maMa (populated place), Maa...">

Places in Micronesia, Federated States Of that begin with the letter "m"

> ma

Ma (populated place), Maa (populated place), Maabuuq (point), Maabuuq (populated place), Maakiy (populated place), Maak’eef (hill), Maak’eefnigaaq (blowhole(s)), Maak’eefniqachiig (blowhole(s)), Maaloon (populated place), Maal’ (hill), Maan Pa’ (building(s)), Maanpa’ (blowhole(s)), Maap (island), Maap’ (populated locality), Maaq (locality), Maaq (populated place), Maaryaar (hill), Maashu To (island), Maat (island), Maatsuraido-to (island), Maawech (populated place), Maa’ (locality), Mabuu (populated place), Mabu’ (point), Mabu’ (populated place), MacAskill (atoll(s)), Machangad (phosphate works), Machbaab (pond), Machbad (pond), Machbob (pond), Machelap (marine channel), Machiro Island (island), Machngod (phosphate works), Machon (populated place), Machooy’ (hill), Machoy’ (hill), Mackenzie Group (atoll(s)), Mackenzie Islands (atoll(s)), Mackinzie (atoll(s)), Madabyow (island), Madadjagil (populated place), Madalaay’ (populated locality), Madalai (populated locality), Madalay’ (populated locality), Madaldal (hill), Madargil (populated place), Madarigil (populated place), Madbayow (island), Madeeqdeq (hill), Madëqdëq (hill), Made’de’ (hill), Madlay (populated locality), Madol Peidak (island), Madol Peidi (island), Madolenihmw (second-order administrative division), Madolenihmw Municipality (second-order administrative division), Madragil (populated place), Madrich (area), Madschidscho (populated place), Madwor (inlet), Mae (island), Mae Shima (island), Mae Shoal (shoal(s)), Maedriich (area), Maeduwor (inlet), Maeriilaeng (hill), Maeriiw (point), Maerur (populated place), Maeruru (populated place), Mag Keretjik (island), Magachagiiru (populated place), Magachaguill (populated place), Magachgil (populated place), Magänpaaq (blowhole(s)), Magänpaaq (building(s)), Magayan-tō (island), Magejang (island), Magererik (island), Magererik Island (island), Mageririk (island), Magerlap (island), Magerurappu (islands)

> mā

Māgerurappu-tō (island)

> ma

Magerurikku-tō (island), Magir (island), Magirarik (island), Magolel (hill), Maguiraryk (island), Magur (island), Magur Island (island), Magur Islands (islands), Maguyre (island), Mahnd (section of populated place), Mai Shima (island), Maimai (reef(s)), Majetchieru To (island), Majijo (populated place), Majishou (populated place), Makal (populated place), Makam (populated place), Makarama (atoll(s)), Makef (hill), Maki (populated place), Makiy (populated place), Makota Strait (marine channel), Makur (island), Makur Islands (islands), Makurechik (island), Mak’ef ni ga’ (blowhole(s)), Mak’ef ni ichig (blowhole(s)), Mak’f nii chig (blowhole(s)), Mal (island), Mala (populated place), Malaaf (hill), Malaf (populated place), Malaf (hill), Malaio (populated place), Malam (second-order administrative division), Malam (populated place), Malanaj (populated place), Malangith (hill), Malawaay (populated place), Malawaay (populated place), Malekun (populated place), Malem (second-order administrative division), Malem (populated place), Malem Municipality (second-order administrative division), Maletiu (populated place), Mall (island), Malngith (hill), Maloai (populated place), Malon (populated place), Malotel (island), Malowai (populated place), Malsu (populated locality), Malway (populated place), Mal’ (hill), Mal’aay (populated place), Mal’ay (populated place), Mama (atoll(s)), Mamochonap (reef(s)), Manaio (populated place), Mandarin Orange Island (island), Manealaang (hill), Manekapa (island), Manekara (island), Manekara Island (island), Manelang (hill), Mangal (point), Mangalyap (point), Mangapeilong (point), Mangapeilong Point (point), Mangayang Island (island), Mangejang (island), Mangejang Island (island), Mangiyor (blowhole(s)), Mangliil (hill), Manglil (hill), Mangliyëp (point), Mangyoer (blowhole(s)), Mangyor (blowhole(s)), Manisappu (island), Manisappu-tō (island), Manitiu (populated place), Maniy (blowhole(s)), Mano (island), Mano Island (island), Mant (island), Mant Channel (marine channel), Mant Einfahrt (marine channel), Mant Harbor (marine channel), Mant Inseln (islands), Mant Island (island), Mant Islands (islands), Mant Passage (marine channel), Mant-Hafen (marine channel), Mantapeitak Island (island), Mantapeiti Island (island), Manto (section of populated place), Manto-suidō (marine channel), Mantō-tō (island), Manton (island), Manton (island), Manton Island (island), Manton-tō (island), Manukun (populated place), Manukun (populated place), Map (island), Map Island (island), Map Islands (island), Mappu-tō (island), Maqänpaaq (blowhole(s)), Maqänpaaq (building(s)), Maqweach (populated place), Maraalaay’ (hill), Maralay (hill), Marangi (reef(s)), Marbach (building(s)), Marboch (building(s)), Maremu (populated place), Mareyon (island), Mariaon (island), Mariaon Island (island), Mariich (hill), Marilang (hill), Mariom (island), Marione (island), Mariong (island), Mariong Island (island), Mariw (point), Mariyang (island), Mariyar (hill), Mariych (hill), Marnimit (hill), Maroai (populated place), Martyres (atoll(s)), Maru (rock), Maru Island (island), Maru Rock (rock), Maru-tō (island), Marugrug (section of populated place), Maruqruq (section of populated place), Maruuru (section of populated place), Maru’ru’ (section of populated place), Maryar (hill), Maryong (island), Mas (island), Mas Islands (island), Masabu-To (island), Masagumani (island), Masakomani (island), Masakuman (island), Masakumani (island), Masakumani (island), Masamas (island), Masapu (island), Maseesin (populated place), Maseran (island), Maseran-tō (island), Masesin (populated place)

