Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that begin with the letter "ru"

> rua

Rua Island (island), Rua-tō (island), Ruaa To (island), Ruac (island), Ruac Island (island)

> ruc

Ruc (islands)

> rud

Rudnu (populated place)

> rue

Rue To (island), Ruechayam (populated place), Rueechayaam (populated place), Ruelur (building(s))

> rug

Rugau (populated place), Rugureru Island (island)

> rui

Rui River (stream), Ruisaka (island), Ruisaka-tō (island)

> ruk

Rukan-tō (island), Rukgruppe (islands), Rukoey (bay), Rukoppu (section of populated place), Rukoy (bay), Ruku (islands), Rukunōru (island), Rukunōru-tō (atoll(s))

> rul

Rull (administrative division), Rull (island)

> rum

Rumo (populated place), Rumu (populated place), Rumun (island), Rumung (island), Rumung Island (island), Rumung Islands (island), Rumungu To (island), Rumuug (populated place), Rumuuq (populated place)

> run

Runalin (atoll(s)), Runalin (island), Runguch (island), Runu (populated place), Runu (populated place), Runu’w (populated place), Run’uw (populated place)

> ruo

Ruo (island), Ruo (island), Ruo Island (island)

> rup

Rupged (phosphate works), Rupgeed (phosphate works)

> rur

Rurbal (hill), Rurbal’ (hill)

> ruu

Ruu (populated place), Ruugau (populated place), Ruukoey (bay), Ruul (administrative division), Ruul District (administrative division), Ruunguch (island), Ruun’uw (populated place), Ruun’uw (populated place), Ruuq (populated place), Ruurbaal (hill), Ruurbaal’ (hill)

> ruw

Ruwaamaaw’ (phosphate works), Ruwbal (hill), Ruweeluur (building(s)), Ruwemau (phosphate works), Ruwemaw (phosphate works), Ruwo (island), Ruwul (hill)

> ru’

Ru’ (populated place)