Sis (island), Siteng (island), Sitiing (island), Sitiyo Syoto (islands), Six A.M. Island (island)

> sk

Skiddy Island (atoll(s))

> sm

Small Island (island), Small Sister Island (island)

> sn

Snake Island (island)

> so

So Puk (point), Soborelong (populated place), Sobota (populated place), Sobou (populated place), Sobou (populated place), Sobu Reef (reef(s)), Sobu-Riff (reef(s)), Sobuk (peninsula), Sobuk (point), Sobuor (island), Soburo (island), Sobuwor (island), Soelvwap (island)

> sō

Sōgatchikichi-tō (island)

> so

Sogatikichi To (island), Sogoroi (island), Sogoroi-tō (island), Soh Nting (populated place), Soh Nting (populated place)

> sō

Sōhō-tō (island)

> so

Soholoi Island (island), Soisol (locality), Sokas (administrative division), Sokehs Island (island), Sokehs Passage (marine channel), Sokehs Rock (peak), Sol (island), Sol Island (island), Son (island), Son-tō (island), Song (island), Song Island (island), Songetigech (island), Songetigelisch (island), Songetigetsh (island), Soninu (hill), Sono (mountain), Sono Peak (mountain), Sopiram (point), Sopou (populated place), Sopuk (peninsula), Sopunor Island (island), Sopunur (island), Sopunur Island (island), Sopuo (populated place), Sopweerd (island), Sopweru (island), Sopwiram (point), Sorenleng (island), Sorlen (island), Sorlen Islet (island), Sorol (island), Sorol Atoll (atoll(s)), Sorol Island (island), Sorol Islands (atoll(s)), Sorolgruppe (atoll(s)), Sororen (island), Sororen-Tō (island), Sororu-tō (island), Sotoan Atolle (atoll(s)), Souhou (marine channel), Soun Lierpwater (reef(s)), Sounkiroun (locality), Sounkroun (locality), Sounting (populated place), South Cape (cape), South Channel (marine channel), South Island (island), South Island (island), South Island (island), South Islands (island), South Pass (marine channel), South Pass (marine channel), South Patch (shoal(s)), South Sokehs Island (island), Souwou (island)

> sp

Sparrow Island (island), Spencer Keys (atoll(s)), Spring Day Island (island), Spring Island (island)

> sr

Sroanef (populated locality), Sroansak (island), Srukames (island), Srupunyot (populated locality)

> st

Star Island (island), State of Chuuk (first-order administrative division), State of Kosrae (first-order administrative division), State of Pohnpei (first-order administrative division), State of Ponape (first-order administrative division), State of Truk (first-order administrative division), State of Yap (first-order administrative division), Strait Island (island), Strong Island (island), Stsiuck (islands)

> su

Sua (island), Suchienudukei (island), Suisen Tō (island), Suisen-shima (island), Suiyō-tō (island), Sukeru (island), Sukuru (island), Sumiyoshi Shima (island), Sumiyoshi To (island), Summer Island (island), Sungaauroho (island), Sungaurohu (island), Supur (populated place), Susen (island), Suski Jima (island), Susuki-Shima (island), Suzuki Jima (island), Suzume Jima (island), Suzume-shima (island)

> sw

Swede Island (atoll(s)), Swede Islands (atoll(s))