> mā

Māshu-tō (island)

> ma

Masops (island), Mass (island), Masu-Shima (island), Masuku-mani (island), Masushima To (island), Mat Ruk I Salat (marine channel), Matade Hill (hill), Matade Mountain (hill), Matade-san (hill), Matafei (island), Matafei (island), Matahei (island), Matakena (island), Matalanim (second-order administrative division), Matalanin (second-order administrative division), Matam (populated place), Matamaoaki (reef(s)), Matanial (island), Matanluk (populated place), Matante (point), Matante (mountain), Mataranimu (second-order administrative division), Matawhei (island), Matefe Island (island), Matelotasinsel (atoll(s)), Matelotos (atoll(s)), Matem (populated place), Matenpitaku Rock (rock), Mathaag (hill), Math’uunguchaan (point), Matikatuk (island), Matires (atoll(s)), Matiro (island), Matolenim (second-order administrative division), Matonui-tō (island), Matonui-To (island), Matorokku-Shoto (islands), Matsu (peninsula), Matsu Island (peninsula), Matsu Shima (island), Mattopaage (shoal(s)), Matukerekere (island), Matuketuke (island), Matumatuk (island), Mat’aan (hill), Mat’uft’uuf (hill), Mauvais Accueil (populated locality), Maye Jima (island), Mayich (hill), Mayu (populated place), Mazetchieru (island), Mazetchieru-tō (island), Ma’ (locality)

> mb

Mbuul (hill)

> mc

McAskill (atoll(s))

> me

Meaburn (atoll(s)), Mealem (populated place), Mearoor (point), Measure Island (island), Meay (populated place), Mechikku (section of populated place), Mechitiu (populated place), Mechitiw (populated place), Mechlwem (second-order administrative division), Mechol (populated place), Meechögöl (populated place), Meechoqol (populated place), Meer (locality), Meichikku (section of populated place), Meilap (populated place), Meilop (populated place), Meirengal (hill), Meiseran (island), Meitik (section of populated place), Melo (locality), Menka (locality), Meqruur (populated place), Meraruto (locality), Mereyon (island), Mereyon-tō (atoll(s)), Merion (island), Meriong (island), Meriperip (island), Meripirip (island), Meron (bay), Meror (point), Mertens (mountain), Merten’s Monument (mountain), Merur (populated place), Meryberyb (island), Meryberyb Island (island), Mesa (populated place), Meseeyog (island), Mesegon (island), Mesegon Island (island), Mesegou (island), Meseiku (populated place), Meseinon (bay), Meseiren (populated place), Mesejon (island), Mesenfau (hill), Mesenfou (hill), Meseong (island), Meseran (island), Meseran (bay), Meseran (populated place), Meseran Island (island), Mesieiren (populated place), Mesieng (captial of a first-order administrative division), Mesihou (populated place), Mesihsou (populated place), Messa (populated place), Metalanim (second-order administrative division), Metaregato Channel (marine channel), Metau (island), Metediu (populated place), Metitiu (populated place), Metsaran (island), Mettoruerieru (shoal(s)), Mezitiu (populated place), Me’reniw (locality)

> mi

Mi Shima (island), Mianemane (island), Micheew (populated place), Micheu (populated place), Michew (populated place), Michikei (locality), Michikei (point), Michiyol (hill), Michyol (hill), Micronesia (freely associated state), Middle Ground (reef(s)), Middle Ground (reef(s)), Middle Reef (reef(s)), Middle Reef (reef(s)), Mierngal (hill), Migerngael (hill), Miiw (blowhole(s)), Mil Entrance (marine channel), Mil-Einfahrt (marine channel), Milai (populated place), Mileer (hill), Milger (hill), Milier (hill), Milir (inlet), Milqir (inlet), Milur (inlet), Mil’ (marine channel), Minami (marine channel), Minami (marine channel), Minami Suido (marine channel), Minami-misake (cape), Minami-misaki (cape), Minami-suidō (marine channel), Minamot Jima (island), Minamoto-shima (island), Minani Suido (marine channel), Mineef (populated locality), Minei’ (populated locality), Mini (populated locality), Minniy (populated locality), Min’aeg (point), Min’ag (point), Min’iy (blowhole(s)), Min’og (point), Miqernael (hill), Miqiw (blowhole(s)), Miqiy (blowhole(s)), Mired (point), Mireed (point), Mireeniiw (locality), Mireniw (locality), Miru-Ko (marine channel), Miru-Kuchi (marine channel), Mishi Shima (island), Miteathow (island), Miteeluug (hill), Miteeluuq (hill), Miteenifeeng (point), Mitelu’ (hill), Mitenifeng (point), Mitethow (island), Mitheanoog (hill), Mitheanooq (hill), Mitheno’ (hill), Mitikun (reef(s)), Mitikun Feinif (reef(s)), Mitsu Shoal (shoal(s)), Mittel Riff (reef(s)), Mittel-Grund (reef(s)), Mittel-riff (reef(s)), Mittlegrund (reef(s))

> mk

Mkal (populated place)

> mn

Mn’iy (blowhole(s))

> mo

Moai (island), Moalol (populated place), Moalol (populated locality), Mobthug (hill), Moch (island), Moch (island), Moch Pass (marine channel)

> mō

Mōchan-suidō (marine channel)

> mo

Mocheirew (marine channel), Mochen Aliar (marine channel), Mochen Eparit (marine channel), Mochen Moch (marine channel), Mochenap (marine channel), Mocheu (populated place), Mochlap (marine channel), Mochngod (phosphate works), Mochon (populated place), Mochonap (marine channel), Mochun Eparit (marine channel), Mochun Fanananei (marine channel), Mochun Fanew (marine channel), Mochun Fein (marine channel), Mochun Fouichen (marine channel), Mochun Mutikum (marine channel), Mochun Mutukun (marine channel), Mochun Nenom (marine channel), Mochun Nepis (marine channel), Mochun Neuri (marine channel), Mochun Ocha (marine channel), Mochun Ochonap (marine channel), Mochun Ochopach (marine channel), Mochun Ochopenges (marine channel), Mochun Onaf (marine channel), Mochun Pianu (marine channel), Mochun Pisamwe (marine channel), Mochun Sapun Anang (marine channel), Mochun Sopweru (marine channel), Mochun Tauanap (marine channel), Mochun Tawanap (marine channel), Mochun Unen (marine channel), Mochun Unigar (marine channel), Mochun Unikar (marine channel), Mochun Uranu (mountain), Mochun Wininen (marine channel), Mochun Winion (marine channel), Mochun Winipiru (marine channel), Modi (island), Modj (island), Modoge (shoal(s)), Modu Bodei (island), Modubodai (island), Moduia (island), Moduidua (island), Moduiraro (island), Moduirodo (island), Modunui (island), Moduodura (island), Moduovae (island), Moduoveka (island), Moeg (point), Moen (populated place), Moen (island), Moen (captial of a first-order administrative division), Moen (administrative division), Moen Island (island)
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